K-POP in a Cemetery | Blood, Sweat and Tears Cover Vlog #1

K-POP in a Cemetery | Blood, Sweat and Tears Cover Vlog #1

Good morning, hahaha Let’s not speak in english, it’s exhausting. 7:38 Hi, hehe Hopefully, they’re vlogging the start of their day. So, it won’t only be me. It’s awkward. So hi guys, Goodmorning! It’s already… Let’s see.. 8:18 in the morning Today is, December 16 We’re gonna shoot our Blood, Sweat and Tears We have planned all this since July We are very sorry Very sorry.. And also, thanks for waiting. Maybe, our target is Dec 16-18 we’ll shoot. and, by Wednesday we’ll finish shooting And then, it’ll be released By Christmas maybe, or by New year Depending on Meeko’s mood. (yo, what’s wrong with my mood?) And our group. I’ll be going to them now, Bye-bye! MEK A MIRACLE! Look at who’s late bro! Look’s like I’m the one who’s late now! Our cameraman, wait, woman I mean. What? It’s very creepy I thought it was a person, It’s just a motorcycle. It’s not hitting your hair. Yeah, I know right? It’s time guys, we’ll start shooting! It’s what you’ve been waiting for! Why are you shooting in the cemetery? I don’t know about Meeko There’s a nice spot here. It’s not nice, god forbid. It looks like it’s about to rain. Bro, 2 x 1 calculate it! The dead will go down on an escalator doing this. So now guys, we’re done shooting. Throw just throw it here Elimar. Yeah, there’s a trashbin here. If someone answers out of nowhere. I’ll run away, I’ll leave you all. I’ll become The Flash

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