I Won’t Wear A Jacket

I Won’t Wear A Jacket

You guys are babies. It’s not that cold. I haven’t worn a coat since I was five years old. I got my t-shirt, my backpack, and I’m just fine. You chilly little bitches gonna sit and whine. I strut around campus because you think I’m tough. That guy won’t wear a coat, I bet he’s cool enough. I do this for attention. I can’t pretend Please talk to me, anyone, I have no friends.

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About the Author: John Markowski


  1. “*i have my t-shirt and my backpack and I’m just fine*”
    Me: so you don’t have pants…. thats why no one talks to you

  2. I had no friends when i was younger but i didnt feel bad about it, everyone just seemed so rude as kids always fighting for dominance.

  3. My middle school self feels called out and would have a word with you, but they’re crying behind the stairwell.

  4. What if you don’t wear a jacket because on the way to school you start heating up profusely, even if you’re in tshirt and shorts but simultaneously have a cold somehow and not wearing a jacket is just better because having sweat stains all day is worse than a cold and at the end of the day I- I mean you’re cold and hot anyway

  5. The first few notes made me think “Play that Funky Music White Boy” was gonna start playing. Just me? Ok.

  6. I like to wear shorts in the middle of winter, people walkin by must think, damn he's a winner!
    All the kids talkin about lame chicken dinners, but if you wanna be cool, just wear shorts in the winter!

  7. Oh yes, it's like that guy from 10th grade that always wears shorts, even when there's snow outside and it is like -30 degrees (Celsius)

  8. In direct contrast with all of the hipsters who wear scarves in the summer.

    I guess you could say that they were cold before it was cool

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