The indian media has become constipated after the cricketer Shahid Afridi has announced his visit to the Kashmir
border. Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to
another episode of smile2jannah. Yes, boom boom Afridi has been vocal in his support for Kashmir, much to the irritation of the Indian media. To such a
degree it seems like they can’t even get a word out we saw just two days ago that
a British…. calm down mate breathe yeah, breathe yeah that’s right. When they do manage to
speak, it seems to be nothing but hate and judgement coming out. I mean I
thought you guys were a news channel. All I hear is insults He says he’s going to visit the line of control what a big joke childish acts by….absolutely ridiculous stunts by
former Pakistani cricketers Gautam Gambhir has hit out at the former Pakistan cricketer he has said that Afridi hasn’t matured with age…this is something as
juvenile as as it can get he’s making such absurd statements… the Indian media is like a drunk uncle in a debate Normally when you disagree with
someone you refute their points using logic, but when you start attacking the
person, rather than the argument that’s called an ‘Ad hominem’ attacking the person and logically you lose. So Shahid Afridi
puts on a tweet in support of the Prime Minister and visiting the Kashmiri
border. These guys start going mental yeah, and here are the three points that
these guys mentioned. Number one: A has been Indian cricket player who decided to
join the BJP called Shahid Afridi: Not mature for his age I don’t know what that’s got to do with
anything mate. Point number two: He wants to be Prime Minister. Just because he’s a
cricketer like Imran Khan and he’s supporting his Kashmiri brethren, that
apparently means he was to be the next prime minister. And now Shahid Afridi must be eyeing for the post of Pakistani Prime Minister. And number three: He keeps
saying he’s young. you know he has all the time he has been saying that he’s still young… he always said that he he was still young but… What… have you seen the
guy’s face? I mean he’s got me curious now. Shahid yara what’s the secret? Anyways guys another desperate attempt by the Indian media. I think a week
before the Pakistani British boxer Aamir Khan also went there as well, and these
guys- their constipation started. Now with Shahid Afridi it’s just not coming out mate, it’s just blocked you know. Few days have gone by, it’s just affecting their mood now you know I mean. They want to wait it out before going to the doctor but I’d be
worried. All right guys just a little roundup of the joke, which is the Indian media. Modi knows he’s got them under control and he’s just making
him dance. But realize that Indians are over a billion people and not all of
them are followers of Modi. We just get this impression because of the media. The loudest voices are the voices of hate. The people that are calling for peace,
they’re silenced and they’re being repressed so let’s not get it twisted
yeah. And may Allah help us, may Allah keep us united. Until next time guys Asalaamu alaikum Activism: you can’t just sit in the masjid and expect Allah’s help to come. And you can’t just be an activist and without ibaada expect the help of Allah to come.

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About the Author: John Markowski


  1. I love my indian brothers… but y’all must be so embarrassed of having such a dumb PM and embarrassed of your new media.


  3. I am an Indian & also a supporter of Shahid Afridi. These andh bhakt politicians & tv goon anchors will bark like dogs. Don't look at them. We Indians love Imran Khan, Akram & Afridi just like Pakistani loves Tendulkar, Azhar & Ganguly. Good luck 👍 Peace ✌we all want 💯 peaceful j&k state where no military presence both the sides (IAK & PAk & CAK) I hope peace prevail and people of J&K state decides what they want & good for them.

  4. Ghambir (more like khabees) a failed cricketer and now failed BJP terrorist is trying hard to speak back to boom boom but you first need to be a superstar like him to get his response. #ignoreKhabees he so sad his first 4 name alphabet says GHAM. Tu naa-mmed marega kutte ki maut harami nasal.

  5. India nationalists will say …oh it’s fake … we poop on streets…we are highest immigrants fleeing failed India… Pakistan is responsible 😂😂😂😂

  6. India needs crushing inshahla very soon an POLICE INCOUNTER WILL BE ISSUED FOR NARINDAR MODI You now when the Indian police tell 1 to run then the force opens fire from behind, lol

  7. HINDU SCRIPTURES EXPOSED: Is Britain named after a Hindu god ? Were Hindus the first Britons? 

    The Hindu Vedas say that,

    “King Barat gave his name to the Dynastic Race of which he was the founder; and so it is from him that the fame of that Dynastic people hath spread so wide.” 

    Parat, Prat and Prydi, are some of the other derivatives of Barat. The original form was Barat-ana or Brithad-ana. The suffix ana in Hittite-Sumerian (Aryan) means ‘one’. Ana in fact evolved into the English word ‘one’ and the Scottish ‘ane’. Barat-ana or Briton therefore means ‘One of the Barats’ (Bruits). The name Iran comes from the earlier Airy-Ana or Air-an, which means Land of the Arrays or Aryans.

    The Hindu Vedas also acknowledge the goddess Barati (Belonging to the Barats), and she was known as Brihad the Divine. They say her special place was on the Saras-vati River which happens to be the modern Sarus River in the Hittite-Phoenician land of Cilicia.

