Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) /Sweat with Kayla | Beginner Training Week 1

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) /Sweat with Kayla | Beginner Training Week 1

oh man, Whew! Alright guys, I just got back from doing that first workout Today I did the leg resistance workout and it was intense! Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Fitness Program and Sweat with Kayla App. Week One Week 1 of my weight loss and fitness journey To further explain it, Kayla’s workouts are interval workouts So there are two(2) circuits Each circuit is seven (7) minutes and there are four (4) workouts in each circuit So you do all the workouts, all four (4) workouts and you repeat that as many times as you can within the seven (7) minutes and her app actually has a timer that counts down for you. After circuit one (1) you go into a thirty (30) second break when you can get a sip of water and get a little break before circuit two (2) starts and then after thirty (30) seconds circuit two (2) automatically starts and there are four (4) more workouts within circuit two (2) and the same thing happens, You’re going to try to do the workouts in the order of that circuit as many times as you can within the seven (7) minutes that are allotted to you So after completing circuit one (1) and circuit two (2) you have another thirty (30) second break Then it starts over to circuit one (1) for another seven (7) minutes Thirty (30) second break and then the last circuit is circuit two (2) for another seven (7) minutes After that you go into a cool down which she pretty much walks you through about 8 stretches (these vary depending on which workout you do that day) But I will say… It’s kind of deceiving because her app is so beautiful It’s like pink and all this stuff Then you see four (4) workouts and you only see four (4) at a time Because each circuit is only four (4) workouts So you’re like “Oh, I got this!” and then as you’re going through these circuits, like half way through I was dying! and I was like “I can’t believe I have another two (2) more circuits to do!” But I’m glad that it kicked my butt because that is exactly what I need! This is only week one (1). I’m pretty sure the workouts get more intense with each week! So I’m kind of nervous to see what the future has in store for these workouts but I feel awesome that I got it done! So tomorrow is a cardio day. There are two (2) styles of cardio in this program. One is LISS, which stands for Low Intensity Steady State An example that they have in here is walking So you can either walk or jog for thirty (30) to forty-five (45) minutes within the LISS or Liss workout Whereas the HIIT workout, the High Intensity Interval Training, an example of that is sprint training So you would do thirty (30) seconds of sprint immediately followed by thirty (30) seconds of walk or a rest period and you do that for about 15 to 20 minutes So I’m going to go ahead and get dinner started I’ve already eaten breakfast and lunch For breakfast I had a hard boiled egg with an apple and some muesli toast and then for lunch I had a Chicken, cheese, and bean quesadilla with some guacamole And then for dinner… So good! Okay, I’m going to go finish this That was dinner tonight! I’ll show you what I have for breakfast tomorrow Alright, peace out! Alright guys, as embarrassing as this is, here is my “before” Day 2 Breakfast- Engine 2 Plant-Strong Cereal with Bananas, Cashew Milk, and dash of cinnamon accompanied by a cup of coffee and unsweetened almond milk creamer Day 2 Lunch- Leftover White Fish and Brown Rice Burrito Day 2 Dinner- Basil Chicken Stir-fry with Brown Jasmine Rice Day 3 Breakfast- Soft-boiled Egg, Muesli Bread, and an apple with coffee Day 3 Lunch- Tuna and Cheddar Sandwich Kayla Itsines Sweat With Kayla App IOS Knee Push Ups Leg raises Toe Taps Plank Lay Down Push Up Tricep Dips Ab Bikes Straight Leg Sit Ups Cool Down So that was the arms and abs resistance workout Just finished it Here is the completion page My arms are shaking! Next it’ll ask you if you want to take a “Sweaty Selfie” Take selfie That workout was harder than I thought! There wasn’t much cardio. I expected to sweat more. But I didn’t really sweat too much. But I will say there are a lot of push up motions And after the second circuit, I started feeling it and it was really intense! and same with the abs I think I had a little bit of heartburn so that didn’t help the workout Especially doing abs and arms. which are kind of core muscles I should have eaten a little bit better today. I had that tuna sandwich which wasn’t bad But I just over ate Overall I am pretty happy with the workout I wish I would have pushed myself a little bit harder But you know, you can’t win them all I’m just glad that I did it! Day 3 Dinner- Seared Chicken Cutlet with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes Day 4 Breakfast- 3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes with Almond Butter and Black Coffee Day 4 Lunch- Indian Buffet 😅 Hey guys! So I did not blog yesterday. I also did not workout yesterday so I am kind of disappointed in myself with that The eating plan that I am doing with these workouts, I am not too particular about it. Eating is a huge part of my life. I’m a huge foodie. And I don’t want to give up all too much to do this program So I made it so that once or twice a week I can go out to eat and enjoy myself with my friends and family With that being said, we ended up going to this really really amazing restaurant we had never been to last night and ended up getting fried chicken It was amazing comfort food and it was really good but it was definitely not part of the eating program that I would like to do. This morning we ended up actually having our leftovers from last night because we had three pieces of chicken left and they were so good and I didn’t want to waste them So I ended up just putting those in the oven and eating them with eggs and potatoes Today I was going to do the cardio that I was suppose to do yesterday the only thing is I have a meeting with one of my girl friends We’re going to go rock climbing and I’ve never gone rock climbing before I wanted to get the cardio session in before we did that but I’m still sore from the arms and abs workout I don’t want my legs to be as well I don’t want them to be weak when I’m trying to climb especially since it’s my first time So I decided to not do the cardio today before I go rock climbing Vertical Endeavors Minneapolis Minnesota Rock Wall We are rock climbing today! kind of nervous! I’ve never done this before! Haha this is hard! I don’t know how to go down! Dude we just climbed up for the first time So we went all the way up there Say “hi”, Danielle! Danielle: “Hi!” Hey guys! So, it is Monday which means this is the seventh (7th) day of the first (1st) week of the Bikini Body Guide (BBG)/Sweat Program I am actually a bit behind from the weekend I didn’t get a chance to really work out I think I’m about three (3) workouts behind Today is the last day. I have one (1) full body resistance workout left. and I have two (2) cardios I think what I’m going to do is try to get a cardio in sometime during the first part of the day And then later this evening get the resistance workout in. Eating this weekend wasn’t that great either I like to allow myself one (1) or two (2) days when I can eat freely Of course, while still looking out for what I eat. My parents are in town so I ended up taking them out to eat Vietnamese food yesterday. Overall, Vietnamese food isn’t horrible but I definitely did not eat as healthy as I would like to this weekend. So this morning I just got my breakfast ready. Just something really simple I have a… soft-boiled egg here and I added some salt, pepper, and a bit of Cholula sauce And then I’m having his Muesli bread which I am in love with! I got this from Whole Foods. So that’s been my morning so far I need to catch up on working out I need to work on eating a little bit healthier I need to drink a lot of water to flush out everything that I ate this weekend! 😆 Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG)/SWEAT Program- Week One (1) Tuesday: Day 1- Leg Resistance Workout Wednesday: Day 2- LISS Cardio Workout (40 Minutes Jog) Thursday: Day 3- Arms & Abs Resistance Workout Friday: Day 4- Did Not Workout 😫 Saturday: Day 5- Rock Climbing (Non-BBG Workout) Sunday: Day 6- Did Not Workout 😫 Monday: Day 7- Whole Body Resistance Workout Thanks so much for watching! Check out these other videos! Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG)/Sweat Program Introduction Come for a walk with me and my puggle through his eyes! Let’s Socialize! Don’t forget to check us out on Social Media! Instagram: @qp.life FB: qp.life Twitter: @quynhiee Snapchat: @quynhieep Youtube: qp.life XoXo, QP.life

