I Try Intermittent Fasting – No Sweat: EP12

I Try Intermittent Fasting  – No Sweat: EP12

It is 12:30 and I really cannot take it because
my hunger pangs are starting to kick in. Hey guys! It’s Tyen. So a while back I took a poll on Instagram
stories and ask you what diet trend you want me to try next. And a lot of you voted for Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is more of an eating
pattern than a diet where you cycle between periods of fasting and eating. So it doesn’t specify what you and cannot
eat but more when you eat them. What Intermittent Fasting is meant to do,
it’s supposed to increase your energy, reduce body inflammation, reduce water retention
and most people use it as a weight loss method. So the principle is that when you eat food
your body uses that food for energy but without the food, when you’re not eating and when
you’re fasting what your body does is that it uses its fat storage for energy instead. So there are many different methods of Intermittent
Fasting. And the most common is the 16:8, where you
fast for 16 hours and have all your meals during an 8 hour period. This style of eating is gonna be a huge change
for me because breakfast to me is one of the most important meals of the day. I wake up and I just want to have my breakfast
to start my day because I need the energy. Another thing about me is that I like to work
out in the mornings and to not be able to eat before I train might be a bit of a challenge
for me because I don’t really know how it’s gonna affect my performance in the gym especially
when I’m doing rigorous activity like strength training where I require a lot of energy from
food. While I am gonna be tracking my weight throughout
the week, I’m more focused and curious as to how it makes my body feel and how I react
to this new eating pattern. It is day 1 of my Intermittent Fasting diet,
I also was feeling not too well, so I didn’t plan to workout this morning. So I guess I didn’t really feel super hungry
or feel the need to eat so much. I also took a physique update and took my
weight, I wanna see how Intermittent Fasting has kind of effect my body and my physique. Pretty excited to start this new Intermittent
Fasting pattern. So this is gonna be my lunch for today. There’s some leftover chicken bone broth soup and
here are some stir fry veggies with pumpkin and rice. I also heard that Intermittent Fasting diet
you kind of are encouraged to drink a lot of probiotic-rich foods and bone broth soup
is one of them. And this is really really nutrient dense. I think this is like a perfect way for me to break my fast,
get all my nutrients into my body. Now it’s about 5 o’clock and I thought I needed to
stand up and go and do some kind of physical activity. So I decided to bring this one for a walk. And in terms of my hunger levels, I feel pretty
satiated from the soup and the rice and the veggie. I think because I haven’t been physically active
the whole afternoon so I haven’t felt super hungry. On my way to my gig now, this is another side job of mine, besides fitness training and hosting I also sing. Good morning, it’s day 2 of the Intermittent
Fasting diet. I gotta say I am feeling pretty hungry this
morning. I’m gonna be training but I will say though
that I am feeling a lot tighter especially in my midsection area. So something important to note is that during
the Intermittent Fasting diet you’re only allowed to have 3 drinks. And that is water, black coffee and green
tea or any other kind of like unflavoured, low-calorie or zero calorie drink. The time now is 1:29 and I gotta be honest
I am pretty damn hungry so I decided to go ahead and make my first meal. I have an omelette with 3 eggs, spinach, some celery
and chopped whatever veggies I had in the fridge. And I’m having a side of oranges so I get
a blast of vitamin C. So I just finished filming a YouTube video,
this is a bit of my setup. I am going to go and get a little snack a-li-doodle-do,
cause I have a concert tonight, Slash is here. I’m so excited because I’m a huge fan of like
old-school rock and roll. I’m so excited to watch the show. It is 12:30 and I really cannot take it
because my hunger pangs are starting to kick in. Nevermind I just break my fast later tomorrow. Okay day 3 of Intermittent Fasting, I just
finish a 25 30 minute cardio abs routine at home. And I gotta say I am really surprised
I actually don’t feel tired or lethargic at all. On some mornings when I wake up, especially
if I had a late night out the night before, I feel super lethargic but yeah this morning
I work up really pumped for my workout. Ready to just sweat it out and I actually had
surprisingly, I kid you not, even more, energy this morning than I would on other mornings
so maybe Intermittent Fasting is really helping me renew my energy and we’ll see how it goes
like for the rest of the day. Okay so it’s now 1:40 and my professor has
decided to give the class a break so I’m gonna have my first meal. In term of my hungry level right now, I actually
didn’t feel super hungry, I actually felt very very focused today during class. I drank a lot of water, I think the coffee
helped me to get through the first half of it. I didn’t feel like I was starving, I felt
very full from drinking the water and the coffee and the caffeine just kept my energy up
so now I’m just breaking my fast because it’s time. I could probably wait a bit longer but I want
to eat before the break ends. I actually packed myself a salad this morning. Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, some fish today
and it’s on a bit of just mixed greens. I try my best to prep my meals on school days
because I don’t really like to eat out. This is gonna be my dinner for today. I’ve pumpkin, silken tofu and some broccoli
and cauliflower, I also have myself a side of soup. This is like day3 of my Intermittent fasting
and I gotta say, I actually really starting to like this pattern of eating because you
