Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction | Collins Key

Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction | Collins Key

– Oh, wait. This is so funny ’cause
I was like literally the tallest person by over a foot, and you can tell ’cause I. (laughs). (bleep) What’s up? It’s Collins Key, and today is a very special day because I am doing my first ever reaction video and I’m actually reacting to a video that I’m actually in. So, this like reaction
inception right now. (ominous music) And today, I am reacting to the official music video for Hit or Miss by Jacob Sartorius. And for those of you asking yourself, Collins, why are you in a
Jacob Sartorius music video? Well, basically, he hit me up and asked me if I wanted to do some magic
in his brand new music video and I was like, dab, dab! Yeah, it’s gon be lit. (laughs) I didn’t actually do that. I didn’t get, like, a text like, whoo! Then, no, but yes. So basically, I thought it
would be super fun to do this! And so today, I’m going to be watching this music video for the first time. I’m a little bit nervous to see how this whole thing turned out, but we’re going to be
watching it together, reacting to it together, and I took some exclusive, behind-the-scenes video from when I was on set with
Jacob filming this music video, so make sure you guys
stick around until the end ’cause that’s when we gonna play that footage with some little
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@CollinsKey #CollinsKey. I’ll put the download link for that photo in the description box below. Without any further ado, right now, let’s jump in. And this is the Hit or Miss music video. (swooshes) Here we go. I missed it. So excited to see this video. Oh my gosh. And I like, I lowkey like this song, too. Like this song, like
it’s a dope song, man. ♫ Fun stuffs just for kids And also, fun fact, when you’re on set for a music video, they literally play this
song over and over and over, so I know this song by heart. That is for sure. ♫ Just a hit or miss Yo, dude. That’s my name! Ay oh, my God. My name’s in the video. Ay! So sick! Me and Jiffpom made it. That was like, did you guys see that? It was like, Collins Key and Jiffpom. Whoa. Yo, shoutout to Jacob, bro. I appreciate that. Like, you the homie, bro. Did she run into a tree? She was super cool, by the way. She was super cool. (laughs) And that hoverboard. There was like one hoverboard on set, so everyone was just like, vroom! And then a couple people fell, which was not good. We filmed this on Venice Beach, and it was like 100 degrees outside. Like, it was so, so hot outside, and so, you don’t see here, but like, I got super sunburnt. Jacob just got tanned. He got like, really tanned
by the end of the day, which does not help. (laughs) There’s a lot of people messing up, man. Ah, here it, wait, hold up. Oh! Ay! It’s ya boy! Oh, oh it’s your boy. Yeah, and the director was like, just go in front of a wall.
Like, do magic tricks, which was super hard ’cause it was like really,
really windy outside, so all the cards were almost flying away throughout this entire thing. I’m just like, yry to remain cool. Look like I’m just having fun. But I’m like, don’t fly away, cards. But did y’all see that move though? Whoa. Ay! Yo, that looks so sick. Yo, that looks dope. And like, Jacob, like, while we were on set, too, was, like, super inclusive and just, like, really nice and just, like, hanging out with everyone and it was, it was awesome. ♫ So, please, just let me know ♫ My heart’s a metronome – Like, I told you guys, I know
every word to this song, so. And this is so funny, ’cause I was, like, literally the tallest
person by over a foot and you can tell ’cause I (laughs) And you can just tell
like, at one point, like, Collins, ’cause Jacob was like, Alright, Collins. Here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna both, like, walk side by side with the bike here, and, like, it’s gonna be more like leading the group over
to where we’re going. And I’m like, alright, cool. So Jacob and I like
stand next to each other. And then at one point, the director was like, cut, cut, cut. Collins,
we need you to move back ’cause you just look too tall. Like, you look, like
even there, look at it. Look how big I look. (laughs) I think I was just tryna like. The whole time, I was,
like, bending my knees, I was walking so much, dude. So, yeah. Ay! Yo, this was so sick. Literally, Jacob sent out one Snapchat, one Snapchat, and was like, yo, guys.
Meet me here at six PM. And like, so many people
showed up and stuff. So, and yeah. I’m also like, like I said, I’m gonna be doing Snapchats of like, what happened at the end of this video from like our Snapchats and stuff. ‘Cause we combined the scenes. ♫ Just a hit or miss ♫ So, let’s not worry about tomorrow – Yo, we were like, we were vibin’ out to
this song all day though. It was dope. (crowd cheers) And there you guys have it. That is the official
Hit or Miss music video by Jacob Sartorius. First of all, Jacob, shout out to you. You da homie, man. Thank you so much for
having me in that video. If you guys wanna check out
the official music video, I’m gonna put the link right there. Also, down in the description. I’m ’bout to go teleport
back to Venice Beach and try to find Jacob. Alright. Bye. You guys, you thought I was joking. Look at this. – We’re up to something. Like, they’ll see you soon. – [Collins] Yo, Jacob’s got a
magic trick for me right now. You ready. – I’m better than Collins. – [Collins] Oh! What? – That’s right. – Bruh hold up, fam, what? Your magic little sister. What’s up? Ay. – And we’re gonna make
this card disappear. – [Collins] Alright. – Oh! – Oh! Yo, thank you to the homie, Jacob, for having me in this video. – No, thanks to him.
– It was fun. – You’re not ready. – By the way though,
those shoes are so clean. So clean, bro. – They’re not even out yet.
– Not ready.

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