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  1. I really enjoyed this and listening to you 🙂 This has definitely inspired me and I look forward to your upcoming videos 🙂 I have gotten out of my work out routine (where I was going to the gym regularly,) since moving a few months ago and have been dying to get into something. I have a baby so that just throws an additional challenge into the mix! I'm going to check out your intro to her app video! I've seen her all over Instagram but never felt like I could work out this way. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xox Kaylyn

  2. cool video! That sounds like a lot of circuits but hard work pays off! I'm also on a weight loss journey! i'm a new sub, please check out my channel and sub back? 🙂

  3. I'm restarting BBG on Monday, I asolutley love the programme, I've just gotta stick with it this time haha! I love your channel! I just uploaded a new video recently and I would love if you could go check it out?x

  4. Nice vids,enjoyed watching…new subbie here, and count me in your growing channel…pls to drop by in my channel too ???

  5. hello my friend 🙂 you have a very nice movie …
    like I want to own my channel composition that you can use for their own needs,
    I cordially greet and welcome to my profile

  6. I subscribed! I'm doing this too! I did it before but only for a week lol I just had no time because of uni, but now I'm on vacations so I have a lot of time in my hands. I started today tho! Do you think that I can replace a 40 min. jog tomorrow with a dance session? I mean would that be fine? oh and do you count calories? I try not to by just eating healthy but I can't help it haha and also cause I don't need that much :/ (I'm 5'ft)

  7. Day 2 workout really kicked your but but at least you did the rock climbing, I know how it is when you cheat on your diet it so tempting. awesome vid

  8. This app looks really amazing! Been wanting to try out one of her fitness programs! Thanks for sharing your thoughts girl! By the way you are seriously so gorgeous! 🙂 I just subbed! I have a channel as well, hope you can check it out and maybe sub back! <3

  9. i start tomorrow with the bbg plan and im really exited! im not going to follow the food plan though beacuse im vegan and i dont calorie restrict but i really liked the video and the fact that you adjusted the plan in your every day life,good luck! !!!!! kisses from ARGENTINA????

  10. Love your channel! Today is my first day of BBG! I just subscribed to your channel. If you would like to be YouTube friends, I have a channel as well. Can't wait to watch more of your videos! ❤️

  11. Well done on starting this program, I've done the 12 weeks and know how hard it is!! My first workout I nearly died!! Love your channel by the way, just subscribed, hope you can support me back 🙂 x

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  13. I'm starting BBG 1 again next week to try to finish the full 12 weeks… The workout are super hard, but it's amazing how quickly you get good at them. I just started my YouTube channel too, so I'll definitely be following along with your journey! 🙂

  14. I'm so glad I found your video. I just started this week and well…I had a cheat meal. I'm glad you're realistic and honest about your journey! Best of luck! I'll be on the lookout for future videos.

  15. How many times do you train in a week? 3 or 6 days? and in day 1 circuit one and two how many times do u repeat them? I'm pretty confused. i have the book btw

  16. You can tell you worked hard! Great video! I’m very curious to know what is that black rack on the wall behind you?

  17. I had a question to ask you. i have the app and wanted to know if the exercises become more progressive each week? I'm on week 2 and the exercises are the same. But on the PDF i remember i had seen commandos and various exercises in the first week which i don't see on the first week of the app. And is BBG 2 the same as BBG stronger?

  18. Came for the BBG review, left wanting to know how you made that delicious looking meat and onion stir fry?!! And then the next day it looks like there is one with Thai basil in it?? They look sooooo good

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