How to Style SWEATERS on a CURVY Body!

How to Style SWEATERS on a CURVY Body!

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  1. I was just pulling my sweaters out of my closet! I'm a Gryffindor too! I love having sweaters that sort of represent the Hogwarts houses cause I can feel like I'm secretly wearing something harry potter themed, but not boasting about it lol Loved the video!

  2. Ravenclaw ? Could you do a video specifically targeting how to dress cute and flattering in cold climates? I loved it when you gave tips how to wear that skirt outfit at colder weathers ?

  3. Love this video Sierra! So helpful. I would love to see a winter clothing guide for curvy girls. By the way your makeup in this video looks incredible ?? what lip colour are you wearing? Have a beautiful day xx

  4. I'm a Gryffindor too which I think is hilarious because my name is ALSO Sierra and I am also plus sized! ?❤? I love your channel I feel like I've waited my whole life to learn these tips and tricks for curvy girls. I wish this channel had been around when I was in high school. Could have saved me a lot of bad outfits.

  5. Maybe how to style a skiing outfit on a curvy body or how to style fall/winter coats. That would be very helpful 🙂 by the way, great video, thanks for the useful tips 🙂

  6. Hi Sierra! I literally just found out about your channel yesterday and i'm already loving it. I am more of a curvy girl as well and I am so glad someone understands. I will definitely continue watching your videos! I also love how confident you are with your own body! You do look great in the Cedric Diggory sweater and I think that was a great choice!

  7. Thanks for the sweater tips! Could you do a video on how to style winter coats without looking frumpy? And I'm talking like full on winter coats. I'm a Canadian up here and honestly, winter coats make you look the same every day and make you look uber frumpy. It kinda sucks. Last winter we hit -23C pre windchill… was not fun

    PS – I'm a Ravenclaw!

  8. After I watched your video I was shopping and saw a wrap sweater and thought what the heck I’ll give it a try. Was a little nervous since I am curvy. I loved it and thought I looked great. Love your videos.

  9. My upper body is a size medium to small (mostly a small since I lost five kilograms/eleven pounds) and my hips and legs are a large. I don't know how to style any kind of sweater without tucking it in at the waist, also because I'm nowhere close to tall (160cm) So any tips would be really helpful. (I know you're a plus size girl, I don't even know if I'm plus size. Some say I am, some say I'm not. That being said I'm European and, belive it or not, skinny girls are way trendier here than in the US. So, as for everything, it depends on perspective)

  10. Your such an inspiration for us curvy girls! I hate watching these skinny girls try on clothes that would never fit me! Thanks for channel!! I love it! Helps me out!

  11. On my second video of yours. I like that you keep these short and two the point. You’re so positive and sweet and even your voice gives me positive vibes ? I hope to see your channel grow

  12. I wish I had your body positivity like I’m only 13 but being 5’10 and size medium or 10 I feel so fat around girls who are size small or 0

  13. One thing I did that got me SO many compliments was throw an oversized sweater over a dress tucked over and under a belt (so you don't see the belt at all) so it looks like a sweater tucked into a skirt ?

  14. Hufflepuff for me!! ?? I'm so much like Newt. I'm definitely going to die petting something I shouldn't lol!!

    Case in point my bf's parents have a mean little dog. But shes finally starting to like me!! I'm gonna pet her eventually!!

  15. Also I love your videos!! They're so helpful. There's a bunch of stuff I haven't worn because I couldn't find the best way to wear them and now I feel like I know how to style them to make me feel good in them ❤

  16. You are adorable! Great video!! I don’t agree that these outfits are that great! I can’t with the cleavage! I just want to stare at it! I don’t want anyone staring at my cleavage! Not sure about your other suggestions either. I think you can do better by being more discreet about your beautiful body! I thought the skirt would look way better if it was longer. Like a pencil skirt instead of a mini skirt. This sounds obnoxious but my eye was drawn straight to your butt in the one with the short top. I think it looks more sophisticated to cover your butt! Maybe if your single or hanging out with someone you want to look at your butt! I’m going to look at the rest of the video now! There was a dress that showed a ton of leg. Again, my eye is drawn straight to your thoughts. I don’t remember the dress because I got stuck on thinking wow that is way too short. I totally would have put you in a more sophisticated dress, a sheath that is just past the knee would look stunning on you. You would also look stunning in a long vest, or open duster style cardigan ( I think ). I realize these are casual looks but I think if you stepped it up a notch to a touch more conservative it would work wonders for your style. Sorry if I’m offending anyone. I wish not to offend. Your fabulous!!

  17. Definitely going to try the layered sweater over the dress idea! I have a plain navy skater dress that could maybe work 🙂

  18. My problem is i have so much stretch marks on the back of my legs so i cant wear shorts or skirt i dont know what to do

  19. I have hated my body for 15 months now since my little girl was born, huge huge thank you to you and Carrie Dayton . Teaching me to style my new curvy body to not look like a bag of potatoes ❤

  20. I feel strange. I bought a cropped Gryffindor sweater. I have never owned a cropped anything. Its awesome. I can't wait to style it with either a black suspender mini skirt I recently got, leggings and boots, or high waisted jeans and boots for winter. #GryffindorPride ❤ also, my roommate is a Slytherin. ?

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