Kettlebell Sweat Workout For Home Fitness I 40 Minute Class With Music By 2FitnessLovers

Kettlebell Sweat Workout For Home Fitness I 40 Minute Class With Music By 2FitnessLovers

Hey, welcome to my kettlebell class! Today I’m using only one kettlebell but, if you have more variation at home or
wherever you are doing this workout, you can choose a little bit lighter
kettlebell when we start the warm-up. Let’s start the warm-up! Chest lifted, knees little bit soft and let’s start the swing the kettlebell! easy swing, keep your core tight. Remember you are the boss not
kettlebell. You are controlling the movement. Check here now that you are not rotating, control control control. A little bit more. Great, then change your crib – goblet. Let’s swing the kettlebell up, on your chest and down. Remember to swinging it up,
and then bring it on your chest, not lifting – swinging. Remember to breathe, exhale – chest. Few more. Great, then around the world. Start to do
circles. Again here keep your chest lifted. And work with your core, keep your core
tight. Change the direction. And check that your knees are a little bit soft. and just chest lifted. Great, open your legs little bit wider,
let’s do a deadlift and upright rows. Knees a little bit soft. Back is getting warm and the shoulders are
getting warm, and feeling my hamstrings already. Here again, remember work with your core
as well , and check that your upper back is not rounding. Great , then one-arm swing and bring it to
your chest. Try to bring it softly on your chest, that it’s not bouncing the kettlebell. And don’t round your upper back. Switch it to the other side. Few more. And soon we are done with the warmup. Great, last movement easy swing. And then we are ready to start the
actual training. Drive from your hips. Few more swings and then it’s time to
start. If you have more variation, you can take a bit heavier kettlebell
or stay with the same weight. Last one. We have the swing with the
kettlebell, let’s start with the first set. One minute,
swing and bring it to your chest. We do one minute each side, and then we are always
adding a bit more. So, in the end, we have a nice set. Exercises that are targeting
the biggest muscle groups. Great other side, continue right away. Here no break between. Remember to breath. And remember to
swing the kettlebell. A little bit more and we switch again the kettlebell, But between you get a little break. 30 seconds break. One more, great! 30 seconds break. Next, we do exactly the same, when we bring the kettlebell
up, here then we squat down and up, and we swing again. So we are just adding squat
both sides. Great shake your arms, lift the kettlebell. And we are starting now. Bring the kettlebell on your chest. Squat swing again, squat. One minute. Halfway. I’m starting to sweat already. 10 seconds and we switch. Now without break. Great, let’s switch, the same thing. Squat down, now do the squats enough deep! Then you really activate your glutes to
work. A little bit more. Check now that your knee and toe are
pointing in the same direction. Last one’s. A little break and we continue. Next, we are continuing the swings and
then we do the shoulder press-up. 15 seconds. And again we do both
sides but now a bit shorter time 45 seconds. Grab the kettlebell and here
we go. Bring it on your chest, up, chest, swing. Here if you are using a little bit
heavier kettlebell, you can as well use your legs. At least for now, I’m able
to do this with this without help from my legs. Concentrate on your body posture. How is it going? One more press up and then the other side. I think you’re doing right there! 15 seconds more and then we have 30
seconds break. Staring to feel my shoulder is working nicely Great time! 30 seconds break. Then we are putting all this exercise that we just did together. We do swing, shoulder press, and squat. Swing shoulder press and squat, logical
set. 5 seconds 1 minute each the side. Take the kettlebell, and we swing, we do
shoulder press and we squat. We swing we do shoulder press and squat. A little bit more. Last one and switch, starting right away. Remember you are allowed to use here as
well, your legs if it’s getting too heavy. I think now I forgot to
squat between. Hey, we are more than halfway. After this you get a bit longer
break. 15 seconds. And time! Last squat, great little break,
one-minute break. We are starting with the same
exercise we did in a warm-up. Swing up, then on your chest
and then swing again. We do that one minute. Now check that your grip is
correct, goblet grip. We are starting, up, chest
swing. Remember here to swing, and not lift the kettlebell up. That might be a bit too heavy plus maybe not so good for the joints. Halfway. We have again quite a logical set. Next round we are just adding one push between. You make the upper body
work. You have 30 seconds break in 5 seconds. Next round we
just add one push between. Shake your arms, shake your legs. 10 seconds. Remember to breath, don’t hold your
breath. Right, let’s swing the kettlebell up, on
your chest, push, chest, swing. How is it going? Remember here to swing the kettlebell up. About 15 seconds to go..10… Then you have
a little break. Break! Next, we are doing exactly the same swing but without the press up. Instead, we are doing a deep squat. Take the kettlebell, it’s time
to go. Let’s swing it up on your chest, squat and swing. You maybe hear me breathing, 15 seconds to go and then we have a break again. And then surprisingly we put all
these exercises together. Time! A little break, so next we swing kettlebell on our chest, we push it up, down, and we squat. Just follow my lead,
and you don’t have to worry about that. Let’s go, bring the kettlebell up, on your
