Is Sweat Block BETTER Than Certain Dri?

Is Sweat Block BETTER Than Certain Dri?

Can I borrow you for like two seconds? Do
you mind being on camera? Cool. What’s your name? Nice to meet you too man.
Now I need you to vouch for me for the camera, are my armpits sweating?
Nope. See? I’m SD and about a year ago I made this. I finally said enough is
enough, I am tired of my armpits feeling like a swamp and I’m tired of having to
t-rex arm it all the time! Remember that one time when uhh, when t-rex jokes were
funny? Yeah me neither. it is a video about
Certain Dri and it is amazing but there are two huge problems with that video.
One, it’s a straight dumpster fire and two Certain Dri it didn’t work out for a lot
of people. So my guys Chase and Kellan they got a product called Sweat Block
and they saw the exact same comments that you just saw. And so they reached
out to me and they said. Dear Mr. Stylish Dad, aside from your terrible editing
skills and your just overall awkward infomercial presentation, we really liked
that video! No I’m just kidding they they didn’t say that. They did say that they like the video and they want me to try out their product for myself
because I think that I will like it, but also for the people that Certain Dri
ended up failing. And at first I was really hesitant because I get so stuck
in my ways. If something’s working for me why change?
If it ain’t broke? How does that saying go,
what is oh that’s right, don’t fix it! Two disclosures yes, FTC I did tell my
audience that this is a paid promotion, that I did not pay for this product, and
also not not all black people can dance. I don’t know if you knew that or not. Now
I tried sweat block for seven days and it made me end up realizing that certain
dry has a huge design flaw to it that actually causes you to end up having to
throw it away after a couple of weeks. I’ll explain in a second. Now I hate
those product reviews were the only thing they do is they just sit in front
of the camera and then they read the instructions in the box for like ten
minutes and then they call it a day. No, not in this video! I will put all that
stuff down there in the description because let’s be honest, you don’t care,
you just want to know if it works or not! So? Does it pass the test? Let’s see! So the significant other calls me this
morning and she was like “hey! What does your day look like today?” And I’m
like “funny you ask! I just dropped the little one off at school and now I’m at
Target I’m getting some white poster board because I’m gonna make a sign that
says honk if you hate sweat and then I’m gonna stand on the side of the road in
a white t-shirt and show everybody that the product that I’m actually talking
about is legit and it actually does keep my armpits dry!” She was like “you…you do
you man”. Now for me it passed the test with
flying colors! Now one of the big things that I love about this stuff that I
wouldn’t have ever thought would be a thing, is the smell! I ripped open that
first package and boom it went straight in my nostrils all the way up my
olfactory nerve into the memory sensors of my brain! I don’t know I’m not a
scientist! Okay so did you see that lady who was in the background when I was
standing on the street? I thought that she wasn’t paying any attention to me at
all because she thought that I was probably stupid, but it turns out so she stopped
me right before I left. She was taking pictures of my butt and sending them to
her friends on Snapchat. I wish, I wish I was kidding I saw the caption and it
said “check out this chocolate Adonis who’s who’s standing in front of me”. And
I kind of wanted to get mad because it was kind of violating but then it’s like
well hang on you were the one who was standing on the side of the road with a
sign, so yeah. So there’s…so there’s that So it smells like cloves and I didn’t
even know what cloves were let alone what they smelled like they smell great
they have this kind of it has this very cinnamon scent to it that’s really kind
of sweet and it’s spicy at the same time. And that’s good because with Certain Dri,
Certain Dri is unscented. So whatever smell you end up having just
naturally is gonna be the smell that you have after you put that on. More on that
in a second. So in a lot of ways it can kind of act like a deodorant because
with Certain Dri you don’t put on any deodorant afterwards so like I said,
you’re at the kind of the whim of nature at that point. Now with Certain Dri you
use the exact same application process, you take a shower, you put it on, and then
that’s it you go to bed but here’s the problem. You’ve got a little bit of
bacteria on your skin even after you take a shower so what happens is you put
some Certain Dri on, you go to bed. A couple days later you
put it on and then you go to bed. And as time goes on more and more and more
bacteria start to build up on it and it just smells just oh it starts to smell
so bad. So it took me a while to realize what was going on because I would take
the cap off of the container that I’m like what the.
So while Certain Dri cost about it’s about seven bucks for a pretty good
amount of it, you end up having to throw it away after a while because it smells
terrible. Now what I really like about Sweat Block is each box comes with eight
moist towelettes in it. And you take it and you put it on and you just throw it
away so there’s no transfer of bacteria I guess for lack of a better way to put
it with my hands? So yes mathematically speaking Sweat Block cost twenty dollars
for a two-month supply, Certain Dri costs seven dollars for a four month supply
but here’s the thing! That four month supply is then dwindled down to like a
couple weeks cuz you got to throw it away cuz it smells too bad. And I’m not a
mathematician or anything but as time goes on you’re probably gonna end up
saving money if you go with this one over here versus this one. Just saying
just saying! So go check it out it is down there in the description all of the
instructions are down there you can go purchase it down there and go have at it
no more nah nothing nada! And my analytics say that I got to cut this
short SD out, deuces! you

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  1. I know the video is about the sweat block product, but I just couldn't stop laughing at what you went through when you talked to your SO and that woman on the street. I'm a horrible person.

