I GUESS I’M AN ADULT NOW!! + 18th birthday haul + 300 Subscribers

I GUESS I’M AN ADULT NOW!! + 18th birthday haul + 300 Subscribers

hey guys it’s CristanFaith and I’m an
adult version no but really yeah hey guys welcome back to my channel or
welcome to my channel if you haven’t been here b4
um so I am 18 which technically means that I’m like an adult virgin all of
that for me um no but what it does mean is I am no longer a child um but I
wanted to do like a video about my birthday kind of I don’t know I don’t
really have the best of luck birthdays but I come to realize that I don’t think
like anybody does so let me just show you what I got for my birthday okay so
I’m just gonna like give y’all like a little backstory and stuff um my mom and
my dad made babies um very young I would say like early twenties I feel like
that’s super young I think like 21 22 or something like that they made like my
sister and then like a couple of years later they made my brother and then my
my other sister you know but then they took a 6-year period off because of
complications so technically my whole family are adults and I have been the
only child for a fairly long time um so now my mom um and my dad I guess they they don’t have kids anymore and it’s so
weird cuz like I don’t know I’ve always been like the child and all of my other
siblings like because we’re far apart I’ve seen them as like way older but now
we’re all like 18 and like anything is legal not like anything but like things
are legal I am editing in like our new like guest
bedroom slash where I’m gonna start editing now um but what I mean by this
is like we could go on family vacations and like like Vegas or something and I
can like actually go like I’m not gonna hold them back you know what I mean
and stuff like that like that’s what I mean by things are illegal um and the
fact that I can like marry a sugar daddy I’m just kidding um but like you know
what I mean I don’t know um but yeah so I’m gonna
show you what I got for my birthday it’s just like quick little things I
obviously like went to go eat and like I had like a little sleepover or something
like that because adult things sleepovers um but let me show you what I
thought for my birthday um just like small little things that I
got at the mall okay also I don’t feel like trying these on just because some
of them are inappropriate um so I’m not gonna show those I mean technically it’s
kinda legal it’s not considered child pornography though but I’m just not
rolling that way at the moment I got this shirt it’s kind of cute so yeah it
just has like little buttons and stuff and it’s like kind of see-through that’s
cute and then I got like a sweater although these are from forever 21 just
because it’s like my favorite store because cheap and cute that’s that’s
something that I got to and if it’s the last thing at forever 21 I got this
jacket it has like different styles of music so yeah that’s also there you
could probably find it at your local forever 21 I used to wear like regular
brawls like Teddy bras um Teddy girls um I used to wear like brawls all the time
and like the second grade um and then like somewhere between like
fifth grade I was like you know what I’m not gonna wear regular brawls anymore
I’m gonna wear sports bras basically I wanted my whole childhood to have a
uniboob so that’s what I did and then in the 8th grade I was like no many way
bras again and then a freshman year I was like you know what sports bras are
the way to go more uniboob um so basically I’m a senior in high school
and I haven’t worn like a really brought in a very long time mainly
because I don’t like the way big boobs look on me and when I wear actual brows
my size like it shows like my actual boob size and I’m just not about it but
I did buy two bras so let me show you them oh okay okay also I had to like it
fitted and stuff and um what was I gonna say oh okay um just so I can tell you
all like where this stuff is from I got these from torrid which is a plus-size
like story because if you did not know I am plus-size um so yeah that is where I
got the bras um and I tried on like many different
styles but like these ones just made them look at the best I have to say I
got two in the same style I got one maroon because Hereford pride I’m just
um these are my school colors so that’s always fun tonight I got this bro it’s
really cute like on I guess it’s kind of mom-ish when you just see it the like on
so here I haven’t even worn them yet um and then I got AB in black so yeah
that’s always fun ahaha I also got this your candle I feel so old like this is
not even fun stuff the main thing that I wanted for my birthday was a longboard
because my whole childhood I wanted a skateboard for a longboard I always
wanted to be that bitch but my mom was like hi you don’t have insurance part of
my life I didn’t have insurance part of my life I did but um when I didn’t she
was like hi no insurance and then the next time she was like hi I don’t want
you to break your face you know um but now that I’m 18
um she’s like you know it girls like get it so let me just show you the longboard
that I got oh okay I was gonna get an expensive one like a nice one
and then I was looking at them and I was like I kind of don’t want to ruin this
even though it’s like super expensive so I opted to like one like a simple one at
Walmart so that I can like practice on it and then it may be like in a year I
can buy like a nice I wanted a longboard for forever and I think it’s just
perfect timing for when I go to college next year I can like write around to my
classes and stuff because I’m lazy but this one was just perfect for me not
really the front I really like the front but it’s not the front that like drew me
to it the reason that I like this one is because I’m going to like a community
college and then I want to go to like a university after that and when I go to a
university I told my mom that I wanted to like live in a van cuz it’s always
been a dream since like fourth grade to live in a van so that is why I got this
board because it’s so cute it has a little van on it and it’s just
everything I want also it says California and I love California um so
yeah that was my longboard hello hello oh okay another thing about my
birthday is the day before I went to go take my driver’s test so like yeah
