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Macedo I am wearing one of their recycled body suits it is one of their
new collections this one I am wearing in a size a us 4 with this one I definitely
would recommend to go up about two sizes I’m so obsessed with lilac and purple
right now as you guys can see super cute cream wedges so they’re just really a
basic cream wedges they are so perfect for spring and summer look at that
platform at the bottom it is so super cute and it just comes in a faux leather
and it comes with a thick strap in a buckle there so super cute and all of
their shoes I got my true size I don’t have any wedge like this one and I don’t
have a white one yet look at these trainers guys I’m doing color now okay I
don’t have any shoe with a little bit of neon and I kind of always wanted it just
because now I’m getting into a little bit more color they are so super
comfortable they also have a little snakeskin detail since the top of them
so you guys can see I honestly would even wear them with lilac so these guys
I got in a size 7 definitely get your true size in this and still super
affordable and you don’t have to break the bank these are a basic thick chunky
black wedge the you guys can use in spring and summer with all of your
shorts they’re in a suede fabric really nice and soft and the platform is just
really nice and chunky these are so super comfortable as well this one I
also my true size in this I like to get six
in all of my wedges and they are definitely true to size you guys are
going on vacation these are so cute to bring for dinner outfits lunch outfits I
think you guys are going to love these because they’re the most basic like
spring and summer wedge that everybody should have he’s super light sand
leggings high waisted leggings and they’re also crops of course I’m gonna
try them on for you guys right over here so that you guys can see they are so
comfortable and very very stretchy guys I’m normally like a US four and six in
my leggings this one I have in a size two I wanted to see if they were gonna
be large the two fits me really nice and snug I would do your true size so I
would do like a u.s. four in these but I love this for when I’m wearing like long
crew necks or long oversized cheese that’s already know this is my absolute
favorite color I just cannot get enough pieces this is a one sleeve song a body
suit and it does have the button closure at the bottom as well I have this one in
a US size before you guys can dress this up or make this like a day outfit with a
pair of jean shorts I don’t have anything like this body suit so that’s
what I really wanted to add it inside of my spring and summer wardrobe this is
more of like a camel mustard sort of color but I’m kind of obsessed with
these little cardigans until that they’re really coming out and super
trendy this one I got in a size small it is supposed to be very relaxed on you
but I just loved it very chunky knit sort of look to it it’s intended to be a
tiny bit crop not super cropped this piece honestly I love sweaters like
these again that very relaxed sort of just lay on top of me sort of feel this
one I got in a size small super cute with a pair of Schwartz I am just in
love with the sweater I want it in black I want to in cream I just want it in
every single color it’s just so super basic
anytime you’re buying something super affordable you’re always worried about
quality I’m super impressed with the quality and I really really love this
this piece over here I guys I’m not gonna lie I bought this to kind of match
my and Deena’s joggers that I showed you guys in my vlog but oh my god when I saw
this I was like this is the perfect thing for me to wear with those pants
this one I got in a size small it’s not the oversized or anything I would say
it’s kind of a regular fit as you guys can see on me right over here it looks
so cute with gray joggers leggings jeans jean shorts
it’s just so adorable and they come in a bunch of different colors if you guys
don’t like the Heather Rey if you guys don’t like that it’s cropped they have a
ton of other ones I will link this one that’s cross and I’ll also leave a link
to a longer regular one for you guys this is a dress and the most perfect
sandy beige color this one I got in a size small so you guys can also use a
belt and give yourself a waste just because it’s a dress doesn’t mean you
can’t layer with leggings or jeans for me sometimes with these dresses I do
still like to wear pants underneath and leggings in particular it is off the
shoulder as well super comfortable and knit fabric it is so soft guys this is a
kind of sweater dress but a very light sweater dress very movable and super
thin it does have a ribbed detail on it as well I got this one in a size us two
because it did say oversized I knew with the u.s. two on me it was sewing me
loose this I love wearing with a pair of jeans again underneath you can even wear
it with a pair of shorts they’re not gonna show or anything but you can also
tuck in the sweater a little bit on this side and kind of get a little bit of
shape guys give yourself a little bit of a waist unnie
so just keep in mind when you guys are ordering this it’s going to be fitting a
larger than usual because of that super comfortable when you have it on if guys
can also use this as like a bikini kopra just because it’s so light guys it’s
honestly super light can you see that over there I know y’all can see that
everybody needs a really long mock neck black bodysuit y’all can tell me
different have a white one and I have a new one
so we’re good this one I got in a size us four it is the most perfect black
bodysuit it’s in a very stretchy material it’s a really nice sort of semi
casual semi dressy material of course I had the button closure it is not a thong
by the way and I’m gonna wear it with the shorts for y’all watch yourself or
you guys can use this with a pair of black trousers I have a pair
you know watch yourself if y’all don’t have this body soon or any body suit
like this okay guys we’re not done with the black pieces because guys let’s just
be real you have to have a ton of black pieces you gotta have the strappy
bodysuit the long bodysuit the black heart again the black dress you have to
have everything this one I got inside us for this strappy bodysuit it is a some
bodysuit and again it does have the button closure I always like to mention
that this one again isn’t a very stretchy material super classy this
looks so cute with a black blazer and giving you guys some fashion tips right
now some outfit ideas and you have a cute little mini bag on the side and my
black wedges oh no no I’m just kidding I love this so much and again it’s just
the most basic piece okay so we’re not done with the new pieces yet did you
think we were I got this top in a size us to actually because on the model I
noticed it was a little bit kind of loose on her and it was supposed to fit
a little bit more relaxed but with tops like these I like when they’re a little
bit more fitted as you guys can see on me it’s super fitted again this material
is really nice and stretchy you guys can also dress up this fabric or dress it
down pretty like ribbed sort of fabric and then when you turn it around and
