Just Add Water – Blooming Flower Trick

Just Add Water – Blooming Flower Trick

Today I’m gonna to show you how to try to make these really cool paper flowers that bloom when you add them to water! Start off by taking a piece of paper and draw on your flower design. I’m gonna use a compass to get my design nice and neat. Draw out a circle… Then, set your compass to the diameter of that circle… And draw out another one. For the petals, I’m gonna draw around a finger. They don’t have to be exactly the same size And you can use the outer circle as a guide. If you go over, just draw another line. Next, I’m gonna color in the flower using some coloring pencils. When you’re doing the petals, don’t worry if you go outside the line. When you’re done, use some scissors to cut the flower out. It should look like this: Next, we need to fold each petal into the middle of the flower. And that’s our flower, ready to use. To use it, we need to pour a little water onto a plate… and drop in the flower. As you can see, it magically opens up and starts to bloom. Pretty cool, huh? I have sped the video up here because it did take over a minute to open. I’ll take this one out And show you again. What’s cool is that you can dry these flowers out, and use them again. If you like, you could color in the flowers with a felt-tip pen to make the colors a little brighter. My pens weren’t waterproof, so I found that the colors started to run when I put them in the water. These flowers look really nice if you do a few of them at the same time. One thing that I found was that the flowers that I had used and dried out… seemed to bloom a lot quicker than the flowers that I had never used before. If you do want to use them again, you can dry them out on a paper towel. (Or kitchen paper) And put a piece on top to help absorb the water. And if you’re really in a rush, you can very carefully use an iron to help speed things up. Make sure that the flowers are perfectly dry before you try to use them again. This time, they actually open so much quicker. So I thought I’d dry them, and try it again! It’s impressive the difference it makes, and for this shot I’m not even speeding up the video. If you’d like, you could write little notes on them. And leave them out for someone to find. When they drop them into water, they’ll be surprised to see their note unfold. Pretty cool, huh? Or how about leaving this one out for a loved one? I hope you enjoyed watching this video, if you want to see more you can click on the links on the right hand side. Or take a look at my YouTube channel page. Stay safe, have fun, and as always, thanks for watching!

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  2. Is anyone else watching this but they don't actually have a valentine?

    Cause I don't have one! Ha the joys of being home schooled ; – ;

  3. Great video!

    But I swear all your videos with
    Today I'm going to teach you how to make these amazing…..
    Start by taking a….
    Although your videos are amazing

  4. This is great and all, but why would be in a hurry to dry these and use them again? So much that you use and iron on them. Wait I forgot, it doesnt matter, because it is pretty cool, huh?

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