‘I’m Beautiful’: Mother Has Tears Of Joy Seeing Her Ambush Makeover | TODAY

‘I’m Beautiful’: Mother Has Tears Of Joy Seeing Her Ambush Makeover | TODAY

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  1. Good God! That second woman! They look the same ugliness, just a different hairstyle. American women have no sense of style. Why do we have so many make over shows? We've had them for decades. Still, there are women who can't dress themselves nicely or know how to style their hair. It doesn't help that so many women look average or ugly. American women= ugly hags

  2. People who have no lives go to watch this chessy ,empty non-cerebral show. These women don't need make-overs they need treadmills and sensible diets

  3. Hi! ? I think the first lady's makeover is stunning; she has beautiful teeth, skin, and dimples already and the makeup just accentuated it all with a rosy glow. Her smile is life! The outfit is cool, simple blouse topped with a dark velvet blazer and straight jeans. I love the hair color (very natural) and nice layers. The second lady is beautiful, and has a great personality. I just think the outfit was a bit too risque for her size; it just brought attention to her weight and in my opinion, made her "look" show heavier than before. Her hair color was great, as it seemed to "darken and tan" her skin tone, giving her more of a bronzey warmth. Natural makeup with a nice glow. Beautiful smile, as well. Just not crazy about the outfit, at least not the tunic. It also seems to "cut off" her height, despite slim pants and pumps. ? Not sure what I'd dress her in. Overall, really nice, natural makeovers!

  4. 1st lady's haircut is atrocious. What is she going to do with that block of hair that keeps falling over her face? He should have graded it better.

  5. WHY take away the eye glasses? She will need them in "real life" and that is how she will look for real. Beautiful makeovers!

  6. The makeovers used to be much more dramatic and good – they just comb their hair now and call it a day. Kathie Lee looks fabulous!

  7. I don't know what it is with this show and their faction I do not agree with there's fashion pics at all I think they're way off I think they make them look older the hair and makeup looks great but the fashion is like old ladyish the second one is not too too bad but the first one that under shirt that looks like that should be at my grandma and I have said this over and over again I mean you guys need to get different people to choose the clothing because it's just not working

  8. I hate how they cut /chop the bangs off on so many of these med length hair cuts…if you do that do a side bang and blend it in so there is not a huge gap…in my opinion

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  12. Shocker hair in their faces! He must want to hide their faces! Every time they have hair in their face! I'd grab the hairspray from him and show him how to use it to keep hair from falling into the eyes!

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