How To Use The Shopkick App To Earn Free Gift Cards & Rewards

How To Use The Shopkick App To Earn Free Gift Cards & Rewards

Hey, what’s up guys? Its The Frugal Man LA, and today we’re at the mall. Not to spend money but to make money. No, I didn’t pick up a part-time job at
Forever 21. I’m actually going to show you how to
make some extra scratch by using the Shop Kick app. I’ve been using it for a
couple years, and I’ve made over a $150, Let’s get inside, and I’ll show you how
it works. So once you download the Shop Kick app and create an account, it’s really simple to use. You earn points or kicks as they’re called in the app, that you can exchange for gift cards. I’ve used these gift cards to buy jeans,
sneakers, a crockpot, even groceries. The app works in department stores,
grocery stores, big box stores, even pharmacies. Now, I’m going to show you how to earn
some kicks. The easiest way to earn kicks is by doing walk-ins. To get walk-in kicks at participating stores, just open
the app and walk into the store. You can also earn kicks for purchases,
when you link a credit or debit card to your shop kik account and by products at
participating stores. Look for the credit card icon in the app
to see current kick offers. Another way to earn kicks is by scanning products. This method takes a bit of effort, but it
can help you earn gift cards much quicker. It’s also a great way to kill time at
the mall if you’re not interested in catching pokemon. Find scans available near you in the stores tab. Tap the scans barcode icon to see all the products
available to scan at that location. Select the product you’d like to scan in
the app, then locate the product in the store. Point your camera at the UPC code and it
will automatically scan. The kicks will then be credited to your account. I’ve got more than enough kicks for a
$25 gift card. So let’s do some shopping for free. To redeem your gift card, go to your profile and tap rewards. Choose your gift card and denomination and then tap redeem. Your gift card will
then be available in the app. I love making my own pizzas and it’s
finally time for a new pizza pan. Checking out is simple. Just select gift
card as your payment option and scan the barcode on the app. (SFX) Beep! So check it out guys, I got this pizza pan absolutely free by using the shop kick app and you can to. Just download it and get started today. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTUBE channel and follow me on Twitter “The Frugal Man LA”. Until next time, stay
frosty! (SFX) Beep!

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  1. This is great that I saw this video now I when I go back to school shopping on for college supply, I can scan thing and earn gift cards

  2. Nice! I've heard of Shopkick and even downloaded it but I didn't get into the deep dive like you explained. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Where can I contact you cuz there's another app you should add to the list in reference to getting points while scanning and shopping and redeeming them for gift cards?

  4. Hey bro I am a full time student and I love being frugal which do not care of what others think of me I just download this app will try it out today instead using my car will ride my bicycle around town after classes to do so also have you heard of the theses app too make money as well?

    1. Qriket my referral code is 611511
    2. Mobile Performance Meter only works for Android no Apple devices
    3. Google opinion Rewards

  5. When I open app I don't get points for walk in the UPC code don't work I tried it so many times what am I doing wrong

  6. why does shopkick need access to contacts, sms, phone, microphone and device ID & call information? I understand access to identity, location, photos/media/files, camera, Wi-Fi connection information and Bluetooth connection information But why the others? I've never used apps before…

  7. Thanks for this I asked about this yesterday… but the points.. how much kicks you have to earn before you reach a $5 gift card or etc? And does it turns into cash back? I don't mind going into stores I have 3 that I enjoy going into? And is it a everyday thing or certain items per week to scan?? Sorry so much questions

  8. Quick question does yours have a slow period where you don't get much scans but a few, because I'm on day 7 and somethings are dying out and also walk ins

  9. I understand how to scan products, but do i get kicks for scanning my receipt even if I didn't buy any of the products that I scanned? Thanks.

  10. So I haven't gotten the app yet becouse I'm in Europe and they don't have the shops here obviously but can you still get kicks if your somewhere and you don't have internet at all

  11. Barely got the app I'm new I subbed an yeah actually I'm in a store right now let's see if I can find me some moneyyy edit: didn't buy anything' but earned a 10 dollar Google play gift. Card

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