Water fasting type that into Google these days and what you’re gonna find is hundreds and hundreds of search results Saying that it kills just about anything and I mean anything But how much of this is actually true? Water fasting may have become a mainstream diet trend but it’s a practice that’s been around since pretty much the start of Sophisticated human consciousness. It’s been going a long time Like a really long time but a practice so old surely. There’s a lot of scientific evidence to back up all this good stuff. It supposedly does There’s not a lot. Hello everyone if you’re new welcome to my diet series if you’re old We appreciate pensioners here The purpose of the diet series on my channel is to investigate diets that are trending in mainstream media I plan for this series to go beyond individual diets and to investigate diet practices and “trends” that people are doing all across the world. That includes water fasting. So the general layout is I’m gonna explain to you what the diet is I’m gonna show you the footage of me doing the diet the befores and afters and then we’re gonna go into the science part the the fun stuff the real sweet spot So the reason this diet came to my attention is because I noticed there on YouTube anytime someone puts in 7 day water fast no food for a week. They get like 3 million views. Mad. And I was concerned that a lot of these videos were just promoting it as a weight-loss tool. It’s not talking about how good it is for your body how bad it is for your body any side effects? And it’s not doing it scientifically. It’s just a bunch of people just starving themselves, for views. With that many views as well. You’ve run a risk promoting a really unhealthy dietary practice. so … Obviously, I was exceptionally concerned. That was until I watched a video by Wild We Roam. Wild We Roam didn’t promote water fasting as a diet, … But rather as something that can help heal your body. Wild We Roam suggested that people water fasts to promote Autophagy. Now Autophagy is the process in which your body breaks down and recycles old cells? It’s been reported that this process can help prevent heart disease Alzheimer’s and even cancer But this only works if you allow your body to rest completely and avoid any form of stress or pressure and this got me thinking how … scientific is that? Because if you take one look online, it suggests that a three day water fast can make your body feel amazing. So many sites are promoting 24 to 72 hour water fasts for body health and spiritual mindedness Yeah, they’re also promoting it as a weight-loss tool basically saying starve yourself It will be great. So I thought okay, I’m gonna investigate this So originally I was gonna do a 72 hour fast, but I used to be Anorexic and that was a that’s a big bombshell just to drop in there. So casually sorry that was a lot. I used to be Anorexic. So I used to fast quite a lot. It wasn’t really fasting It was more like brutal starvation But I know that I get incredibly sad I get incredibly angry and irritated if I don’t eat I don’t really want to subject anyone to 72 hours with the devil child that is myself So I thought I’d stick with a 24 hour water fast. So I went on a 24 hour water fast to investigate how it affected my body and my mind. I’m gonna show you guys if there are any visible changes to my body and I’m also gonna tell you the science behind the water fasts So I’m just gonna chuck you guys over to past Elena and you can watch me be hungry … See ya I look like shit … hehehe … that’s good … I look like I haven’t slept in a year, but I’ve actually Slept for 12 hours. What are my eyebrows doing? Good morning water fasting That’s something we’re doing Drinking my water. And before anyone says Eleanor the plastic bottles are bad for you. I’ve been reusing this for like two weeks It’s getting a bit grubby. I probably should recycle it. So far we’ve probably drank 200 milliliters of water and it’s 12 o’clock Yeah, I I don’t have a clue what happened there It’s going well So, I’m trying to sew up John’s weightlifting gloves. I don’t know why he doesn’t just buy a new pair, but apparently there’s something particularly special about this pair So here I am It’s quite relaxing to be fair it’s therapeutic But the downside is I’m not actually very good at sewing or knitting Or any tactile kind of sport. I’m aware. I just called knitting a sport but there we are. It’s a good Strong hole now, and we all love strong holes … Don’t know when I became a housewife …. but you know … Might just go buy him some