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  1. By the way if you haven’t already watched both episodes of this drama but thinking of watching it, you should have a lot of tissues ready cause if you’re an emotional person like me, you’re gonna need them

  2. Even im already crying in episode 1 😂😂😂

    She back to the human form
    He fall in love again with her
    His wife wanted to divorce him
    But sees Yuri with her daughter make her upset
    He divorce her wife
    His ex wife be the antagonist
    At the last day of reincarnation she find her place to be back permanently
    They had a happy live ever after
    Trust me, Kdrama it's all about that….

  3. She has mama aura already.. Since she is a mother right.. But her Clotche ini first episode is still make her looks so wowww!! Charming asal always.. Hope you marriage is everything lasting kim Tae Hee shiiii

  4. Seriously, i was just planning to check out (see some scenes) the 1st episode and I ended up crying and watching the whole eps instead. To study vs. Kdrama Struggle is real… 😂

  5. I have a feeling that this series will leave me bawling in the end. 💔😢 Will wait for all of the episodes before I binge watch.

  6. came here because knetz are comparing this series to the 49 days drama but i’m telling yall that IT’S SO DIFFERENT. sure, she came back to life but there are only 2 episodes but i can tell the plotline is really different. i’m not gonna go into details cuz i dont wanna give out spoilers but pls let’s support this drama 😭🥺

  7. I mean she's Kim Tae Hee, who would take more than 3 seconds to fall in love with her 🤣 I'm a straight girl and I don't 🖖

  8. I finished 2 eps of this drama and i loved this drama it made me cry,laugh,smile and sae woo she is such a cute little girl….

  9. And to think that this woman is considered as the number one actress of koreans she's so beautiful and talented Rain you're so lucky

  10. I thinks he perfectly fit in characters like this.serious characters does not suit him.i really liked him in prison playbook as Looney.😘

  11. i was so happy to hear Oh Wonder in a kdrama but tbh the song lyrics don't fit well with the clip. "Never thought I'd be happy to see you with somebody new" when she hasn't even died yet hahaha

  12. Really wasn't expecting to hear Oh Wonder.
    I've also noticed so far a lot of the songs played their titles contain the word Happy 🤔

  13. I remember him in prison playbook! I really love his character! But I was disappointed with the end of this role. It still hurt.

  14. From stair way to heaven drama i really dont like kim tae hee and i dont even watch her film till that…. But this series, i am really going to watch…

  15. I bet rain oppa kinda jealous their love vid in here. BUT I WANNA KNOW THAT OST SO MUCH!!.. It lingering in my mind since the first day of ep 1 aired.

  16. When some people started dating at college when I cant even hang out with my friends cause im busy studying 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Her visual tho, i cant stop praising her beauty while watching this drama. KTH and SHK's visual are just on another level. No actress from the current generation can compete with them when it comes to beauty

  18. I can't get over this. It's exactly like watching the highlight reel of someone's life. You don't look back on the work and job you did, you looked back on the life you lived during your spare time.

  19. The moments they recall back tae hee memories are like a TV commercial. The level of drama on Netflix is on another levels

  20. My looney and kim taehee omg shocking pair but believe me they are so cute ❤❤❤❤❤ And looney is not looney anymore 😆😆😆😆😆

  21. I’m scared to watch this drama because I know it’s gonna year at my heart. It’s already fragile enough after CLOY

  22. Oh my god the first two episodes are so strong they made me cry so much, I can't even imagine what the finale would be like

  23. What am i going to do when the first episode looks like an ending we deserved. They met, fell in love, dated, married. All those things should be how it ended. Not how it started….

  24. I already watched first two episodes and i love it. It really emotional how you could lose someone. Even more harder to let it go of those feelings right away.

  25. I still remember his two most contrasting and antagonistic roles ever!

    Looney in prison playbook.
    Soul-Broken Murderer in Forest of secrets.

    He is one of the most talented actors I admire a lot.

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