know, you’re not focused on food. In fact, I was just focusing on work and the
time that I was busy doing my work, I actually didn’t feel hungry at all. It’s the longest I ever fasted and so far
so good. I think that’s why I’m starting to get a bit
hungry and hear my stomach growling a bit. So to break my fast today, I have chicken
breast, eggs and some veggies from a salad store. And of course, I got some black coffee. Right now I’m at the gym. In term of my energy levels, I still actually
don’t feel hungry but I do know that if I’m gonna train hard, I want to make sure that
I have enough energy so, I am eating this green apple just a little pre-workout and a little
sugar rush and I gonna hit a total body workout. Good morning! It is 7:30 on a Saturday morning and I’m up and about to meet my darling clients because we’re gonna go and workout this morning. Right now, I am still not hungry, I would
like some coffee but I got to rush because I got a yoga class to go on this Saturday
morning. Alright so I’m done with my yoga class, I
think this is like the first time I’m doing yoga in 6 months, so I was super inflexible
especially in my shoulder and chest area. But anyway, I’m gonna fill my body with some
health and I got a vegan buddha bowl and I’m with mom having lunch. Mom is having a beef stew. She also brought her own veggies over here. So like…this is where I get it from. You bring extra veggies to a restaurant because we don’t ever think that restaurant even provide enough vegetables. So I’m back home now, I’ve been doing work
for the past couple of hours and yeah, I just want to show a very quick update on my body. I really have lost quite a lot of bloating,
especially in my abs area. A lot of the water retention and inflammation
kind of went down so I’m really happy with that. I would say that I do feel a lot lighter and
a lot tighter in my midsection area. Okay, so I’m back home now from my gig. It is about 1 a.m. right now, I am starving. Even though I am Intermittent Fasting, so
I’m not supposed to be eating. I do feel that the performance was quite an
energetically like an expensive one, so I do not want to go to sleep with an empty stomach. I still do believe that there should be some
flexibility with your diet. If you are hungry before you sleep, go and
get your food in because you don’t want to go to sleep with a growling stomach. It’s really important what you put into your
body, so if you’re filling your body with good protein, vegetables and drinking a ton
of water, then you should be fine. So I’m done with training this morning, and
coincidentally, my client has also been doing intermittent fasting this week and what she
found is that she’s experiencing an increase in energy, a lot more focus throughout the
day. She actually feels like this as an eating
pattern is a lot more sustainable for her because it’s simple you know, you just don’t
eat breakfast and you don’t eat supper. And she’s also experiencing very similar things
to me, there’s a lot less inflammation in our bodies especially post-working out. She also experiences improvement in her bowel
movement. Alrighty, I’m at my grandma’s house today. I made chap chai, some rendang, of course,
we have a salad for Tyen. Grandma is awesome, grandma always makes me
like extras veggies. Yes she becomes a rabbit every Sunday. She and I become rabbit every Sunday. No, I am a rabbit every day. Grandma: Every day, I Sunday only eat this.
Tyen: You become a rabbit on Sunday. So every weekend we have lunch with my grandma
and she always makes me healthy food and also not so healthy foods. Not so healthy, just once in a while is alright. Balance, just once a week for grandma
life is short we sometimes have to indulge ourselves with something else also. Like have a bowl of laksa once in a while
Then you go eat the Lontong, put 1Bergedil, so delicious. Tyen: Okay, I’m gonna eat now.
Grandma: Once in a while, twice a week is okay. So overall I think this is surprisingly much
easier than what I expected. You know this kind of goes against what I
believe is breakfast to be the most important meal of the day but instead of decreasing
my energy and my focus, it actually increased them. And instead of feeling like binge eating during
my eating window, I surprisingly didn’t feel like I needed to do that at all. Well, there were 2 or 3 nights where I did
feel like having something sweet and cheating so I did have chocolate. Maybe 2 pieces or 3 pieces, and some prawn
cracker, but other than that, it wasn’t terrible. I didn’t cheat like totally but I did have
those small little cravings and I believe there should be some level of flexibility
to this diet. So I’ve comes to the end of my week of Intermittent
Fasting and I’ve gotta say that I pretty like this pattern. In terms of adopting it as a lifestyle, I
don’t know if I would do it as a long-term strategy because I’m just someone who absolutely
loves eating breakfast. Maybe I might practice you know Intermittent
Fast, where I go through 2 or 3 days in a week where I practice Intermittent Fasting
and then for the rest of the days, especially if I’m working out in the morning, I have
a small meal before I go. If you’re thinking of trying Intermittent
Fasting then I say go for it because it’s quite a sustainable pattern of eating that
you can adopt. I think the most important thing to note is
to not binge eat. When you break your fast, just eat a normal
sized meal, pace yourself, drink some water and then you can eat your small meals throughout
that 8hrs eating period. That’s all I have for this episode, if you
liked it, please remember to give it a thumbs up, click the subscribe button and hit the
little bell so you always get a notification every time we post a new video. Or you can download the Clicknetwork app to
get early access to our videos before they hit YouTube. So I’ll see you the next one, take care guys,

