Hướng Dẫn Chọn Sữa Rửa Mặt Cho Nam Và Nữ | Happy Skin

Hướng Dẫn Chọn Sữa Rửa Mặt Cho Nam Và Nữ | Happy Skin

Hey, let’s introduce yourself to everyone Oh, I feel that I’m very famous so that I don’t need to do it Qui, do you know why people call you Mr.B? Mr.B… What’s Mr.B? This is B
BB cream? No no B stands for Badass It’s Badass, Badass Qui Oh my god Because I’m badass, so that I can sit there and shoot this video with you, my funny sister To be honest, this is the first time I have shot a video with you [Shaking] Do you know why I am wearing this T-shirt? Oh, stop shaking… OK Almost Normal Oh yes, we are almost normal nearly normal We may need to shoot hundred videos to be normal Yeah, we are almost normal so that we are staying there Okay, now, let’s greet our viewers normally Okay, be normal Hello everyone, I’m Do Phu Quy And people always call me Qui with short ‘i’ Yah, so your ‘thing’ is short too? [Laugh] Ahahaha, I don’t know Yeah, I don’t know neither Oh yeah Is it short…oh? [Laugh] Today, I’m so happy for joining there with our beautiful Emmi [talking in Thailand] This video is about beauty and skincare so you guys may feel curious why I’m doing this The first reason is very simple, because I’m so beautiful Yeah, I know it because I have worked as a beauty blogger for 3 years So we have the same reasons Yeah I know I know But we have to keep calm or people think us as boasters Okay Okay, you are so beautiful
Let’s talk about the next reason Yeah, the next reason is that I feel that the skincare problems, especially for boys Haiz, this life… yeah this life spiral It also push us away our freetime We also forget about the moments that we need to spend for ourselves We just spend it for earning money, food, clothes Oh my god , it’s food, clothes, money [Laugh] Let’s forget about makeup, but I think that everyone needs to be beautiful to make our life beautiful So that I decide to shoot this vlog with Emmi as a pedal to push next vlogs in case Emmi can’t join them because of her domestic business Yeah okay I can do it myself But I still focus on skincare for you guys and guide how to make our skin the most beautiful [Cheeing sound] To sum up, don’t call Do Phu Qui singer anymore Let’s call him beauty blogger Oh yeah Yeah, I’m Do Phu Qui I’m a beauty blogger Aya hello [say hello in Thailand] Yeah yeah alright, let’s start
Okay This is a video that we am shooting to share information about cleansing It sounds simple But it is not Look at this smooth skin, it will turn to be disgusting later It depends mostly on cleansing so that you guys can feel how important cleansing is In this video, I will show the ways how to cleanse our skin, especially for boys Yeah, these women such as aunties, sisters or lovers can watch this video Then they can go home and hug their men and say “Honey, let’s use this cleansing gel.” “Your skin can be more beautiful.” Yeah, they can be more handsome No no let me talk No no, don’t make me regret for inviting you to this vlog How to choose cleanser for both men and women What is the difference between male skin and female skin? Before going into cleanser options we will go into the difference between female skin and male skin Yah According to dermatologists Male skin is quite different from female skin Oh my god, is it true?
Yes yes, it is I know it well. I just ask The differences base on three basic factors The first one is the skin thickness The second is oil glands And the third is age There are some researches on skin thickness found that Male skin is 20% to 25% thicker than female skin Wow
It means your skin is thick too Ah ha, a thick skinned face Yeah, I know my skin is thick The thicker your skin is, the more nutrients it has So that male skin contains more collagen than female skin and it is smoother and tighter However, our skin also become thinner time by time, obviously Male skin can become thinner more quickly than female skin It is about 20% per year The thickness of female skin just decreases 3% per year But when you are in frail health..