gloves to be honest I’ve given up on the gloves considering my fingers are now black and blue and I’m going to do a nose mask thing because I have spots. But if Ellbat is mom Cheeky …. oh shit. Those are the instruction Oh Oh Didn’t work, what have I done wrong. Oh there supposed to pull the plastic off Wow, I’m so good at this … Ellbat .. You are a beauty child … Beauty Guru Ellbat Oh wonderful chug-chug-chug-chug chug chug chug!WOOOO We are getting there boys Two o’clock whoa, so on a traditional water fast, you’re supposed to do like nothing all day But what fast recently just people crack on with their everyday lives. So instead of following the traditional replenishing rate of water fast. I’m gonna do what people are doing now in the mainstream dieting version of water fasts. Which is just crack on I really need to like go outside. I just I want some fresh air. I want to walk around a bit So and I thought I’d better do that earlier on in the fast before I like run out of energy completely Yeah, so I’m gonna go to town with my mother. I think she wants to go shopping for some bits and I’m just gonna walk around and drink my water and hopefully there’s a toilet because sisters’ gonna be weeeing like all day Going out with my mom was not the best idea ever because it just smells really nice. There’s lots of really nice food None of which I can eat. So now I’m tired. And I’m hungry. It’s not a great combination. If you know me personally get a little bit bitchy when that combination takes place Get me home Get me home. We’ve been in town like three hours and Not happy Hey, I’m so tired And sleepy, this bed is so comfy. For anyone wondering, uh, I’m in the MLS bed section. So come and find me. Talking to my camera Shez, you know, because I don’t have actual friends to talk to She’s not even listening to me see even my own mother doesn’t in fact love me. What is this so I’m back We’re back home I’m just about to start editing my video that’s going up tonight But probably not cuz I’ve only left myself 4 hours to edit three hours got a little bit of a headache I think it’s because I’m not drinking enough but energy wise I’m … I’m okay. I’m doing okay But we’ll see how I feel this evening. I’m just too tired to do this. I cannot be bothered I feel like ass I’ve had a shower and now in bed and I honestly feel so bad like you can do the old thing You know, it’s fine to get out of bed It’s not fine. I’m dizzy. I feel sick and I have a headache Mmm, but we’re almost at the 24-hour mark guys. We’re almost there Physically there were visible changes. I’m a lot less bloated I felt a lot more empty I guess but not really in a good way because I also felt exceptionally weak and this is because of the science first things first There is very little scientific research into the benefits of water fasting and the research there is there is all on a long-term fast and when I say long-term fast I mean seven to 10 days so websites that are promoting these 24 to 72 hour fast as body healing miracles well They’re not Scientifically backed there’s not to say that the reported benefits don’t happen, but they’re not back scientifically. So if you’re doing a water fast for exclusively the benefits, such as the healing part, you you’re better off doing it for seven to ten days But there is the other issue. Water fast should not be done unless they are medically supervised and that’s because for starters twenty to thirty percent of the water that you take in every day comes from the food that you eat if you remove the food You’re gonna have to drink twenty to thirty percent more now. I don’t know about you Most of us forget to stay hydrated on a regular day let alone a day where we have to drink 20 % to 30% more. And dehydration can actually kill you. So it’s not looking great. Along with dehydration water fasting can cause orthostatic hypotension now that is the dizziness that you feel when you stand up most of us know how it feels to stand up and feel like we’re In space but this takes it to you know next levels We’re in a milky way not to mention If you suffer from gout chronic kidney disease an eating disorder heartburn If you’re pregnant or old you cannot do a water fast because they are exceptionally dangerous for you You can actually die. Please don’t do that. I know I said that O.A.P.s and seniors were welcome on this video You welcome here, but you’re not welcome to water fast. Now. Here’s the big one. Weight loss Yes water fasting can help you lose weight. There are so many videos on YouTube at the moment that promote