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  1. I do a magical diet that is sort of like a top secret it’s call calorie deficit stop trying to make losing weight so complicated and difficult eat less move more

  2. I tried it for 4 months and l lost 10 kg. I only ate lunch around 11 am – 1 pm. Eat whatever l want including rendang, curry, nasi padang, anything lemak you can imagine, no exercise too. I didnt feel weak or lazy during the day, but honestly a torture in the evening when l tried to sleep haha. Honestly this is the only successful diet l have ever done in my whole life (l am 21). I stopped because l had to live overseas so l didnt want to miss the local food, go back eating 3-4 times a day. Fortunately l didnt gain any weight back, even lost 2 more kg in 5 months during my stay overseas 🙂 l personally highly recommend this diet

  3. I have been doing intermittent fasting but I didn't know what it was called, and most of the time I feel extremely tired and I thought it was bad for my health until I watched this video?
    I also do a lot of excercise everyday (but its not advanced)

  4. Am doing intermittent fasting now. 3rd week. Simple for me as a Muslim. Plus it kinda make me stop eating aft 9pm ( so I can eat at 12 – 1pm). And I dont eat that much carbs.
    One thing good. I dont eat much sweet things and snacks. And I drink more water than usual to make me full.

    Oh and I lost 1kg. Yeah!

  5. I did IF for 1 1/2 years. It did give me loads of energy & I did lose a few kgs. But decided to switch to macros tracking to build more muscles & have better hormonal balance.

  6. Ive been doing this intermittent fasting subconsciously (i didnt know this existed i jus ate brunch and dinner) but im still fat lol

  7. Muslim always do that in Ramadhan. Fasting more than 18hours (for Europe or America). Fasting good for your body and soul??

  8. No wonder i am so skinny, ive been only consuming food in the afternoon at like 12 and then i eat again at like 8

  9. Just move your eating window up to the morning. Then you can have your breakfast. If you eat enough during the day…you wouldn't feel hungry at night.

  10. Intermittent fast most effective for me… importantly i didn’t need to give up alcohol… lost about 3kg after a month….avoid sweet stuff to keep insulin levels low…during breaking fast I just have salads & meats try avoid rice & noodles….less beer & more G&Ts

    I do this about 3 to 4 days a week so no need everyday.

  11. Doesn't work for me..I end up eating more during lunch, had lesser for dinner and became very hungry when I needed to sleep. I felt even worse after eating supper.

  12. I just knew about this kind of diet recently and I just realised that I did this kind of diet subconciously lol.
    As a student with a tight budget, I only eat my meals at 6pm-8pm. By meals, I mean rice, chicken, vege and your typical malay dinner. But the difference is I still take my breakfast strictly instant oatmeal or some biscuits and tea or I just skip my breakfast.
    And no wonder I lost 2kgs and my friends keep telling me that I look skinnier.
    Yeah, my waist is more define and my stomach is getting tighter and less bloated.
    Note that I didn't do any exercise or working out (Imagine if I did, I will lose even more weight). I just eat one meal per day which in my opinion is not healthy ?

