How to Turn an Oversized Turtleneck Sweater Into a Strapless Dress (It Can Be Done!)

How to Turn an Oversized Turtleneck Sweater Into a Strapless Dress (It Can Be Done!)

(audience applauds)
That’s a casual sweater, and now it’s a smokin’ hot dress. Wow! Dang! Isn’t this fantastic. That’s unbelievable. Isn’t it?
That’s hot. That’s amazing. This is not rocket science. It’s such an easy thing for anyone to do with one of their favorite turtlenecks and transition it into evening or a difference season. Super cute. And it’s so cute with the cable knit. It’s so cute, and it was just so easy to do, right? It was. We basically take the sweater. We pull it down, sleeves, arms out. Oh my god, this is so Flashdance flashback. Isn’t it fantastic? Flashdance flashback, totally! Use the turtleneck to kind of be the bandeau. Oh, and then you cinch the waist! Exactly, cinch the waist. Adorable! (audience applauds) So we’ve got this fantastic strapless dress, Adorable.
Simply turned around and we just tie this. And it looks good coming and going! (laughs loudly) And I love those mules, those are great shoes. And the mules with it add a different pop. Yup, really sweet. Such a great look to wear. All right, let’s take a look at Hannah. She has a casual top too that you worked with. Yeah, yeah, so we did, you know. Another thing, kind of like a comfy sweater. Yeah, you know, it’s like a weekend wear, like you and I wear all the time. So, it’s a big, boxy, oversize crew neck. That’s really all I’m using. So, I want to show you guys, great minds think similarly. I’m hoping you like this one. Come on out, Hannah! (upbeat music) I’m looking over there, and she’s over there. You guys! Yeah, I mean, it’s amazing though because we kind of vibed. You really did do the same thing, but you put the tie
In the front! Right. But I love it, this is so bodycon and cool, and this is really just about kind of doing more of a loose, you know all of the trends on runway, where you see everybody tying the athletic look around the waist. They actually sell a lot of dresses at every price point with fake. Arms!
Yes, fake arms. Fake arms on the front. Yeah, skirts and dresses. So, you can see we have just a simple oversized sweater. Now, she’s actually taking it, and putting it right around as a bandeau. Same trick. But this version online shows it with straps. Oh, look at that! I showed you guys the wrap easy. Oh, I see. But all you do is put the arms criss cross, from here, Rachael, and I just pull them here, and I add a pin onto the underneath. Little bra, little pin.
This is so cute! (audience applauds)

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