Jillian Michaels Debunks A Big Fitness Myth – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Jillian Michaels Debunks A Big Fitness Myth – Sweat Inc., Season 1

Welcome, guys.
My name is Garry Matthews. I’m the inventor
of the G-Train Fitness System. G-Train Fitness is a program
to where we incorporate a lightweight compression vest
and wrist and ankle cuffs and resistance bands
to produce a workout
that incorporates core, cardio,
resistance training, to produce
the best results possible in the shortest amount
of time. We’re not only just a product.
We’re also the process. – How’d you get into this?
– How I came up with this is I’m a professional trainer, and I had a lot of clients
who came to me and says, “When I try to do
certain workouts, I noticed that my back hurts,
my shoulder hurts.” And I said the reason being
is your posture’s bad. We need to address
those issues first. If you’re in a proper form,
you can recruit more muscles. So, the more muscles
you can recruit the better
your body performs. By adding this garment
to your body, it actually helps
keep you in tuned, in order
to fix your posture and help you get your form back
to where it needs to be. And by adding it
to any other workout
that you do, or to my
G-Train Fitness System, it just makes everything work
that much better together. I’ve seen
compression vests before.
Why is yours so different? Because it’s made of neoprene,
and the way it’s stitched, it helps you burn up
to twice as many calories
just by wearing it. – No!
– And I will prove it to you. No. Sweating has nothing to do
with calorie burn. I hate when people
perpetuate myths. The reason they think that heat
is burning more calories is ’cause it elevates
heart rate. You can’t just sit,
watch a scary movie, get an elevated heart rate
and think you got a workout in. That’s not how it works. Heart rate only matters in relation
to physical exertion. In order to burn more calories,
you generate heat – from the inside out.
– Garry: Correct. From the outside in
is dehydration. One of the benefits
of sweating, – you’re also taking the toxins
out of your body…
– No, you’re not! – …through sweating.
– I Never heard that before. It’s ’cause it’s not true. That is not burning
more calories. It has to come
from energy expenditure. – It has to come from
a muscle contraction.
– Garry: Exactly. It has to come
from internal body heat. One of the ways
the body expels waste
is through sweat. Jillian: You’re arguing
two completely separate points, and you’re
misinformed on both. The liver and the kidneys
detox the body. – That’s not true.
– That is absolutely true. – No, it isn’t.

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  1. Dr. Oz reveals which organs are responsible for detoxing your body.
    Kidney: Cleans the blood of toxins and urine, which in turn cleans the bladder. Drink water to keep your kidney’s working well.
    Liver: Processes alcohol. It’s the only organ in the body that can completely regenerate. Include anti-oxidants in your diet to keep it healthy.
    Lungs: Rids the body of waste.

  2. this is the guy that buys those pads that you put on your feet overnight and in the morning they are black and then they say, oh its black look at all those toxins. No you idiot that is the oils from your skin. lol

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