[K Today] BTS and ARMY all in tears (‘눈물 바다’ 방탄소년단 파이널 콘서트)

[K Today] BTS and ARMY all in tears (‘눈물 바다’ 방탄소년단 파이널 콘서트)

BTS has finished their world tour of a year and 2 months long with Seoul final concert being the last. On the 29th, there were full of fans at Seoul Jamsil Olympic main stadium to see BTS’s last concert. As it was the last concert of a long tour, many fans came around the world who loved BTS. Especially since Boy in Luv album was released during the tour, it was the first time performed at the Korea concert. Moreover, from ‘drone light show’ which was first performed in Korea, fancy stage performances, and shows that reminded of fireworks! The concert was full of things to watch for the whole three hours. By the end of the concert, BTS started to show tears as they thanked ARMY. RM/”Wish there was a better word than love but I really love you all” As RM spoke, not only BTS members but also ARMYs shed tears in the stadium. “Thanks to ARMY that we were able to come till here” BTS thanked ARMY and expressed their love towards them! Because BTS and ARMY’s love was full everywhere, the finale concert of the world tour was able to shine brighter.

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  1. I am absent minded..I can’t believe love yourself era is over…but I am also so proud of our boys..they have gone through so much to get to where they are..they deserve everything..can’t wait till next era???I purple u BTS and fellow army?

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