water fasting as a weight-loss solution But there are catches with this, for starters. You might not be losing the right type of weight. What you can lose is water weight and muscle mass not the fact that you think that you’re gonna be losing. Now muscle mass is incredibly important because obviously your body cannot function without muscles it just doesn’t work. So if you’re doing a diet so that you look more toned, that’s bad news because without muscles, you can’t look toned. Not to mention that as soon as you finish your water fast You’re gonna want to gobble down a burger, but you can’t because you might risk refeeding syndrome. Now refeeding syndrome is where you basically disrupt all the electrolytes in your body from going from nothing to a lot incredibly quickly and what a shocker it can kill you So basically when you finish the fast for this the next day it’s recommended that you drink only smoothies, then the day after that maybe some soft boiled vegetables then the day after that you can start working in more complex carbohydrates like brown rice brown toast things like that I don’t know about you, but this sounds like an awful lot of things that can kill you. This is like the Australia of diets. You know, it’s a lot of things that can kill you. But there are some pros to this diet for starters There’s Autophagy which I mentioned earlier. It may improve your insulin and your leptin sensitivity, which means that you may be more effective in reducing your blood sugar and also in understanding the signals between your stomach and brain that tell you you’re hungry this can stop you Overeating and can help prevent diseases like obesity. These benefits have been shown in rats mice and single-celled organisms like yeast But the problem is there are no full bodied studies showing them on humans And that’s because a lot of the times they need to cut open your brain so Might be some ethical issues with that one There are some studies that showing longer fast of 10 to 11 days water fasting can help reduce your blood pressure But again, there are no studies that support this in short-term fasts So in conclusion people looking to do water fasts purely to lose weight should look somewhere else. Because there are so many things that can go wrong with water fasting is just not worth doing it not to mention the overall Irritation, there are at least six things I’ve talked to you about. They can actually kill you. So, whilst I personally don’t believe in going on diets. I believe in changing your everyday diet to become more nutritious and healthy for you if you are that I’m doing that make sure that you choose a diet that gives you a good amount of nutrition because at the end of the day losing weight is not just the goal here. Health should be the goal and health looks different on everyone But the thing that we all have in common is that we all need nutrition. So don’t go on a mass restrictive diet like this because if you’re just looking for weight loss the risks are just too high So do the research find a diet that’s going to better support your body and your long-term health. If you are thinking about doing a water fast for some of the other reasons that I mentioned. Make sure you get someone to watch you. Ideally someone who is a medically certified practitioner because water fasts are dangerous, make sure you don’t fall into any of these categories because is exceptionally dangerous for you to do it. And it’s not worth your life to try out a water fast. Seriously, if you liked this video give it a cheaky little thumbs up. If you didn’t like it give it a thumbs down It’s a free world you do you boo and I’ll see you next week with another video Although, if you are subscribed to my second channel, you’ll be seeing me a lot sooner because I am posting on there tomorrow, and it’s going to be a video of my boyfriend. COOL, all of my fitness, my vlog, My Q&A, my cooking with Ellbat, all of that is now on my second channel. All of the old videos are up there now and I am posting new ones as we speak. So if you like that kind of content when I posted it … Make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you over there hit the little notification bell and I’ll see you soon Yeah leave a comment down below of diets that are trending or individual people’s diets that you’d like me to look into and we can give them a go together Let’s break it down. We’re like, we’re like the Mythbusters of diets with the diet Buster’s Hell, yeah, maybe I should rename this series there Diet Buster’s BYE!!!!!!

