Huge Autumn Clothing Haul & Try On | Zoella

Huge Autumn Clothing Haul & Try On | Zoella

Hello everybody in today’s video, I thought I would share with you all the autumn Clothing bits and pieces. I have collected over the past month and a bit thankfully I Had a huge major clear out of my wardrobe not too long ago and I basically just got rid of anything that I Hadn’t worn in a really long time or had over worn and it had washed funny, or it lost its shape or I was basically hanging on to it because I’m a crazy sentimental person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I would wear it and You guys know I am a complete High Street clothing junkie. I absolutely love Most fashion high street shops so a lot of these are like Topshop and H&M and Zara And ASOS, so I don’t really know where to start I’ve sort of made these into piles And I am also going to be filming me wearing the clothes which I will kind of insert as I’m talking about them I’m just gonna start with jumpers because I feel like That’s where I may have gone slightly overboard including this one. I’m wearing actually. This is monkey, and it’s this really nice like high-necked Rolled up sleeve jumper and I really like it and I got it on ASOS, and it’s also quite cropped. It’s pretty nice if I’m being completely honest jumpers are My favourite item of cut. Oh my gosh. There’s an owl oh Wow there’s an owl in the tree oh Or wait is that a pigeon Jumpers are definitely the item of clothing that I own the most of and that I love the most and that I wear the most So when autumn comes back around I do get very very excited about being able to update my jumper situation the first one I Have which I have actually worn already if you watch my vlogs you may have seen me wearing it Is this very chunky knit style Zara jumper It’s really thick I’d seen it in so many different Zaras’ like in the window and on the website And they just did not have any they didn’t have any in stock on and every Zara I went into I was like Oh Where’s this jumper, and I’d be like I don’t think we have any left damn it And then I feel like because they don’t have it you want it even more and then when I was with Poppy in Westfield I walked into that Zara And I found one which was like an extra-large So I asked the lady and I was like do you have any more of these in a smaller size? And she was like it’s saying we have one so she like Searched the whole store and came back to me with her small and I was so happy it’s like laces It’s like black laces like woven in and then they come out the end and they tie But I just think in terms of like slouched ability this jumper is perfect that it’s quite long It’s really oversized and I love it. I picked this up from H&M and It is this lovely cocky green and it says hi by on it Which I quite like I love a good slogan And this just made me like chuckle, and then what’s very different about it so at the front It just looks like a normal Jumper, but then on the back you’ve got some ribbon that feeds through these huge little eyelets all the way up the sleeves all the way across the back and then all the way down this sleeve as well and I Just really really liked that. I thought it was really cool. So the next jump I actually picked up in two different colors because I couldn’t decide which one I loved more and so Yeah, it’s this one. It’s from Miss, Selfridge, and it is navy blue And it just has these roses on and so I picked up the navy blue one. Oh, and the sleeves are quite like balloony which are quite liked and I also picked up a Pink one I think I’m more drawn to the pink personally I Just love the sleeves look how pretty they are this next jumper is quite out there and not necessarily an autumnal Color but I loved it too much not to get it and it is this bright yellow Very chunky knit style jumper, which is actually from boohoo. I think I’ve got it on ASOS and it has a high neck and Very big chunky long sleeves. I don’t know. I just have this thing about yellow. I just love yellow and I don’t see why everything has to be mustard in autumn. I think you could be just as colorful so yeah, love that now if any of you have been in any high street shops recently you may notice that red seems to be a Very key color this autumn so it might come as no surprise to you that I have a few red items in this haul first is this jumper which has a high neck again and is cropped and Long sleeves. It’s just a really nice style again. Again it’s quite slouchy This is from Topshop, and I like that it’s more of like an orangey –red This one is actually a little more slouchy I know you’re probably thinking of holding up the same jumper But this one’s a little more orangey than the other one and it’s like this really soft Material and this is from Poland bear this one is not cropped and it has this nice kind of crochet Effect to it. Sorry if the lighting keeps changing. It’s one of those days where a cloud comes over and Completely darkens the whole room and then the cloud disappears and all of a sudden is bright again So right now We’re tackling with a bit of brightness another red jumper is this one which is actually quite a different style So this is a tight jumper and it is cropped and it has long Fluted sleeves which I really liked look at these I’ve not worn sleeves on a top like this since I was like 12 I Used to own a white one sleeve t-shirt with sleeve like this on the end and I thought I was the coolest person in the world this is