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  1. If I may, I've been an avid MAC user for years and used to love your YouTube channel, and while the production value is great and all, the constant switching of the camera angles and the in and out of focus is good for being artsy, but not for showing a demo or product. Constantly moving around like that basically tells me as a viewer that "hey, my products aren't actually that great, so let's distract them with a bunch of flashy camera angles and artistic shots!" It really doesn't do much to sell me your product or show me how well it works. Just thought I'd give a little constructive criticism on that front. Also you should really clear up the whole debacle about animal testing…I've noticed that's something you guys have been coming under fire about recently!

  2. PF vcs me presentiariam com alguns dos seus produtos PF queria muito tipo e um sonho que estaria cendo realizado

  3. How many vitamins do we need that offer the same thing as the one next to it. How much makeup does one company need to be happy-never mind thousands. How many animals do we have to kill to be happy with some chocolate that is supposedly poisonous and we have to have lab rats eat it make sure it is not. Knowing the food in my hand was tested on for some reason like that really makes me feel sick. Not to mention drinks, bake dgoods, mouth wash, toothpaste, soaps, and other food and beauty products consumed by humans every day.
    I don't believe it is right to kill a poor animal to get a product that we functioned just fine without before hand. So many animals are being killed for our happiness and I don't think it is right at all. There is no reason to kill an animal for something so pointless as a food product or cosmetic.
    Animals are organisms on this Earth, just like we are. What makes them less than us? If a human was tested on for something and died, everyone would cause havoc. These animals have a life to live and have every right for it— just as much as we do. I wouldn't want to unwillingly be taken away from my home just to experience cruelty and experience PAIN. These animals live in habitats and we as humans have NO RIGHT to disturb them and do this to them. What a shame people think animal testing is no big deal.

  4. Adorei. Gostaria de obter esses produtos pois já pertenço ao grupo ageless e gosto de ver uma pele como a da modelo, muito natural só que vivo na Madeira.

  5. It would be better if MAC filmed and edited this less stylistic and more direct to enhance the view for those beginning to learn makeup skills. I hope to see more tuts from this Senior Artist Debbie Finnegan. She's a good teacher.

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