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  1. I didn't eat for 10 days once, because I got my amigdala removed and it hurt like hell… I felt quite normal (apart from the horrible pain) and I didn't die or got sick or anything… It may be due to that my body had enough reserves (fat and other nutrients) to survive that time without any problems. If your weight is normal or slightly under the norm, then your body would surely try to hold on anything it can… Maybe… Or maybe not… I don't know :3

  2. when i first saw this i was worried you were promoting this- thankfully you aren't! fasting can be incredibly dangerous. i will say though, water fasting is not intended for weight loss- it's actually to cleanse the bowels for those of us with bowel diseases. i've had to do days of only-gatorade (to make sure i don't flush my system of nutrients) or water and miralax because i sometimes don't go to the bathroom for a week. so please, everyone! don't use a treatment for a disease as some diet fad!

  3. When she said “If your old… we appreciate pensioners.” I immediately subscribed to her channel and liked the video. I LOVED IT!!!

  4. Just did my daily fall in love routine.. and speaking of water fasting, I am finishing the third day just now. Feeling great and this is my third time. I do it once in every three months for 4-5 days. Everyone talks about the doctor's supervision, but no one sees a doctor. This should be pointed out stronger. Check your vitals every 6 months people. Stay healthy!

  5. Muslims have been doing this for years. And they stole the idea from the Jews and Christians. If it was that bad we woulda heard something by now.

  6. i went on a five day water fast a few months ago and really i don't have much to say about it, it wasn't that hard, i wasn't very hungry and i didn’t notice any lasting results, it was noticeable that i lost weight but i gained it right back in the few first days after my fast

  7. I love water fasting, it totally changed my life! I posted my 21-day results on this cool waterfastingforum.com !!! It's an awesome community for water fasting!

  8. Well guess ill die.
    I nearly only drank/ate watter and lemonade for 2 weeks now…. c ya later buddys

  9. Hey babes, about losing the muscle mass. Yeah it's true but it's the yucky muscle that you don't need/want anyway so that part is fine, you good

  10. Did this for 72 hours I have no problems probably since I hate the feeling of being hungry and I love trying new foods

  11. I feel as though this was a completely useless non scientific experiment. It takes time for your body to process and release toxins. Your results are completely bogus because you did not give it the appropriate amount of time. I've never done the "water fast" but I have eaten clean/raw for a month to help reset my body and it was HELL for the first 5 days. If you don't do something for minimum of a week then your findings are BS…. that's like eating straight pizza for 24hrs and being like look i haven't gained weight…. it must be healthy or doing well anything really.

  12. Wait this can kill me?! That’s awesome! I can try to kill myself by eating food lol and also I water faster for two weeks and then just ate like fried chicken and I’m fine 🙂 wish it killed me though

  13. There are ways to acclimate ourselves to longer fasts in order to make them easier and part of our lifestyles. If we start by eating low carb and high fat diet (with plenty of water and salt, particularly sea salt with all its trace minerals), we are able to remain full and satisfied for longer stretches of time throughout the day. After we do that for a while, we can then easily transition to eating within a restricted window of time each day (while maintaining the low carb and high fat diet). I started by doing an 8-hour window, and over the course of a few months I got to one meal a day, or about a 1-hour eating window, getting all my daily calories in that window. Once I had gotten accustomed to going 22-26 hours between meals, going longer became exceptionally easy. I just hit 72 hours a half hour ago, and I feel just as good as I felt early in the first day. If I start to feel low, I suck on sea salt crystals and sip water, and I get back to feeling normal.

  14. Guess what, girl. Science cannot explain everything. 😉. 😘 🙏 Thinking too much can dumb a person down. But that's something you'll learn when you get a little older. You'll find your way back to God and you won't have to try to solve this puzzle called life. 🤗🤗🤗. Love ya. I'll pray for you. You're extremely pretty and wonderful by the way. And you're seriousness is so precious. You are so cute.

  15. water fasting is THE most powerful thing you can do for your health. nothing your local drug dealer has in his arsenal (your doctor) comes close. you need to read up on it before you do it though. & the refeeding process can be dangerous, such as if you eat a 5 course meal after not eating for 40 days (people have died doing that). "The Science & Fine Art of Fasting" by Herbert Shelton is a great book to start your research with

  16. You have very low fat stores. 24 hours is fine for anyone at a healthy place, and is a good 'break' for your body. Water fasting longer than that would not be recommended for you. There are a couple documentaries and studies done on fasting. No one pays for the studies cause it doesn't benefit any companies ie. the food companies (empire). It is extremely minimalist.

  17. Usually for me I do about a 4-8 hour water fast to kinda just naturally get rid of and drain all the toxins in my body, it really helps. I also only eat fruit and vegetables during the “Fast” so I’m not completely depriving myself of any type of food🤷🏼‍♀️

    I only ever water fast if I’ve not been eating healthy the past few days and just need to start over with what I’m eating because I honestly feel like crap after eating all that junk food.