super nice and basic and plain I just love this for spring and summer because
you can always kind of pull this out if you don’t know what to wear you guys are
not ready for these super cute they call these paper bag shorts these are so
trendy right now this very sort of again relaxed a little bit oversized on the
body but still giving you like a cinched waist as you guys can see it tapers up
and these I had to get a US size six around the back they’re super nice and
plain doesn’t have too much stretch to it normally in shorts if they’re
stretchy I like to do a size four the shorts don’t have a stretch I normally
go for a size u.s. six so if it’s a little bit big on you it doesn’t even
matter because you guys can use the tie and give yourself a waist they have two
pockets on the side that you guys can use as well elfin it’s in this classic
sort of Jean color this is my favorite Jean color of all time so in these
shorts I had to get a size u.s. eight the u.s. six would have been a little
bit to fit in on me go one size up from your
normal size pool 360 view the back is super nice and plain it just has the two
pockets at the back but I love the little detailing a store intended to be
a little bit more of a regular fit and not super fitted this one is an
oversized boyfriend blazer of course in black this I’m super excited for it
because I’ve been seeing this blazer trend all over Instagram and I love it
so much I’m usually not a blazer kind of girl I just feel like it’s so chic it
gives you this bougie sort of feel I just love it’s so much super classic you
can never go wrong with this if you guys are going out to dinner
even if you’re going out shopping for the day I got this one in a size us four
because it is oversized this fabric is actually a little bit stretchy it is
super comfortable like where it hits on me as well I don’t like when Blazers are
too short this is a very light apricot nude this is another boyfriend oversized
blazer this one I also got in a size us four I really want to kind of open up my
wardrobe and try new things and this is just so classic and pretty I’m gonna try
it on for you guys right here with the new top and I just love the way it fits
again not too crazy oversized because I got my true size u.s. for love how this
color can be so flexible you can wear it with white you can wear it with black
nude any day in spring and summer where there’s a little bit of a breeze and you
want to look a little bit chic and professional these little trouser shorts
over here I’m so excited to try these ones on for you guys I got this one in a
US size four as well and they are just those super basic like suit kind of
short and they do go high-waisted they have a zipper on the side here that’s
how you guys will get them on I also wear this with a cute bodysuit and layer
it with that blazer fabric is super nice and light this is not a stretchy fabric
I do want to mention this to you guys and I just love that I can kind of play
around with it wear it to dinner or I can also wear it everyday for like a
shopping day or something this lemon sweater over here I actually work for
you guys in my latest wedding day on the channels and make sure you
guys check that out and got this in a size small it’s just a very pretty
rib sweater super nice and basic sometimes I do feel like a burst of
color I get that lately but spring and summer you cannot help to wear a little
bit of color guys and it’s always good to kind of open up your palate a little
bit and I’m getting more used to that it is more cropped as well but it’s
definitely a lot shorter than a normal sweater if you guys wanted to fit a
little bit more large and oversized just go up a size or two okay I have been
dying to get one of these tops for the longest time I got this satin champagne
color top from them I’m so excited there’s so many different ways you guys
can style these tops you guys can like tie it up as a knot you guys can wear it
super relaxed make sure you guys hang up this piece super super important this
was just taken out of the package so that’s why it is super wrinkly I got
this in a size small and a little bit skeptical with these tops and ordering
my right size because of course there is no stretch to these and it fits like a
regular fit it’s obviously not gonna fit fitted or anything so I did decide to go
with a small cuz I figured it would give me just some room and it is the most
perfect fit on me I absolutely love it I’ll actually wear it for you guys two
different ways I’ll tie it up for you and I’ll also let it hang but I just
love the champagne color and I love the way it looks even with white this is so
beautiful again with this piece you guys can also
dress it down a little bit with a pair of jeans or if you guys have a super
nice dinner to go to you can also put on the trouser short or trouser pant and
instantly dress it up even layer it with some of the chain necklaces you have at
home and a cute little side mini bag and you’re basically all ready to go but I’m
so happy that I have one of these I just felt like this Goldy champagne was
absolutely perfect with my sort of palette but I also feel like a black one
and this would be super classic it last but not least these jeans over here
these jeans have a stretch to them and just want to let you guys know and I got
this in a size us for these ones I can already tell are going to fit a little
bit relaxed on me not super fitted if you want them
really really tight I would definitely go a size down this is one of their
shape jeans I actually don’t have a pair of jeans that kind of fits me this way a
little bit loose than what I’m used to but I really love it for one of those
days that I just feel like being a little bit more relaxed maybe with like
a white tee or something they’re super comfortable and I love how nice and soft
they’re but does have these frayed bottoms which are so super cute because
I am five foot one for those of you who don’t know I always get asked what my
height is so I am five foot one if you guys want to you can also cut the
bottoms I have a ton of jeans where I just literally cut the bottoms and
frayed them myself you guys can do that as well and I also
love the color the color of this fresh fresh blue I just love it so much it’s
so nice and saturated it gives me a really nice small waist as well I would
just go down one size if you guys wanted to fit really fitted don’t forget if you
guys want to shop any of the pieces that I showed you in today’s video they will
be left down below in my description box along with the sizing and any notes that
I have to help you guys out while you are shopping with them I hope you guys
enjoyed these pieces let me know down below if you guys want to see more of
these videos I love doing these because you guys already know my number one
thing is fashion and clothing again if you guys just stopped by and you’re new
to my channel thank you so much for watching and for all of my babes that
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you guys enjoyed thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my
beautiful babes in my next video

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