I Got My Closet Professionally Organized

I Got My Closet Professionally Organized

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  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! sorry for the long delay on this video – we ended up with like 19 hours of decluttering footage and it semi-killed us. but we are here now!! hope u guys enjoy our new video 🙂 EDIT: also, saw the comments about the fiddle leaf fig plant and the cat – crusty is not a leaf chewer at all but we will keep him away from it for sure!

  2. I didn't realize stealing socks is a thing. My bf also steals them from me. I see it's like stealing Tshirts for girls😂

  3. Ty's outfit showing in mirror whule filming the left behind organizer closet… OMG! It's my ex-husband at that age! I feel obligated to tell Safiya that in 35 years he will still be a version of this man… Okay, it's on her now, let the marriage proceed.

  4. I don't even have a quarter of what you have in your walk in closet >.< open wardrobes always look messy, even when sorted – how about a folding door

  5. So many useful tips and tools for closet organisation! I'll definitely be utilising the things I saw in this video!

  6. This video kind of makes me feel good about my closet. I went through a phase where I wore clothing that looked like it was for a homeless person but I had very few clothes. Now I have like 7 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of shorts, 5 pairs of pajama shorts, 2 sweatpants, 5-10 rompers and jumpsuits and overalls, 5 dresses, at least 25+ shirts and 10 hoodies. I also have some miscallenous clothing, 7 or so bras and 20 underwear. I do wear almost all of it but it makes me feel sad since I used to keep everything under 120 items, but now it’s like hoarders galore. I clean my closet out 3-4 times a year so it’s not clutter, this video just makes me feel better about being so indulgent. I used to feel self-conscious about wearing cute clothes and makeup and a free a huge struggle of feeling ugly I just realized I should do what I want but it’s still somewhat gluttonous, especially since I’m a sucker for hoodies but I live in hot-ass Texas. But I keep all of my closet well-organized and I know where everything is, arranged by how much I like each clothing type. I diligently fold and hang up my clothes, and wash them every two weeks, so I guess it isn’t as bad as it could be.

  7. Greetings! I’ve only just heard of this channel a few min ago- but I’m so excited to see how your closet turns out. Also, I would LOVE to know where the wardrobes you had downstairs with the sliding doors are from? I so need a couple of these. TIA 💕💕

  8. This may be my favorite YouTube video ever. Can’t lie the organization is so pleasing and the layout of the video is great. It’s also very inspiring for me to do the same.

  9. I seriously love this video I’m going to be doing this at my new place !! I got great ideas now thank you 😊 😁😁💯💯

  10. i could get my friends to do this, except harsher

    me: “i kinda like this shirt it has memories and it makes me laugh when i look at it”
    my friends: “DISGUSTING GeT RId OF IT”

  11. “I did add another shelf for more lipsticks… BUT THAT’S NOT AGAINST THE RULES!”

    That’s what I tell myself when I come out of Sephora after going in with a $150 budget and go home with $300 worth of makeup and am forced to reorganize my recently decluttered makeup area. 😂😂😂

  12. OMG you and Tyler remind me SO much of me and my brother! First my brother is really sentimental about giving stuff away he literally keeps everything PLUS HE ALWAYS STEALS MY SOCKS!

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