from Miss Selfridge and I just thought it was quite a nice little Number I thought this is worth sharing although this is a lot thinner than I anticipated it being this is from ASOS and It’s a slouchy red cardigan It’s kind of cropped but the sleeves are nice and big and baggy and I just thought it would be kind of a nice thing to throw on in this more kind of Transitional weather where it’s not like so cold and every now and then it’s quite muggy But you don’t leave the house without something in case you get cold. I thought this would be perfect, but it is Quite thin I also picked up this because I do feel like everyone should own a jumper like this it has this huge roll neck and it’s big and Slouchy and gray and soft, and I just think this is amazing This is the sort of thing that I find myself Living in and reaching for because I also think they’re very flattering on a lot of people Especially with a pair of like skinny jeans and boots. I just think you can’t go wrong this is from Zara Going back to Topshop. I picked up this jumper which is not knitted I think this is like part from the H&M one at the beginning. This is the first like non knitted style I liked this because I thought it was a bit more smart. It’s a jumper that has Slits down the sleeves which are joined by these gold bars and with little gold balls on the end and I don’t know I just thought oh that’s quite cool and edgy and Some things that I think would look quite nice. This is from H&M, and it is a white round neck Very very soft jumper with normal sleeves looks very normal from the front, but on the back it says get off my back and I just liked this mostly just because as I said, I love a good slogan But also just this is the style of jump over again Is soft and slouchy and you can roll up the sleeves and like wear it with mum jeans and you’re good to go I actually wore Tanya’s Tanya had this and she came at the weekend And I borrowed her her one of these and I loved it and I was like yes I feel that everyone needs something like this in their wardrobe. It’s just a big chunky knit cardigan That you can throw on roll the sleeves up goes with everything and that is from ASOS this is from ASOS, and it is by oasis and it’s just a black jumper with frills on the shoulders and then little frills on the sleeves by the cuffs, and I just thought that was really cute and I think things like this are so easy to wear with like everything especially if you’re going to get them in quite Plain colors my other two jumpers are also from ASOS. This is by a brand called willow and Paige Which I hadn’t ever heard of before, but it’s a really lovely soft Jumper with this kind of like leopard print on it, and it’s like at this lovely mustard color and I just fell in love with that and This one which kind of reminds me of some like abstract wasp, but I really liked it. It’s kind of like giant dog tooth pattern quite abstract quite cool and again that was from ASOS And I just think that would look really nice With most things last two jumpers are from Topshop and these to me just screamed autumn So it would have been rude not to get them I think And it’s these it has like a slipped neck at the top, and it’s in this lovely mustard color and it has these huge big kind of tortoise shell buttons down at the shoulder and it has them on this side as well and then you’ve just got some like baggy sleeves and Yeah, I liked these I thought they were Really nice easy to throw on jumpers So I got it in the mustard color and then again because I didn’t know which color I preferred I also got it in the Burgundy color as you can see I haven’t taken any of the tags off any of these apart from the zara jumper Which i’ve already worn because I want to try them all on and decide Whether I actually do like all of these so if you have any preferences or you think some look better on than others, then do let me know in the comments because I Think it’s always much more helpful to be trying things on with other people’s opinions moving on to t-shirts I only have two to show you both from Topshop, and they’re stripy and they’re not necessarily autumnal But I just really liked them, and they were available now, so it’s this one which has red Navy and white stripes And it’s literally just a short sleeve t-shirt. I just really like that. I also got this one from Topshop It’s just this red and white striped It just says romantic in the middle which I thought was quite nice this t-shirt actually feels a little bit thicker. It’s really nice quality Next up we have trousers now. I definitely need to try these on and decide which ones of these. I want to keep because There are quite a few and I’m not sure how these will look the first ones are from Topshop And they are these kind of high-waisted Black grey and white checked and they have these little free Bits on the bottom, we shall see these were from Topshop I just think smart trousers like this looks so nice with like you two jumpers. I also picked up these These were from Miss Selfridge these are very long Flared trousers that you can have around your waist and then obviously they have a little tie here. I like things like this because They feel quite smart and dressy but I think they can also be worn quite casually and I walk quite a lot of this style of trouser in the summer and I just think they’re very flattering and an alternative to long dresses or maxi dresses Or maxi skirts those were Miss Selfridge They’re actually quite