perimenopause It means when you are in your fifties the thickness of your skin decreases 20% to 25% which depends on your bodies It is obvious to talk about the production of oil on our skin Male skin produces so much oil Because of what? Because of the active function of testosterone so that male skin produces so much oil and their pores are so big It also causes acne more frequently and these acne can take to much time to vanish Yeah, so… Haiz, it’s so sad About the speed of age, it is said that after you reach your thirties both men and women also lost 1% to 2% of collagen per year which happens even more seriously with menopausal women This is why men are always younger than men There is a research found that men and women have the same age but male skin is 15 years younger than female skin Oh it means I am prettier than you Ahaha But it is just a theory In fact, life is not as beautiful as your dream because most men don’t know how take up skincare and they always use alcohol drinks and cigarettes, hang out at night So that their skin is not as good as female skin No, I don’t… I don’t do these things
He is such a good boy Criteria for male cleansers Uhm, according to my own criteria The first thing is deep cleansing Yeah, so that I always prefer the products which contain some ingredients such as activated charcoal clay or volcanic ash These products can help to cleanse our pore so deeply If our pores are not clean, it may cause acne and acne is the biggest nightmare in my life so that I want to avoid acne as much as possible These ingredients can help to make our pores clear, wipe the dirt and the ruins of sunscreen away So that deep cleansing is always my priority And the second is the products have to match my skin The third thing is …um… If you guys are so careful you guys can consider it It is pH levels Don’t use these product with high pH levels It can make our skin dry But in my opinion, when our skin is dry, we can use moisturizer to save it after that So that, it’s OK If these products have high pH levels, just ignore it As long as your skin is cleansed it’s okay Yeah that’s right Because male skin is always thicker than female skin so that they can resist some strong detergents And male skin always produces so much oil so that they have to use deep cleanser The next thing is that women always use double or triple cleansers such as cleansing oil and makeup remover and use cleanser after that So their ability to cleanse their skin is better than male Men only use cleanser Girls, I also need you guys to pay attention to Matching is so important to choose the products for your skin because female skin is thinner than male skin so that our skin can be drier and more sensitive If you choose the cleansers with very high pH level your skin may become dry Many girls also cleanse their face and even after few hours, they use moisturizers It is such a disaster for our skin I will give advice that you guys should use trouble and triple cleansing methods then use a kind of cleanser that can help cleanse your skin well with balanced pH levels Can men use female cleansers? Using the right products is very important for male skin especially cleansers Why? Because many cosmetic companies also do researches to produce male products It means they really understand about the characteristics of male skin However, I think it is not a big deal If these products do not fit your skin we can go for some unisex products or female products As long as it is suitable for your skincare demands and your skin, it’s okay So that the way how to choose cleansers for men is further easier It just depends on your skin type How to choose cleansers for oily skin According to my survey on 5 people, there are 4.5 who have oily skin and 0.5 have both oily and dry skin so we call it combination skin Oily skin has a strong function of oil gland so that people who have oily skin always feel their faces sticky Yeah it looks so glossy as the lights come in When you have imperfections on your face, they can come out It is so dirty Therefore, we have to pay attention to deep cleansing which can control the oil and solve the problems of your face About the textures of cleansers, we should go for foaming cleanser because when we cleanse our face by creating the foam as well as creating clouds called cathode They can absorb the dirt from the environment The dirt is called anode The cathode can attract the anode that make our skin clean About the important ingredients we should go for some ingredients such as activated carbon, clay, and volcanic ash BHA These ingredients can help to cleanse our skin more deeply and our pore is clean as well About BHA, I heard people said that BHA just work well in low pH products But most cleansers have high pH levels so does it work well? Yeah, as my long-term experience I feel that the cleansers which contain BHA still work well Yes, it does However, it does not work as strongly as some exfoliating products The BHA cleansers help to cleanser our skin more deeply and make our skin smoother and brighter as long as you still keep using them I used to use BHA cleansers and I felt that my skin was so so clean Yeah, so that we should prefer these products if you want to control the oil gland and deeply cleanse the pores And you should go for the products with 2% to 5% of pH levels If you have inflamed acne you should use BHA 2% products which can help to control the oil gland contain antibacterian and vanish our pimples more quickly Yeah, I totally agree When I am in my period I always prefer BHA cleansers Cleanser recommendations for oily skin that both boys and girls can use Biore Pore Detox Hot Clear Gel Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser Sebiaclear Gel Moussant Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser Beuins Makeup Crush Bubble Cleanser Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam 2% Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser Cleanser recommendations for male oily skin Men’s Biore Cleanser Nivea Men Anti Acne Facial Foam Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash Kiehl’s Age Defender Dual -Action Exfoliating Cleanser L’ oreal Men-Expert Hydra Energetic About cleansers for oily skin, I really prefer a product called Corx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser I do not sell this product
