HOW TO STYLE: Men’s Denim Jackets (Jean Jackets) | Outfit Ideas

HOW TO STYLE: Men’s Denim Jackets (Jean Jackets) | Outfit Ideas

What is going on you guys welcome back to the channel It’s your boy Nelson here today with another video for you guys And in today’s video we’re going to be doing another how to style men’s fashion video or fashion series We’re going to be going over how to style denim jackets because you know We’re in fall right now and denim jackets are really in so I’m gonna show you guys how to style these what to do and what not to do and show you guys some outfits If this kind of content sounds interesting to you Make sure to smash that like button and subscribe To the channel to stay tuned for the rest of the series And why don’t we jump on into this video by going over the first dont! alright guys So the main don’t when it comes to wearing denim jackets is you want to avoid what we call if you’re in Canada the Canadian Tuxedo and this is when you wear a denim jacket with a similar color jean giving that all denim look. you really want to avoid this I know people like Justin Timberlake did this back in the early 2000s But it’s definitely not a vibe as you can see in this clip right here What you want to do instead is pair it up with a darker pair of pants like the first outfit that I’m gonna be showing You guys so about the number one You can see we have the blue True Religion denim jacket paired up with a white hoodie from Nike and a pair of black Denim jeans from Guess. With a pair of white Air Force Ones So the great outfit for fall and one of my personal favorites and why don’t we jump on into the second fit here? alright guys So for fit number two You can see we kept the white Air Force Ones but switched out the black denim for a pair of black ABC joggers from Lululemon Paired up with a grey sweatshirt from ovo with the blue denim jacket on top. This is another great way of wearing denim jackets because Wearing jeans, you can wear with a cool pair of athletic pant or track pants. You can see the next fit right here We switch out the ABC joggers for a different pair of black sweatpants. It’s a similar vibe. That also looks good So let’s jump on into this third fit All right That’s the third and final up that would completely change it up and toss on a pair of all-black jordan 10S new york city edition with the pair of khakis from Michael Kors Followed with a black hoodie from ovo With a blue denim jacket on top since also one of my favorite fits for fall and then being with all these outfits as well Is you can change up the brand you can wear plain black booties them have to be OVO can be a completely different Brand just don’t do that Well, this match will wear you wear that Nike shirt like a pair of Adidas shoes besides that they all look pretty clean So let me know what you guys think of outfit number three. Alright guys. Thanks for watching the latest video on the hottest I love men’s fashion series where we went over to the house style denim jackets for the fall 2019 lending on the pond down below what you thought that these three fits and what’s your favorite way to wear denim jackets? What do you like doing? What you don’t like doing what rules you follow what neato? Let me know down below Smash the like button if you enjoyed this video subscribe to the channel if you want to follow this series Until then I’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace

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