How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Copper Pipe Sweating

How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Copper Pipe Sweating

Hey everybody, Don Golden here for Expert
Village and have I got a topic for you. Okay, this is all about copper. No, not stuff you
want to wear, the jewelry on your hands or wrists. It’s about copper piping. Why do you
care about copper piping? It is the stuff that runs through your house and holds all
of your water. This is really important. But it is also stuff that you can use if you are
an artists. There’s a lot you can do with copper. Why do I know about copper? I’ve had to move pipes, I’ve had to set up
a new sink, I’ve had to set up new toilets and sometimes you have to go through the walls
and you have to sweat the pipes. What does that mean? That means that you have to take
a piece of copper, take a piece of solder, heat them up, expand it and make that perfect
seal. That is what sweating means. Okay. When we come back, I am going to show you all the
tools that you are going to need to do it. But first, here is a piece of pipe if you
have never seen one before. Okay. This has been lying around my garage. It doesn’t look
like the copper you normally see but just go like this and clean it off a little and
that looks like copper. Right? Okay it’s just a dirty pipe but you can still work with it.
When we come back, I am going to show you the tools you need and how to do this. It
is a lot of fun and stay tuned.

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  1. So your saying you did ILLEGAL modifications to an existing water distribution system in one and two family dwellings where you were NOT the owner of the property and do not posses the proper License requirements or have been trained in the prevention and detection of cross connections and backflows? Just thought I'd give you some grief (I'm a Union plumber). 🙂

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