if bts music videos were dubbed [blood sweat & tears]

if bts music videos were dubbed [blood sweat & tears]

Bangtan ridin’ a bike in a muesum! Hey bitch… *smACK* aaH JEsus Yoongi what the Fuck? They should make statue of Yoongi. (sope nation arise) …then Ron said’ “Damn Hermione!That pussy is tight!” (CAMERONSTOP) I’m gonna get ya back Yoongi. I’m gonna hit you in the back of the fucking head YOULILBITCH- Yo Jin, you good? Jin nutting noises. By:Cameron more nut noises It’s….. it’s beautiful Jin nuts more… uwu PBBHT AW FucK oFF Jungkook that’s not how you use a swing! You’re doing it wrong!! DAMN! I LOOK GOOD WITH A SCARF AROUND MY NECK ;))))) nO! JUngkook! Jesus…Can someone go push him? IM ON IT! Sup. Just hit a big fuckin vape. KATNISS eVERDEEENNN Holy shit these sheets are so soft… God they’re so SOFT! I washed it with downy!! wait… Jungkook Don’t eAT thE DownY! DONT EAT THE DOWNY!!!! Why is the water so warm? I P E E D I N I T! ! Alright! No one fucking eat until we say grace. Okay? But first, we toast to ARMY. TO ARMY! Namjoon there’s a smoke bomb going off? Right now, what are we supposed to do? Just shut up and look cool. oh WHooPS! :O OOps! The JACket fell oFF mY shoulder! Now you can sEE my SKIN! 😉 uh-oh Put the blindfold on. You eat the apple first. No U put the blindfold on! I will when you eat the apple! See ya boys NODONTJUMP! Yo why they make it pink? Yo did it get so pink? Y’all know it’s my least favorite color! I get scared of pink! Why is it so- OH ITS REALLY PINK NOW! OH FUCK AH! What are you doing!??! OHFUCK OOh these silky sheets… Cameron making them nut again What The FUCk is happening to mE ? YO NAMJOON CHILL THAT 50 NIC! Who the fuck blindfolded me? AH I cant move. Jesus. fuck AH! I can’t fucking move what the fuck is happening? AHfuck hhhhhhHHHHHH Yo Jin you good Peekaboo HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH That statue it speaks to me 😉 It’s the most beautiful thing. I’ve ever seen other than myself hello my love… hello JiN WHaT are these feelings? OHKISSMEJIN ;D Cameron you good? MWAH HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHH Hey bitch 😉 OHFUCK Jimin your’re eye is bleeding… Jesus Christ Jin! I told you to moisturize I even bought you moisturizer what the fUCK dude?? Lit ASS outro

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  3. Imagine if BTS saw this. That would be the greatest fricking this in the universe. Btw great job dude this is awsome. 👌👌👌

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