  18. i was gonna do this, i even comment at another video on someones chanel yesterday. but as soon as i got up for school, my parents were like "Why aren't you eating breakfast" of course i didnt tell them about the water diet. but they started yelling alot. all i just said was i wasnt hungry

  19. I water fast every other day or ever 2 days. I cant get access to healthy foods that easily, so I try to eat enough to get me by but not so much I gain weight, then the next day I dont eat to let my body process all the extra sugars. So technically Im not starving myself, right?

  20. Thing is though u dont get a fraction of the waterfasts benefits until u pass day 3 , day 1 your bodys only digesting your food and not much really changes but again congrats to u 24h is a lot and you’ve got a lot of courage going into this as a person who’s in recovery/ or has recovered from an ed

  21. That’s what happened to my stomach too! I didn’t eat for a while and only drank water, and my stomach seemed to bulge more in the bottom that the top

  22. Thank you so much for this, Ell. I've been desperately looking for a diet to return to a healthy weight, and with how seriously I want it, I considered a water fast. This actually medical and scientific knowledge behind it was very helpful to me. And the laughs are always great. <3

  23. Not good to do if your hypoglycemic or have a ED! Like me! I just take a amazing probiotics ! And do intermittent fasting. I love food to much! Just scared of it🤦🏻‍♀️

  24. Ok but baby I used to have bad acne and I did a 1 week water fast and my skin cleared up ! So should everyone do it probably not depending on BMI and you need to replace your minerals people forget to tell you that too and obviously don’t do it for more than a day or two if you have less fat than anything else but water is a natural medicine you should red the book your body’s many cries for water by F. Batmanghelidj M.D. water is what we need over food we have it backwards we eat a lot we drink a lot of other things and we forget to have a sufficient amount of water I didn’t notice until after I started reading I’ll fill up a cup or water and I won’t drink all of it I’ll kind of sip on it through your the day or when I’m eating sometimes I only drink when I eat and that’s not enough water also it’s a good reset button ! But yeah use with caution

  25. What I ate today
    Breakfast:Gummy Bears! (Bc I needed sugar)
    Lunch or whatever:Tortilla Chips and Orange Juice
    And that’s like everyday basically 😂 I’m still fat

  26. Bloody awful…. don't bother with this. Trying desperately to be a You Tube personality.. and failing sensationally.. totally disgusting..

  27. Read complete guide to fasting. I cured my PCOS by OMAD alone in 3 months. Lost 39 pounds. Glucagon, ketosis then autophagy. Low insulin, low ghrelin , high glucagon, high leptin.

  28. I did this felt terrible but was feeling better because I did it for a religious reason and after the 3 day I felt kinda better since I prayed 3 days while drinking water and after that day I went to school and forgot I was fasting and ending up eating breakfast 😭

  29. She looked so pretty when she woke up (also it's really hard on your body when you do such a drastic fast like that you are supposed to work up by starting with a 1 day water fast and when that is easy for you go up to a 2 day and so on)

  30. What the heck does what does water-fast mean? You don't drink water? Or you don't eat food but drink water. This drives me crazy. It's a food freaking fast. It's a water-only diet, not a water-fast! Fasting means don't have it, so a water fast means you don't drink water.

  31. A electrolyte imbalance, especially potassium is dangerous. I'm in my 46h water fasting and decided now drinking coconut water because my heart beat harder than usually. When I did a fast with lots of coconut water, I don't feel that heart symptom. I recommend everyone to have coconut water at home when fasting. Is the best option to take if you don't feel good in a fast.

  32. this is literally the excuse it use to starve myself
    person: do you want something to eat?
    me: no I'm on a diet I've stuck to it for 50 days now 🙂
    person: oh good for you!

  33. If I water fast I end up vomiting and throwing up my end of the day unfortunately I’ve tried multiple times kidding myself I’ll feel better next time nah

  34. I have done this last month' for two weeks you do lose the weight but I would not advice enyone to do it it's realy realy painful.

  35. Did you just tell me that I can’t lose weight (the fat) by not eating and drinking water instead? Or did I misunderstand that?

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