Hyun Bin kisses Son Ye-jin’s tears away | Crash Landing on You Ep 7 [ENG SUB]

Hyun Bin kisses Son Ye-jin’s tears away | Crash Landing on You Ep 7 [ENG SUB]

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  1. Here goes all the uwus out of me 💕❤💛💗💚💙💟💝💜💟💕💓❤💘💖💗🖤🖤💗💗💜💗💛💓💘💕💗💟

  2. When they finally kissed for real I was so happy 😁😍😍😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😆 Also it was so sweet that he protected her from the bullet saving her life 🥰😍😘.I can’t wait to see more of this drama so far it’s really good and their acting is phenomenal!!!!!😍🥰😘😀😃😄😁😆😊

  3. The more I look into the story, the more complicated it gets. Their chemistry really is a major factor why this plot line works.

  4. This scene is cute, funny and lovely as well. This two pull out perfectly this short scene 💖. CLOY will be the best drama this year🌟💖

  5. It's even more sweet that the camera did not close up on the kiss only instead it focus more on the scene itself 🥰😍

  6. I am living for this drama. He's just the perfect boyfriend. Yes he may live in an isolationist Marxist state where people are sent to concentration camps on the daily but he's cute enough for me to risk my life to be with ❤️

  7. He will do anything for her and she will do everything for him. I'm no chemist but their Chemistry is on another level when they share the screen. This show is heart pounding

  8. That scene it's really hard to deliver,,,but she did so very well…And the kiss though not real but looks so good…both of them amazing actors..Well done !! #SonYeJin Hyun Bin slow clap…👍👍👏👏👏

  9. The swoo.HYUN BIN meu alem de otimo ator.e lindo e ainda canta divinamente.que homem CORIANO E Essa.kkk.amo essa [email protected]💑💜❤❤💋💋😘🌹casal.assisto no NETFLIX LEGENDADA.EM PORTUGUES #BRASIL BRASILHEAN.campo e amor o nome da serie.aqui no BRASIL

  10. Always the best actress 💕💕 that kiss got my binjin heart screaming 😁😍😍😍 hope hyunbin is the one for ye jin 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. I definitely need a quick progression of this couple. They should just get married immediately in secret then stay and fight together despite whatever happening around

  12. she (yoon se-ri) was his (ri jeong-hyeok?) first love. her last words to him were “i love you” (사랑해요). but then a gun shot went off and we have to wait another week???? yo netflix help a sister out man. we… no, i need more episodes. although, i could do without the fiancé of both parties (yoon se-ri & ri jeong-hyeok) cause lord knows se-ri’s fiancé is creepy and jeong-hyeok’s(?) is delusional. so get them out of the picture and then send some more episodes my way !!! thanks Netflix :3

  13. This story make me believe of LOVE and WAIT no matter hard the situation is🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭can't wait for the next episodes🥺🥺🥺🥺

  14. ok the chemistry is too real to not be real in real life LIKE OMG THEY ARE DATING FOR SURE THE CHEMISTRY IS TOO GOOD LIKE

  15. Please i need weekend !!!!!! 😩 i need new episode !!! I’m dying waiting for weekend hrm! I love both of them in this drama arghhhhh !!

  16. He is not an impulsive guy nor sentimental either. Even though he already fell for her he didn’t let his feelings get in a way of making stupid decision but finding out that Yoon Seri did’t left NK to save him, made him fall for her even more. And he impulsively kissed her, his overflowing love for her in episode 8 was already visible, he became impulsive in most of his actions and even risking both of their lives

    What an overflowing action and romance 😍😍😍

  17. Uggghhh it's making me crazy. Just saw this clip and I already felt so much feelings. What more can I get when I start to watch the full episodes?

  18. The best drama the best chemistry for all times. Hyunbin and sonyejin. Hoping for their friendship be last💛❤️🧡

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