my mom was there I’m like iPad I’m like the vlog of me
driving for the first time in my car I’m like it’s gonna be next
thanks but yeah I might have like a filler video in the middle of the week
next week oh my god y’all’s a birthday present to me it was that we hit 300
subscribers which is just like I feel like um there are a lot of like small
youtubers that like their first day they get like 300 subscribers but like
honestly it is such a great accomplishment for this channel
specifically because I feel like we just like slowly worked hard to get here
I don’t know like it’s just such a it’s so cute like I just I just can’t I can’t
believe that there’s like 300 of y’all like it might not seem like a huge
number because like Shane Dawson has like millions but like if you put 300
people in one room that’s a lot pull that like decided to subscribe to me so
if you are subscribed I love you if you’re not that’s fine watch more of my
videos and decide if you want to subscribe or not that’s cool but if you
are subscribed thank you that is the best birthday present you could have
given me and I just uh I love YouTube I’m kind of scared like that I’m
becoming an adult because I’m gonna have to get a job and I’m gonna have to go to
college and do you two at the exact same time but you know what it’s gonna be a
lot of hard work that I’m going to try to do wait I just need to get a good
like working schedule and I need to work really hard this year in this next
coming year because YouTube is my outlet and it’s everything that I
love and yeah speaking of birthdays I am 18 and that means that I can sign up to
every dating app not that I want to date anybody because I don’t like
relationship um but I have always wanted to do like funny videos on like tinder
and stuff like that or just see what I just like to have dating apps so maybe
next week or the week after that I’m going to do a full video where I go on
to these dating apps and I like see what it’s like or there’s one called ha ha
and I had it in like the eighth grade and we’re gonna look at that if my
account is still on there you know so get ready for that also I just feel like
so liberated because I can finally like post things and not be like ooh I’m
trying too young you know I mean because like it’s legal
also story freakin time small story time I was at all of garden on my birthday
yesterday and then I was like sitting like in the waiting area and like this
hot oh this hot like thirty year old man I I’m miss I mean he’s like 30
he was like sitting across from me and like he like looked up and was like and
I was like and then it hit me you know and then it hit me that would not be
illegal I’m just saying okay again not that I really want to be in a
relationship it’s just it’s just the realization that like hey you’re old I
don’t know I feel like this is like the beginning of like my actual life because
like I don’t know like there was my kid life it’s ended that’s kind of like sad
I don’t know um and now my adult life is beginning the funny thing oh my god okay
so I never got to be a skater girl as a little girl kind of sad but here we are
now um and I also never read a chapter book I feel like my dyslexia self like
okay I don’t have dyslexia but like as a little kid I had a form of dyslexia that
like you could work grow out of or something like that and I grew out of it
eventually but as like my little like form of dyslexia kid I’ve they’re so
proud that I got through high school or that I went through like elementary
school in most of high school without having to read it a chapter book but
maybe I don’t know maybe now that I’m an adult I’ll read what eventually in life
this video was kinda rambly I just wanted to announce a couple things like
the 300 subscriber thing and the new update and the new uploading things and
yeah for my birthday I really just all I did was go to Emeril oh and go eat with
my mom and my just who got I can’t speak even as an adult okay so um me and my
sisters we went to Amarillo which is a like bigger city because we live in a
small city a small little town like New York um and we went in ate and like we
went to the mall and I went to go see like some boards but then we went and
shopped a little bit and I ended up just getting a Walmart board because it
suited me better honestly um and then I came back home I had some friends over
and we like stayed the night and had fun um and that’s kind of all I did on my
birthday also like this is so random but I feel like I should tell y’all because
it’s like I don’t know when I was a kid I for like I forget that this like
happen in life but okay my parents like are divorced now but like when they
weren’t divorced we lived in this like huge house that used to be a museum
before we moved in it was like a museum yeah it was like my
house and it was like huge and my like my living room is bigger than light or
my living room back then was like bigger than my old apartment but when I was
like a kid like I think I’m like fourth grade to like seventh grade I think I
don’t know I would have these like massive birthday sleepover parties and
like high key I was at the peak of my life like people actually wanted to go
to my birthday parties like I remember like when my birthday would come around
II would be like hey like you could have one like am I invited
and like now that I think about it like damn I really hit a peak and like before
it’s graded and then like um but yeah I just thought that was funny like I
thought about it the other day and I was like huh that really was like my life
like I really did have like mom a sleepovers
but um yeah and that was this video it’s honestly so rambling and so random
but I just I’m kind of ready for stuff that’s gonna come I do clean my room and
actually be an adult I feel like um but yeah um please comment like share and
subscribe so that next time we can get to 400 you know um in eventually 500 and
I’m like we’ll just keep going and going and going to me happy little beings that
we are um but yeah please comment like share
and subscribe don’t forget to hit the bell on your way out
if you want to be liked and notified for every time that I post and I will see
you hopefully in my next video oh good bye Oh

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