Jamie’s Pick | Sweatshirts | 맨투맨 from Supreme, Lucky Chouette

Jamie’s Pick | Sweatshirts | 맨투맨 from Supreme, Lucky Chouette

[Music] hi guys my name is Jamie and welcome to my youtube channel so this is my first ever YouTube video but I wanted to jump straight into the content that I’ve been meaning to me in this corner I’ll be talking about fought for brands of one basic item that we all have in our wardrobe and the means of purchase will be widely varying from breaking order online shopping malls to personal blogs and websites the Twista I’ll be adding is I’ll be introducing Korean brands but I feel like the world does not know enough about in the first episode I’ll be doing sweatshirts and the brands that I’m going to include are supreme Nike lucky chouette and nut-and-bolt and as you can see these two unfamiliar brands at the end are Korean brands so yeah let’s go in and see what I’ve got three times so supreme has become one of the first brands that pop up in our minds when we think about luxury street style and I bought this sweatshirt on the 2017 fall winter week five drop and it was for a retail price of one hundred and thirty eight dollars this is a size medium it’s 100% cotton and the best part about this is the very thick cotton and the very fine embroidery the downside however is they say unisex but here I feel like you know sucks means that it’s for men which means up the bottom part is very long and it can give a very poufy silhouette but I personally don’t like when I stop this I went from a masculine look with this outfit I threw on a black wool coat that’s a little oversized and the three buttons given even more masculine my back I went for a big shoulder backups very unisex and I added a green furball to make the bag a little more colorful and cute I paired some laid-back patchwork boyfriend jeans to offset the dark plane look the second brand I’m gonna talk about is called lucky chouette and it’s a Korean brand that’s very popular because of the playful colors that it has a character mrs. brand as having good mean vibes which means it has a feminine and girly silhouette but it also has like a tomboyish touch to it to make it playful and fun like any expensive good sweatshirt the plus side of this sweatshirt was the thick embroidery thick and nice embroidery and the durable material something about I noticed was different from other specials was a very tight neckline and it’s not like it doesn’t stretch it’s very stretchy but it would not lose its elasticity because I think it’s a full polyester the downside is that once again just like supreme said it’s unisex this one says it’s free stock free size but I could not it was not good for me because I couldn’t shove it into any pants no skirt and it was just a big poofy sweatshirt that had big pockets I eventually had no choice but to pull out the sweatshirt and just wear it with some tight skinny jeans because a sweatshirt has such a calm colour I wore it with some highly distressed at him to match the fun embroidery I opted this colorful bag with an equally geometric shape I wanted to balance out the femininity in this outfit so I wore some flower earrings and I think this outfit is a good balance but the brand it epitomizes through its designs the next brand is 9 and the reason why I chose Nike was because first I needed a good measure to compare to Korean brands that are pretty foreign Chivas and also like high-end products that I know a lot of people can’t easily afford so I bought this for thirty two thousand five hundred one which is around or less than thirty dollars in the States like the design is simple and the fleece is super soft super thick and I could just see myself wearing it every day when and I’d really do wear it like the downside of it is that I don’t know if I would actually buy it if it were $60 I mean it’s a black sweatshirt that has nothing but the Nike logo on it and $60 I stopped this number with a tight turtleneck and then I put it pulled on the sweatshirt to retain I didn’t want the extra layers to make my body look big so I wore some super tight and skinny high-waisted jeans for my bag I love with something very neutral and plain and I matched the burgundy color of my turtleneck with some chelsea boots that keep me warm against the harsh which was the last brand is one of many small scale brands that I would need to feature in the segments and it’s called nut and bolt so I stumbled across this website because they only sell online and I was surprised at their design and their price room so I just bought it right away I was surprised that it was actually decent and so I thought this brand definitely needs my recognition the plus side would be definitely the graphics and the unique designs I also like that the wording it sent so busy it’s kind of funny when you say that you’re oh you’re busy yourself and you’re like you’re so important you’re so busy so I got a good laugh out of that and the downside of this is that the black color kind of fades out after multiple wears also like white flex get on this my shirt so that the sweatshirt looks kind of dirty and not very chic my final look is a punky and slightly goth one I kept it simple with the sweatshirt and a cotton miniskirt large pockets go well with the boxy top and the color scheme of pink navy and black go well together as well I went with a slightly chic pair of asymmetrical earrings to make the look a little edgier nothing pumps up will look like some classic Doc Martens and voila a funky dark look for warmer weather is good so as a concluding remark I kind of want to tell you guys what I think about each of the clothing but first what I’ll be talking about is Nike because I liked it the most the reason why I liked it so much was because it’s effortlessly chic the design and it’s so damned warm it’s just so warm the fleece has not died and something that I gravitate towards every single day and I have to stop myself wearing it okay the second one I’ll talk about is supreme because I know a lot of you might be curious if the supreme sweatshirt is actually worth the money at the end of the day sweatshirts are something that you wear to be comfortable and you wear to lounge around in the house but why would you want to spend 200 something dollars on a sweatshirt that is where at home I would not repurchase this or would not suggest to my friends the third one I want about is lucky chouette and its alongs along similar lines it’s worth it was around 150 dollars right but does not feel like $150 the designs are cute but the big silhouette and the long bottom is just not for me I know some people actually like that type of sweatshirt but I had such a hard time styling it it stresses me out and finally the nut and most one I would say that this sweatshirt is one that I would imagine a lot of k-pop stars wearing because it’s kind of chic but it also has like a playful touch to it at the end which you turn around like they’re at the airport you turn around it says you’re busy so for all of you k-pop fans out there and like I think maybe you should go into their website and like get a good look at it so this was my first ever video thank you for watching guys hope you got something out of this video and it helped a little bit so I’ll be coming back to you guys again next time with the video about wool knits so thank you for watching and bye you

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