thick too Which is why I thought they would be quite nice for this time of year next up are these Trousers from ASOS now these are like knitted qalaat And I love these I have been living in clots this year through summer So I was a little bit sad thinking about the fact that I had to not really wear them anymore Until I discovered knitted stretchy ones which will still be warm And I’ll still be able to wear them so Loved the idea of those. I also picked up these trousers on ASOS Which are very out there and very autumnal! And I wasn’t sure about them And then I thought I’ll try them on and see what they look like but they are this kind of autumney orange shade that actually go very well with my earrings and They are 3/4 length kind of cigarette trouser style they feel very thick and really lovely quality then From River Island I picked up these These are skinny jeans with Little frilly bits at the end you can see there’s quite a trend with the frills I’ve never really tried jeans with frills on the end before so I’m interested to see what these look like Another thing I picked up from ASOS which is by a brand called Vera Moda. I actually love this brand They have so many great things on there. You should really check it out. This kind of faux leather pleated skirt I Love this I feel like This is the sort of thing that I would wear a lot with some tights and boots and just any of the jumpers I’ve already shown But the next thing I have which doesn’t really have its own category of anything is this dress which I got on ASOS by again the brand Vera Moda and It’s a v-neck dress and it has Long sleeves, and it’s very very long I don’t know if it’s maxi or if it’s 3/4 length But the reason I’m showing this is because I have loved wearing dresses I bought a Zara one which I have posted on a vlog and on my Instagram And I’ve really loved wearing dresses with boots and leather jackets and kind of styling them out a little bit more autumn winter So that I’ve also picked up moving on to jackets I Have picked up a fair few jackets the first one is just a rain Mac And it is this one from Zara, and it’s completely clear which are kind of like and it has red blue I think it’s just red and blue oh and yellow stitching on it, and I just fell in love with this it also has a hood which is what you need and it’s long enough has pockets I Think I just really liked that it was see-through so it doesn’t really matter what your outfit is because it will go and also It’s waterproof which is What you need really here in the UK rain is very unpredictable in fact. It was supposed to rain today now the sun is out You just never know so a rain mac is kind of vital now. I picked this up in Topshop because I Love the color of it, and I’m not too sure about the style. It’s very boxy, but it has This kind of teddy bear Effect to it I’m not too short the formal name is But this is also quite a big trend this autumn winter and I liked that it was pink And I liked that it have black buttons the only thing is I need to try it on and see what this boxy style looks like because Generally, I’m not too sure if that’s a style that suits me, but I guess it depends. What kind of outfit you have on Also from Topshop I picked up this this is a denim jacket, and it has the kind of faux fur on the inside these are the sorts of jackets when it starts to get very very cold that are a lifesaver because It they’re just so flippin warm I Love these things I have one That’s like really really old from Topshop But I thought it was time to like update it and that one’s also a much lighter denim, and I quite liked this very blue denim style back to the teddy bear I picked up this on ASOS from new look and it is a Long teddy bear style Coat it has these little like panel bits on the arms. It has lovely pockets here I just I wanted to see what this would look like I love the color I think this kind of color goes with so much, and you can’t really go wrong with it And I also think this would be so warm this I got on ASOS. I feel like this is Vera Moda again Oh it is And let me just undo it. It is a velvet green like a jacket OMG. I love this so much and I just love that it’s in this green which is like the green from my lifestyle range the green that I am obsessed with the Green that. I am wearing on my jumper actually and Yeah, I really really really like that and then last but by no means least I have this jacket which is by bershka, and I bought it on ASOS and It is this Kind of what is the name of this it’s just a Czech kind of brown Tweedy style Long jacket and again these are very in this season And I’m very happy that I found this Berger one because there are quite a few but This one I liked style of the most I probably won’t wear this done up so I will undo the buttons But yeah very happy with this time excited to try that on as well So that is everything in my autumn clothing haul I really hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and to subscribe If you haven’t already oh my god That reminds me. I have hit 12 million subscribers. That is so crazy you guys like Beyond crazy, thank you so so much to any of you who have hit the subscribe button if you haven’t come join the fam and Yeah, just thank you so so much. I love every single one of you and It’s just crazy like actually crazy But yeah, thank you very much for watching this video guys, and I will see you again very very soon. Bye

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