Huge SheIn Try On Haul – My Honest Review, Is It Worth It?? Adult & Baby Clothes

Huge SheIn Try On Haul – My Honest Review, Is It Worth It?? Adult & Baby Clothes

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  1. Yess, would def like to see more videos like this! Im always on the fence about the Shein stuff lol although those baby items were soo precious ? and I really liked the sweater with the little pearls ?

  2. I love this video! I bought some of these products yesterday and can't wait to seem them. I hope you make similar videos like these next time.

  3. Excited! I have had more hits than misses with Shein and always get compliments on the uniqueness of the items. Also their customer service is barnone. So excited to hear your thoughts

  4. I’ve always wanted to order clothes from here but I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not. Most of the stuff seemed pretty good though. So I’ll give them a go!

  5. You read my mind. I was so curious about SheIn. I thought it was SheLN, haha! Yes please do more haul videos. Have you ordered Fairy Season? I'm totally curious about them too! Thanks for a great video! CJ

  6. I’ve had horrible experiences with Shein!! Card was hacked a big deal! I’ve even had to cancel and get a new card and delete everything from them! Sad days!! Be safe and watch every email or detail from them! They are sneaky!

  7. does anyone know a good editing tool for youtube? cause i like the way she edits the trying on part (with the voice over) and matched it up perfectly. I use imovie and I can't figure it out there. Ideas??

  8. It is true, sometimes its a hit or miss with them, but I've ordered a few things recently and everything is perfect. Great prices for jewelry and looks really good and pretty and it would cost double in the shop. I've also ordered this black vest with lace front, OMG, so sexy, it is a must!

  9. I had an absolutely terrible experience with this company…my package arrived with two missing items and two items that weren't at all what I ordered…the sizing is completely wrong..I have been trying to send back the clothes that didn't fit for over a month now and it kinda feels like they're trying to drag out the process so they don't have to refund me the money….all of the material was horribly cheap feeling/looking and nothing looked anything like I ordered. The "customer service" is 100% run by bots as they don't actually answer the questions you ask….horrible horrible experience. I was so excited to get my order and am SO disappointed

  10. Even though its a great bargain, I just worry that the clothes are pretty toxic, especially after your comment about the smell.

  11. Omg those tops are super kewwwwt on you.
    Ewwwww wait, does their stuff have that one toxic smell…?

    Like anything rubbery or plastic that's always from China blah blah blah…
    Ya btw, that one smell im thinking about really IS bad for people. It's a carcinogen. We all know what those do-

  12. Me too ordered my bday dress from shein…..but how much days should I wait to get delivered?????can u help me please

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