I just buy it from Korea If you guys want to buy it, just order it in Korea Because I really like it, I will review it for you guys Why do I like it? Because it has low pH level, it is lower than 5 It also contains betaine salicylate and tea tree oil that helps to resist bacteria and deeply cleanse our skin Secondly, it doesn’t have too much foam and make our skin dry Thirdly, it also contains many nutrients that help to nourish our skin We can use it in the morning as well I always use it when I have too much moisturizers on my skin from last night and I have to deeply cleanse my face in the next morning How to choose cleansers for dry skin Next, we will talk about dry skin This skin type has a very weak function of oil gland so that our skin is always chapped, flaky and even lifeless It looks so roughly dry It is obvious to say that because of dehydration aging may come to our skin more quickly About the texture of cleansers for dry skin you guy should go for cream cleansers and gel cleansers Remember not to make too much foam because it may cause the lack of the moisturizing cover on our skin If you cleanse our skin with too much foam, it can make our skin so dry The cleansers used for dry skin also contains some moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin Women use more moisturizers than men so that we can go for vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, camellia oil and avocado oil and fatty acids such as lauric acid, myristic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, ceramides Cleanser recommendations for dry skin that both men and women can use Paula’s Choice Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Neutrogena Cleansing Ultra Gentle Hydrating Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser If you are men and you have dry skin and want to find cleansers that fit your skin type I will introduce you this Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash and another product called Eucerin White Therapy Clinical Gentle Cleansing Foam which I am using I have been used it for 2 months and I feel that it really works on my skin It smoothly and deeply cleanses my skin and my skin also becomes brighter This products contains some ingredients such as Dio ACTIVE from nature that will control the disorder of skin pigmentation Wow, it sounds fantastic Additionally, this product also works on sensitive skin If you guys have sensitive and irritated skin don’t worry while using this because it is very gentle and it is written on the product SENSITIVE SKIN and it is also written below How to choose cleansers for sensitive skin About sensitive skin This skin type is actually fickle and annoying and haughty So if you guys have sensitive skin you should make it a habit to carefully inquire the ingredients in cleansers to avoid irritation You guys should avoid chemical products such as Paraben, Alcohol and Coloring and Preservatives Just choose the products that do not have these ingredients Ah, no mineral oil at all Just choose the products with many “no” and “free” on it so that you no longer have to face irritation And you should choose the products that have pH level under 7 Choose the organic products as well that work gently on our skin About the texture of cleansers for oily skin you should go for gel and lotion cleanser and avoid foaming and scrub cleansers because these products can cause irritation Cleanser recommendations for sensitive skin Apart from Eucerin that I introduced for you guys we also have other good products La Roche-Posay Toleriance Purifying Foaming Cream Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Softening Cream Cleanser Avène Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion Actually, sensitive skin is not a skin type It is a skin situation Any skin type can be sensitive, injured, in rash, heated and reddish because of some inside and outside factors such as sunlight, temperature, chemicals and even medicine The easiest way to find products for sensitive skin is looking for this word SENSITIVE or looking for some ingredients to soften our skin such as aloe, honey, green tea or daisy If your skin is very sensitive you should go for products that contain panthenol or allantoin to nourish our skin healthily This is our treasures Yeah, electric facial cleansing brushes And this product made from silicon Actually if I do not have cleansing brush I am definitely… What?
I am… Blackheads I have used this brush for few months and I feel that I love using this with maximum vibration and let it vibrate like this Wow wow Yeah, did you see that?
This is a manifestation of “almost normal”, right? Yeah
Haha Yeah, thank you guys so much for bearing us me and Emmy “almost normal” sister for a while Don’t forget to express your feeling and love and ask questions in comments below so that Emmy and I can reply it all And secondly, don’t forget to subcribe Happy Skin and my fanpage I will share my videos on it for you guys to have chit and chat and get closer And let’s follow my fanpage I will offer more beauty and skincare tips for you guys to [blah blah] To sum up, let’s like and share this video to let Qui appear on the next video If not…
I just appear once and only

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