  13. It's my 3rd week of intermittent fasting but i also combine it with a diet, so I eat only primary foods like fruits and veggies, I suffer from atopic dermatitis (eczema) and my skin isn't the best but since I started this diet i can see my skin getting brighter , and it has reduced my pigmentation too…. Intermittent fasting with this kind of diet highly contributes to the flushing of toxins from the body.

  14. My eating window is from 1pm to 7pm i know it's not an eight hour window but works super fine i have two meals within this time and i lost 5 kg in 2 weeks

  15. open ur fast with date n half cup of water…. then take ur meal after 15 to 20 min…. u will love it… ur stomach n body will feel amazing…. in sha Allah… ????

  16. I have always been one of those people who get stomch pains and bloating when hungry. That being said, after the holidays, I tried intermittent fasting just to reset my body. I thought I was never going to make it, but I have to say, it was a lot easier than expected. I found myself getting more things done in the morning (since I didn't have to make breakfast), and found myself drinking a lot more. I think that intermittent fastingz aling with eating the right foods, can be the best solution to reset the body, instead of going on an actual diet.

  17. I’m a student studying in London and last year I fasted for 19-20 hours per day (during exam month!) for Ramadhan. Felt so exhausted everyday but I lost around 8kg by the end of it ? (I weigh around 47kg btw)

  18. actually, you dont have to skip breakfast is just that Tyen sleep and woke up late. For me, I start my intermittent fasting at 8/9 am and stop eating at 4/5pm. It still applies on the concept eating more during breakfast and eating less throughout the day.

  19. yep, definitely agree on this diet being one that gives you more energy! I had been eating overnight oats for breakfast, and while it worked out fine, I was feeling sleepy at work. Once I stopped eating breakfast and only eating lunch, I was way more productive at work in the mornings.

  20. I tried this for about 2 weeks and lost 5/6kg but i gained about 2kg back subsequently. But i think for students this csn be easy as we canyt eat during lessons

  21. actually breakfast although is really important, it's exactly what it says it is…. Breaking your fast. so it doesn't matter what time you have breakfast its just what you eat to kick start your metabolizm and good bacteria in your gut!

  22. I've done this on and off for more than a year. I started with the 16-8 cycle but moved on to the more harder version called the warrior diet where you only eat 1 large meal a day. It might seem crazy but honestly afterwhich you honestly don't really feel very hungry for the whole day which is great for work efficiency etc.

  23. Hi Tyen!? thnk u 4 sharing this video.. will try it starting today..coz i really2 need to lose 3-4kg for my normal weight..?? i eat everything on holiday last year,so now its time 4 me to diet..? btw,can we drink lemon water(without sugar) for a whole day?.. normally i drink 2L lemon water everyday..?

  24. I'm currently trying to do intermittent fasting and I have regular trainings at night (around 7-10pm). Should I eat something after trainings or should I not break the fast and just go to sleep?

  25. Intermittent fasting is the only diet that works for me so far. I've lost 8kg in 3 months. It works even better with regular workout.

  26. If I eat your diet without fasting and without workout I will lose weight for sure… But the thing is I can't give up my sugars and carbs…. ??

  27. I dont eat breakfast any way like i do t have the appetite to eat and even if i eat i would eat much like maybe one piece of biscuit but like i get stomachaches when i eat breakfast to early so like normally i see la if my hungry during my 1st recess i school(around 9.20-10.50 depend on which day)if im hungry i will eat but if not than i will eat at my 2nd recess(around 11 20-12.50 again it depend on which day is it) but like im 14yo turn 15yp when i BD is here ik is unhealthy but yah

  28. Hi…Great video!
    Intermittent fasting has numerous health benefits too, such as:
    – Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress
    – Lowers blood sugar and insulin
    – Stimulates autophagy
    – Helps burn fat
    – Lowers blood pressure
    – Has anti-aging benefits
    – Can reduce your risk of cancer

  29. Maaann… you really eat clean!!

    I tried fasting before and found that I couldn't train as hard weights wise, so whilst weight dropped muscle mass also dropped (using the . Just wondering how you felt about it.

  30. was all the food you filmed all that you ate? that is so little food though so you may have lost weight from the drastic reduce in calories? e.g. if you only ate a omelette and coconut water for the whole day…..

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