Japanese EDIBLE WATER BALLOONS – gush when you bite them – Fushigidama Candy Kit | Whatcha Eating?

Japanese EDIBLE WATER BALLOONS – gush when you bite them – Fushigidama Candy Kit | Whatcha Eating?

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s
Emmy. Welcome back to an episode of “Whatcha eatin’?” I have not done one of these
episodes in a very long time. These episodes are what started this channel,
back when I was living in Japan, and making candy making kits. This is what I
called the series. Every week I’d appear with something that I found at the
grocery store that I had no idea what it was, and I’d make it on camera! And that’s
what started EmmyMade in Japan. If you have not seen the videos or the playlist
I will put it up above. There are over 200 episodes of Whatcha Eatin’? And the kits
were just fascinating as things themselves: they always included very
detailed instructions with great illustrations and they were just very
procedural; and you had to be very precise. And oftentimes they were just
tiny, and you would go to the supermarket and go down the candy aisle and then there’d
be this whole section of candy making kits and candies and every couple of
months or so there’d be some kind of new kit that you could find or test out and
that was always fun. And each grocery store seemed to have a different kind of
selection of things that you could find. So, I loved my time in Japan and I loved
those adventures of going through the supermarket and just trying things I had
never seen or tasted before. So this video’s a little bit nostalgic for me. Of
course I didn’t walk down the aisle of the grocery store in Japan to find the
kit that I’m going to be making today I actually ordered online because now as
you most of you know I live in Rhode Island I moved back to the States once I
had my child so happy to be back for sure but I do miss Japan
so today’s kit is this one and it is made by the trustee a company they’ve
been around for a very long time they make the Neddie Neddie Neddie nay and
that was one of my first I think candy making videos I will put a link to that
up above classy oh by the way also makes the poppin cookin sets if you haven’t
seen those videos those are absolutely incredible in terms of the level of
detail that gets involved oftentimes those kits involve making something and
that’s a simulacra so you’re gonna be making candy sushi or candy bread or
some sort of real life thing that’s been miniaturized
and can defied for children’s sookie motive she dama so it’s like a mystery
ball so in the world of molecular gastronomy this technique is called
spherification you used two different solutions I believe a salt solution and
alginate which is like a gel and when you combine them together it creates the
sphere of gel and the first time I ever encountered this was in a poppin cookin
set it was the poppin cookin sushi and they made the tiny little ekata or the
little salmon roe I also have a kitchen science video called agar sphere
occasion and I’ll put the link above and down below too if you want to see how
you can do that at home it’s Budo and soda so this is going to
be a domination soda flavor and great flavor here are the instructions on the
back and I’ll watch you eatin videos I used to do this in front of my laptop in
front of my sliding glass door in my living room all over the memories
alright so this includes three packets the soda packet the great packet the
main solution packets and two spoons 50cc spoon and a mixing spoon and a tray
so here’s the star and a couple of clovers and so that’s to help you
differentiate the different trays in here they do a similar kind of thing
where they show you star clover clover right so this little divot here that
represents the ear also becomes a spoon rest fact and these are like little paws
and we’re gonna add water right to the line okay we’re going you to mix the green
powder in this large tray yeah man so good smells like fake concord grape not
that flavor Okay. Actually they would call that
Muscat grape because it’s green, but it smells like concentrate to me. Anyways,
love that flavor. To mix to dissolve…. That scratching of the powder at the bottom
of this tray? Very friendly, nostalgic sound. Look! There was some displacement:
the level of the water increased when we added that powder. Eureka! Ooh look at
this! This is much thicker; and now I’m going
to do the same thing with the blue this is the soda flavor if your science nerd
like me these kids are the best so now we’re gonna use our 5 cc spoon that they
included which is about a teaspoon to make sure this is all dissolved and now
we’re going to take our spoon and take a little bit of that green sauce and have
it in there take our blue solution and fill up our spoon yes and then we’re
gonna take it and put it into our tray and then gently invert it yep and I got
myself a ball I’m gonna let that sit in there and it’s gonna form my water
bullion take a little bit of our solution in the spoon fill the spoon up
oh it’s so beautiful and flip they’re like little sea jellies in there
love these candy making gets us the best there we go okay before my trade gets
too crowded I’m going to show you the jelly balls here we go let’s go fishing
isn’t that great it’s a little place we can kind of drain off the excess
solution and there it is it’s so beautiful look at that color and when
you squeeze it it’s very squishy all right so now that we have our little
mystery balls finished let’s go ahead and give them a taste
they’re so beautiful look at that I think this might be like an ball like
those edible water bottles it was like those little saggy drops I think that’s
what this is gonna be like because when I feel this it feels very soft inside
it’s not gonna be solid like my agar spherification video where it’s just a
ball of agar I think this is gonna be liquid in the middle let’s find out look
look at that here we go good lucky moths and it’s
totally like one of those ooh hoo balls the outside is like a skin and inside it
just bursts it’s like a little sack of sweet kind of slightly viscous solution
it tastes like what i’ma name soda I shouldn’t say it’s just sweet but
artificially flavored but the lightful it just kind of bursts in your mouth
that’s great the tension on the skin isn’t that tight
though so rather than bursting it kind of just like gives in your mouth but
let’s try another one okay here’s the purple one do you look how cute wow that
is super intensely flavored although I like that flavor better than the
nominees showed up but I’ve always loved the boodle flavor more very strong
flavor of concord grape and sere police sweet the texture is a little bit like a
syrup too it’s a little bit thicker than just say water and it has that skin on
the outside that kind of just gives and then loses in your mouth
fantastic love it let me cut it in half and I’ll show you ready so there it is
there’s the sac and there’s the contents of the sack it’s a bit like a lipoma for
those of you that watch dr. pimple popper you got to remove that otherwise
it will come back I’m just gonna try and make a giant one I’m gonna use my
tablespoon blue whoa purple whoa oh it’s so beautiful oh my gosh get our
granddaddy out of here this one of course because I used an oval-shaped
spoon this one is not a circle this is more like a bean but oh my gosh look how
beautiful gorgeousness already here it’s a giant one that actually popped me in
the back of my throat and all those can be joke be careful when consuming your
whoo-hoo balls look my eyes even watering oh so that was very sweet and
delicious in a very artificial kind of way but one that your eight-year-old
self would love absolutely love so once again the caddesi a candy making kids
come through they do exactly what they say they’re gonna make follow the
directions and you’ll get beautiful results absolutely fascinating fun
enjoyable and tasty alright I hope you guys enjoyed this little throwback I
hope you guys learn something let me know in the comments if there’s anything
else you’d like me to test out make try and yeah share this video with your
friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe check out the
playlist to see some old school baby Emmy and I shall see you the next one to
leave take care bye all right let’s pop this here we go

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  1. YESSS EMMY MADE IN JAPAN POPPIN COOKIN AND OMG that gives me memories of coming home from school to drool over those candies you made 😭 love you emmy!!

  2. Not sure if you know this, but the volume of the water increased because the powder you added to it contains sugar, which adds moisture, increasing the amount of liquid you have there. ☺

  3. Ι' d rather have a nice bowl of fish ramen ( i don't eat meat) or some sushi. I care nothing about any kind of candy.

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