    The river entered the sea at Tarsus, the alleged home of St Paul in the New Testament, a work written in accordance with Aryan sun myths. Also, these Phoenicians and Aryans worshipped the serpent and the shape-shifting reptilians called the Nagas were the serpent gods of the Hindus. The Vedas, inspired by the Aryans, tell how the serpent-humans, the Nagas, could cause fantastic damage and instant death.

    The Nagas were also said to have appeared at the birth of the man who became known as Buddha and the serpent plays a part in the legend of Krishna.

     The Roman name for Barati was Fortune after her legend as the goddess of fortune. They depicted Fortune in the same way as the Phoenicians symbolized Barati and the British do with Britannia. All were associated with water as you expect with a sea-faring race like the Phoenicians. Hence ‘Britania rule the waves….’.yada yada yada


    The Egyptians, too, had a goddess called Birth, the goddess of the waters, and she was another mirror of Barati because the Aryan-Phoenicians were the force behind Egypt. Birth was described by a Babylonian emperor about 680 BC as “a Phoenician god across the sea”

     In Crete, another Phoenician centre under the title ‘Minoan’, their goddess was Brito-Martis. She was a Phoenician goddess according to Greek and Roman legend (Barati in other words) and the divine daughter of Phoenix, the king of Phoenicia.

     Brito-Martis became identified with the goddess Diana, a major deity of the ancient world, and like her she was armed for the hunt. As Earl Spencer made a point of emphasizing at the funeral of his sister Diana, Princess of Wales, she was named after the ancient goddess of hunting.

    So yeah, I hate to say this, but Britain is a Hindu concoction.

  8. JAINISM (Pronounced Jinnism)EXPOSED: Is it wrong for me to a dump in a water closet (WC)? …Yes (No sarcasm intended)?….Because, Mahavira, the founding father of Jainism and perfect man, did not attend a call of nature? 

    Here’s the thing :  Why didn’t Mahavira defecate? – because if you defecate, certainly there will be problems. It is better to deny it, because the problems will be that either he will have to use tissue paper – which Indians don’t use and at that time nobody was aware of – or he will have to use a toilet, a septic tank, but there was no septic tank in those days, and even if there were he would not have used it because the water in the septic tank, your turd falling into the water, can kill small germs in the water!

    Jaina scriptures say: Never defecate on wet ground, never defecate in a river, never defecate in water! So even now Jaina monks don’t go into the toilet; in the modern toilet they cannot go. They have to go outside the city and find a dry place. In the rainy season it is very difficult to find a dry place! …..Is this the ‘turd’ world? 

    He could not use water after defecating to clean himself because water… he was very much against water because water contains germs and they will be dying and that will be violence. So it is better to cut the root of the problem: he never defecated. Such control! Such discipline! No sarcasm intended!

  9. And India is spending litz n lots of rupees on machineries… Economy is blank… Only the rich stay rich… The rest getting unempliyment

  10. Republic TV doesn't really represent an Indian news channel. At this point it is more of a BJP PR wing. It is very biased andhaving little to no integrity exactly like this youtube channel.

  11. What a backward people indians are the majority voted this clown in office so it makes the majority extremists and terrorists its the peoples voice in office!

  12. All main stream media channels except NDTV are sitting in Modi's lap they do nothing but extoll modi ..n distract public from the blunders that modi keeps making ..

  13. Keep barking guys, bcz u don't know anything
    Pakistan sold it's Kashmir to China ,gilgit, baltistan China ve control over them
    1947 Pakistan had 23 percent minorities now only 1 percent left, and in india Muslim's were 3 percents now more than 20percent
    Where were u guys then Islamic extremists in Kashmir killed 500000 Kashmir pandits just to make Kashmir Islamic state, now Kashmir is totally Islamic state they want to merge with pakistan
    Do u think bjp will just let it go?
    Where were u guys when crowd threw stones at army killing them with stones, bcz soldiers handle them just with a stick, many died with the stones, that is also a human right violation,
    Thank god modi became pm of india
    Now soldiers ve pallet gun at least, and if someone throws now stone he is at his own risk,

  14. Indian media is a one big joke … and Islamophobes take them as a reference to smear zakir naik … absolutely no shame !

  15. This Idiot Gambhir always is punching above his weight. He thinks himself as a legendary cricketer when in reality he is a foot note to the game.
    After joining BJP he has completely transformed into a Zombie.

  16. brother zeeshan pls focus more on kashmir rather than speaking about pakistani responses nobody cares what the afridi says or he looks young or old ..nobody cares what stupid media says ..gather new on kashmir …i dnt even care for even an ounce about pakistani celebreties or indian celebrities….the perspectives of many pakistani people is just like many indian people ..they both dnt want free kashmir ..they want it for themselves ..

  17. down here in the comment section are probably many pakistani brothers and sisters who think their ruling administrations are well wishers of kashmir ..but the truth is they still dnt deserve an ounce of kashmir just like we indians …..i hope you arent defending pakistani responses …pls stay unbiased … pakistan ruling administraion would sell its own people to dragon if they get the chance ..and to be honest just like we indians , pakistani youths wont give any response other than changing their profile pictures for a day

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