Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin say their last goodbyes | Crash Landing on You Ep 16 [ENG SUB]

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin say their last goodbyes | Crash Landing on You Ep 16 [ENG SUB]

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  1. How dare you @The Swoon 😭💔 you’re making me cry again! I cannot move on yet and here you are reminiscing the most painful part of these two huhuhuhu 😭💔

  2. Loved this drama, one of the best I've seen, everyone was great in it. And, in a funny sort of way, I loved how it ended, together but not, as Se-Ri said 'The happiest 2 weeks of the year', congrats to all involved 🙂

  3. Must thank the writers. Who ever wrote this drama demands respect. To also pick 2 actors with chemistry that spills out onto the screen. Sad to see them part.

  4. This was the highlight of this episode, heart wrenching though, however, this actors' portrayal set the bar way up high.

  5. In all their other good-bye scenes, both of them try so hard to be brave and rational, and tell each other that they will be okay so just go without worry. But in this scene, both of them expressed outwardly for the first time their desire to stay together. Seri crying out for Jeong Hyeok not to leave and to stay with her, Jeong Hyeok telling her to wait and pray earnestly, and it will happen. That's probably why this scene caused so many CLOY fans to cry their eyes out.

  6. I cried so much with this scene alone. They both nailed it. But Syj she's amazing her emotions is overflowing. That makes you feel the longing sadness and hopelessness they want to convey to the audience .not to mention out of this world chemistry they have. Hyun Bin as per usual his versatility as an actor beyond my imagination. This drama is just so good that you want to watch it over again and over again.

  7. ฉากนี้ล่ะสุดๆไปเลย ดูซ้ำไปซ้ามาถือเป็นช็อตเด็ดของตอนจบค่ะ…ซึ้งสุดๆ

  8. When I was watching this episode, I was screaming and shouting for him not to cross the line, and when Se-RI came running and calling my tears was flowing through out the episode honestly. I was emotionally exhausted, these two people has left a beautiful memory that we will love, cherish and remember for a very long time. Love them both.

  9. Dang! Who turned on the tap in my eyes??
    How come I am still crying after repeated watch of this scene? Superb acting from both Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. And when Ri Jeong Hyeok asked Seri to Wait and pray, and she will meet the one she's longing for again, he already started planning for their reunion as what was later revealed in the text messages. Captain Ri always finds his Seri, no matter where she is!

  10. Son hye jin is a gr3at actress… dont know how many times i repeat this scene..the way ye jin running towards jung hyuk,was so perfect..i'm sure all the viewers can feel the emotion that she build through this scene…💕💕💕

  11. Hit character set the bar so high for men in general that I can't think of any man whom I've met that can hold a candle to him. Ri Jeong Hyeok. I'm spoilt…

  12. Ini drama bener2 nguras air mata… Sedih mulu bawaanya.. Bahagianya bentar doang… Banyakan sedihnya. Tapi seru.. Bener2 seru.. Rekomen banget

  13. I cried so hard with this scene. Especially when Ri Jeong Hyeok said : You came into my life like a gift. I’m just grateful for that. 🥺

  14. I always cried for this scene…😥😥..such amazing actors..they really both deserve an award..I ship them for so real💕

  15. I cried a bucket in this scene. Ye Jin's acting especially in this scene is really awesome. She conveyed Ye Ri's feeling so well.

  16. I can’t believe still cry to watch this scene My goodness their acting are perfect!!!! love them to watch next drama. I hope!!!

  17. Gomawo Seri Eomma for bringing Seri to Captain Ri 🥺🥺
    My heart 💔💔💔 watching this scene.
    #RiRicouple always be my favorite

    Quoting Capt Ri (also wish for them)
    "just wait and pray desperately"

  18. I wish for part2 of this drama where they live together get married and have twins and all the member of company five settle also in South korea…i wish and pray for part 2…16episodes are really not enough for this drama…please i beg the director for extending it to part2….

  19. This is driving me crazy! They are so good in acting! I nominate them for Best actor and actress for CLOY! A ROM COM that turned out to be a MELO DRAMA 🙂

  20. I can't seem to move on in awe how these two high caliber actors interpreted & acted this hearbreaking scene! My highest admiration on the top acting skills of HB & SYJ. Been following SYJ for a long time & i never doubted her being the best Kdrama actress. Theirs is a match in heaven.Bucket wish list is another great story for millions UF HB & SYJ to come along soon!

  21. "What should i do when i miss you so much?" Cried way too much during this part! Till my eyes were swollen and some of my eyelashes extension fell out.

  22. Who's here watching CLOY clips because you also miss watching them!!! OMG first weekend without this show, sepanx is real!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. i recommended this drama to my non-kdrama relatives/friends. and all of them were hooked, not one of them said this drama was bad 😌 i feel like a proud mom ♥️

  24. OMG these two …. I can’t believe is finished … I’m still crying and watching all over again … Korean Drama are something else and I’m glad I discovered them

  25. Most heartfelt and fluttering drama for me.. Congratulations 🙏🏻❤️praying and waiting for our BINJIN couple 💕💕💕#1 KDRAMA for me!!!

  26. without a doubt the best scene, breaks my heart and always makes me cry no matter how many times I see, her the desperate way of crying from her is so real I love this drama the best I've seen

  27. The best scene ever and I have watched several times. My heart feels so hurt while watching this scene. They delivered the message too well. They deserve the praise!! Respect for Hyun bin and Son ye jin, very professional and talented actors. I can tell how they worked really heart to play the character.

  28. But God! Her acting is outstanding. I knew since the 1st time I watched The Classic that she is indeed a talented actress. HyunBin did great as well. With the accent 👍👍

  29. Best. Drama. Ever. From writing, to second lead, to supporting characters. The strength that Se-Ri shows, the vulnerability of Captain Ri. Loved. Every. Moment.

  30. This drama is truly a gift for us, thank you for casting superb actor and actress.. Son Ye Jin earned her Melo Queen title with her past 2 decades of hard work, and we're truly blessed with this scene,, I've watched it over and over and it still gets me 😭😭😭

  31. No matter how many times I rewatched this scene, it keeps making me cry. Their acting was superb, combined with the background music, it's really the best scene in the history of K drama 💕

  32. Bloody loved this drama. Excellent cast, some really funny moments and great chemistry with lead couple. Think I need to start watching again from ep 1

  33. Just finished the whole series for about 3 days, and im literally crying everytime its about time they had to say goodbye, it was so sad, first watched them in The Negotiation, they don’t have a lot of scene there but they really have the chemistry that’s why im so happy when i heard that they will have a tv series together.. hyun bin is my first vias korean actor from kim sam soon, secret garden, memories of alhambra rampant confidential assignment and the negotiation next to kim so hyun by the way he has cameo in the series, son yen jin i like her a lot since moment to remember and noona who buys me food.. hyun bin broad shoulder is just wow 😍😘🥰

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