chest, press up, squat and swing. When you swing remember to use your glutes. So glutes are working as well. And squat. 20 seconds to go. Last one. Break! Drink water if you have. We have still two major sets supersets
left. And then we are doing a little bit core
and then we are done. So what we are gonna do next… You can take the kettlebell up and
start with me. We take lunge down, and we press the kettlebell up and we
come back. And back! Think about that is like
explosive step, that you take back. If the shoulder press is too hard, you can do only lunges. And separate the shoulder press
or leave it out. This set is only 45 seconds. Keep your back straight,
take enough long step. The last one, a little break between. We continue this as well
with the other side. Exactly the same thing, 10 seconds. I hope you are
sweating as well, I’m not the only one. Great bring the kettlebell on your chest
and lunge front and back. The opposite leg is going front. Last one and break! We switch the side again. Now we do the whole movement at the same time. So when we take the step front, we push the same time the kettlebell up. If it’s too challenging you can continue exactly this what we did, or you can join
me. Alright, time is starting, so we go front
and back. I If it feels too challenging to go so deep down, you can as well take not
so deep lunges, but if you really want to make your lower body to work, glutes to work, come down with me! 45 seconds we do and then we have a
little break. 5 seconds, one more time. do one more
great and break. Then exactly the same thing to the other side, same time going down with the legs and pressing the kettlebell up. 15 seconds. Are you ready? Take the kettlebell, time is starting now. 15 seconds to go. last one and break. Shake your arms, shake your legs. Great we have last set here standing
left, so what we are gonna do, we are doing sumo deadlifts. Here check that
your knees are soft but not squatting. And then we do the upright row and then
putting the set together and that’s it! So let’s start, bring the kettlebell down, and check now that you have more weight on your heels. and keep your upper back straight. Now if you have heavier options, use a heavier kettlebell. Big muscles working, hamstring glutes and your back. 15 seconds and then we continue
right away upright row, we do 45 seconds upright row, and then we put
these two moments together. Upright row, check that your elbows are
leading. The chest is lifted, exhale in exhale. In this set, we don’t have a break. 15 seconds. Ten… Last one, and the sumo deadlift. Go down, shoulder upright row, sorry! Talking nonsense already. Now really concentrate on your back position, don’t round your upper back. Activate
your shoulder blades. 30 seconds to go. And then we do
a bit more core and stretching, and cool down. 15 seconds. Last one, great and little break. Prepare that we are going down on the mat. We are starting with the sit-up and
rotation. Bring the kettlebell up, go down, bring the kettlebell up again on
your chest and rotation, touching the kettlebell on the floor. try to do big rotation, bring it on your chest and lift it up, and roll down. Up, chest and rotation. My kettlebell is starting to be already a bit slippery. We have a few more. Let’s do one
more time. Great, now you can have a little break. I show you the next one. Hug your knees,
bring the knees between your arms and then come up again. If this is too challenging, you don’t have to go so down with the legs. You can as well just leave
the legs out, exhale inhale. Hold here a few seconds. Control your lower back, you can as well do with one leg, if it’s starting to get too
challenging, bring only one leg front. 3 more, now let’s make our abs to
work. The last one, hold, three two one, slowly bring the kettlebell down. hey don’t go anywhere, stay with me for a little
cool down stretch. Try to make your body as long as possible. Then hug your knees and roll a
a little bit up and down. Round your back. Great, bring the boat knees down. Stretch for the lower back. keep the elbow down and try to keep your upper back against the mat as well. I am a little bit stiff,
this is my morning workout. Hug your knees again and bring it to the other side. Great, then stretch for the butt, either
hands around all the way around on your shin. Hands all the way around
front or if this is too challenging you, can as well put your hands between the
calf and hamstring. Or just hug the knee. Short stretch, bring
the whole package down and lift this leg, upper leg up and pump a little bit up
and down. Loosen up, the other side first the glutes, butt. You did a great job, you can be proud of
yourself. This was a tough class. If you’re a beginner, use a little bit lighter weight. If you are advanced, variate. And bring the leg straight and pump. And shake your legs, turn around on your
belly. Arm straight and rotate. Nice stretch for the chest, shoulder. I feel my upper back as well. I was playing yesterday tennnis… Rotate to the other side. Come back in the middle, lift yourself up. Stay on your elbows if this feels too challenging. And then up, walking a bit more back. Try to push your heels down. Go all the way up, Relax your neck, cross your arms and
straighten your legs. Relax your arms. And go all the way up and straighten your
arms. And relax and do easy rotation. Arms up and
down. Thank you so much for joining my class, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope to see
you soon again. If you liked the video, please leave feedback. Comments, like. thank you so much have a lovely day, wherever you are located, bye bye!

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