HydroGuide sweat sensor to monitor real-time hydration levels

HydroGuide sweat sensor to monitor real-time hydration levels

We’re called HydroGuide, we basically developed
the sweat collection device. It’s a wearable, sort of like a FitBit or Nike Fuel band. And
an athlete will wear it during practice or competition and it collects their sweat and
monitors it and gives you a reading and wirelessly transmits it via bluetooth to a smart device
or a tablet to a trainer on the sideline, to keep the players updates on whether their
hydrated or becoming dehydrated. The technology is around, like all the components are available, it’s just the way that we have put them all together, our professor, Tolga, has done research
on sweat and its link to being able to determine ones hydration. We take that, and then with
a connectivity sensor and a couple other components and we’re just putting them all together into
one band. The first hydration monitoring device in real time, in this application, it’s the
first of its kind. You can take sweat afterwards, but this is doing all of those things in one,
while it’s happening. So instead of being reactive, we’re being proactive in hydration. We started out with just an idea and research, and now by next week we’ll have an actual
product, and this has been two years in the making so, to actually experience a situation
from an idea to research, to start with product development and actually get it to one thing,
has been a great learning experience for me.

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