  2. Hi great video I just wanted to say I sweat a lot to mainly on my back and armpits really but I tried Mitchum and yes it does work but the horror stories about using products containing Aluminium in them that block the sweat glands are not great to hear & I have tried the natural home remedies route but they are not strong enough after a couple of hours really that is the dilema. 🤔

  3. Very good review. Very true i have that problem with any stick deodorant.after using it for a period of time. it starts to smell awful. so i have to throw it away.and but a new one

  4. In case you were wondering, yes, that WAS a compete stranger that I had check my armpits! The crazy things we all do for views huh? I should post the full dialogue that we had, turns out he went to high school really close to where I did, and our paths probably crossed at some point. Small world! And how about that creepy lady huh?!

    I forgot to answer another common question, yes you can totally shower with this stuff on and it works just as well. It's water resistant so don't worry at all about showering or putting on deodorant the next morning!

  5. If I buy it on amazon it costs 20$ and thats like ok, but the shipping to finland costs an extra 15$.😥 CertainDris shipping costs 15$ too😑

  6. You went from 130 subscribers to 7.5thousand in a year?! Wow thats great! I just started certain dri. If it doesnt work then I know where im headed next

  7. Ok, hibiclens and certain dri/sweatblock. Got it. But as you point out, I will then have eau de man. Not the worst but you've mentioned that you wear cologne. Any tips on the selection and application of cologne? I'm always concerned that I'll smell like a virgin frat boy on his way to his first sorority party.

  8. Did this still have the same burning and itching effect as certain dri, because that is my biggest problem.

  9. I’ve been suffering from excessive sweat from my under arms ever since 12. I’m currently 24, there’s been days I have sweat OUT OF CONTROL and times I didn’t. Lately it has affected my confidence highly. I recently started a new job and idk how I’m going to live though this embarrassing issue. It’s a daily struggle trying to figure why my body sweat so friggin much and what triggers this. I’m a very charismatic character, I don’t mind public speaking. I’m a peoples person, but my body reacts in a way that I just don’t understand. 2015 my doctor prescribed over the counter perspirant, didn’t work. I tried the big brand ones like certain dr, driclor and it didn’t work. I would love to try the sweatblock but I’m tight on funds. If a kind soul can help with my battle against this excessive armpit sweat, I’d gladly appreciate it. Please help me guys.

  10. whenever someone puts product on the pit, the skin is going to have buildup. shouldn't there be a time for exfoliation of the pits before putting more on? maybe that could somewhat help with the issue.

  11. Dude, the last video was not that bad…nice display of confidence dissing on yourself tho lol also pretty funny. Your enthusiasm is awesome! Seriously loving your content 👍 keep it up man

  12. Sweat block works for me, but my problem is whole body hyperhydrosis. Any ideas on how to treat that. I used sweat block for 3 days, after my Grandmother died and put it all over my chest, stomach and back, it worked great to calm the wetness down. If I hadn't have done that, my whole shirt would have been soaking wet, but that is not a long term solution. I have saw a dermatologist, who is calming treatment called miradry which is a medical procedure cures arm pit sweating for many people. If it was just my arm pits I would do it, but they can't do your whole body, so I have lucked out.

  13. I saw sweat block on Amazon and I wanted to try it so I am ordering it today because nothing else worked for me my sweating is so bad I wear sweat shirts in the summer to hide it has effected my life so much I don’t shake hands or raise my hands in class
    I will update you guys on how it worked for me

    Update: omg this stuff actually works it is amazing I got home from school and no sweat the only thing I don’t like it it itches when I put it on but otherwise I highly recommend this stuff ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Do I have to shower at night before putting sweatblock on or can I put it on the night before and just shower in the morning?

  15. You may be stylish dad and with that I do not disagree but I think you would definitely benefit from changing out those shades to something sharper and angular, for ex. clubmasters might look fire on you

  16. I subscribed because I see how much work went into this video. As a creator and father myself I can relate to that. lol Also, good stuff man!

  17. damn. i was told that all black people can dance and all white people can't. i mean i'm white and can't dance but thats just me. lol

  18. and they say men don't get objectified. but its ok. its flattering. means you look good and someone noticed.

  19. I brought this about 2 weeks ago and have yet to try it because NOTHING WORKS!!! and I was like nahh not going to waste my time. Literally just picked it up on a humbug. Def gon try it tonight!!

  20. Certain dri has worked for me. I was SO happy to find something that finally helped me to keep from sweating.

  21. Does working out and sweating remove the affects of sweat block? For example, if i apply it at night, but work out in the morning, should i apply it again or?

  22. 4:15 She could've meant a) You looked like the "chocolate version" of Adonis the Greek god or b) You looked like the cake, Adonis Chocolate Cake.

  23. Do you swipe it on your pits like IMMEDIATELY after drying off while you are still a little damp? That might be what's contributing to the product going off. maybe also every week just wipe it on a napkin or paper towel to keep it clean.

  24. Hi your video is funny ha ha but I'll try that's kind of expensive on my website..but I'll let you know if that really works or not… because I do sweat alot

  25. Just a side note. I think the video is a little over-exposed (white poster) because when you were outside with the sign some of the words were not visible.

  26. It's been almost a month for certain dri(roll on) I dunno if I'm doing anything wrong but my arms still sweaty. Looks like on to sweat block now

  27. Dude, thank you so much☝🏽‼️ you just saved my LIFE! It’s so embarrassing having sweaty armpits!!! I can NEVER wear colored shirts, I always have to hide it seems.. thank you man, you’ve also gained a subscriber!👍🏽

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