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  1. Isn't it weird there was no mention of Fantasy Island? I would've thought her coming to the show was to promote Fantasy Island (or both the film and Katy Keene), so I'm kinda surprised there was no talk about Fantasy Island

  2. I'd LOVE to send her some designs of things she could wear on the show. She'd NEVER wear them of course, but the look on her face when she saw them would be priceless 😁

  3. Lucy : "That was my line, I was thinking about it all night & noone laughed."

    Jimmy : "It happens to me every night."


  4. Lucy Hale was fantastic in Life Sentence which is on Netflix. She's a natural scene-stealer and it was a good show w/a love triangle and good back story- CW cancels the best shows and sticks with the worst ones. I'm sure she'll be great on this show too although Riverdale could never hold my attention other than fast-forwarding to all of Camila Mendes singing scenes.

  5. Pretty little liars is my all times favorite tv show, am so happy to see all the actors move on to do bigger things!! ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  6. I swear Lucy Hale has the best eye brows in all of Hollywood! I wish more women would take note and go with the more natural look. I hate that thin eyebrows were ever a thing. Thank goodness she grew then back. I have Always said her brows are like what give her this distinctive look!

  7. Love Lucy Hale!! Such an amazing person. She’s a great actress and singer! I still love her “Road Between” album to this day.

  8. I hope she returns to music, her album Road Between, I love every single song on it, and it's so rare to like every song on an album, now a days

  9. Can't get over how she lost her accent. Haha, just as I typed that, I see a link with her "How to Lose an Accent" haha.

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