How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Copper Pipe Sweating Technique

How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Copper Pipe Sweating Technique

Hey everybody Don Golden for Expert Village
and we are having fun with copper today, copper piping. We just put this joint together and
I felt it was my duty to show you a new technology that really makes this even easier and it
is pretty easy as it is but this is a new technology where the copper is actually embedded
inside the pipe in a small ring so you don’t even have to use a line of solder like this
or led free solder. You can just clean your joints, put this on, and heat it up and I’m
going to show you how to do this right now. It is very simple. I cleaned off this end.
We still want to use our flux paste. You’ve always got to flux before you solder and put
a little on this joint, fit it together and watch this. I’m just going to heat this up
now and when you see the copper come through that ring, it’s done. Watch. There it is,
flip it over and there you’ve got it. Look at that. So when you see the solder come through
the ring here at the end it’s done. How do you like that? Easy as Ma’s apple pie.

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  1. I have not sweat pipes since the 1980's and this post was perfect. Those of us who are not doing this daily found this post helpful, and it was new technology for me. I think it is amazing idea and is awesome!! Thanks for the great post!

  2. I've been sweating copper pipe for over 27 years. I would NEVER use this technique. Sweating copper joints is very tricky, especially in tight places where you could ignite surrounding materials and cause a house fire. Also, the only way to know if the joints are water tight is to turn the water on to test them. If you have a leak you have to completely drain the water out of the pipe/system and start over. But NOW you have an unclean joint that you may not be able to fix.

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