KUWTK | Kourtney & Kim Kardashian Take a Sweat Test | E!

KUWTK | Kourtney & Kim Kardashian Take a Sweat Test | E!

>>KIM: Okay. So these are the
vials that they sent. We have to collect sweat.
Go in the sauna. Definitely, if we’re even in the
robes, we’ll sweat even more.>>JONATHAN: Are you sure that
we’re gonna get enough sweat? I feel like we have to, like…
You’d have to squeeze me out to get to fill this in.
>>KOURTNEY: Gluten with a sweat test.
>>KIM: Yeah.>>KOURTNEY: I’ve never heard of
it.>>KIM: It’s to get all your,
like, levels, and it tests, like, your arsenic.
>>KOURTNEY: I’ve never heard of a sweat test and it just sounds
gross, but we do some pretty crazy things to get the
information we need, especially when it comes to, like, beauty
and health. So I am definitely willing to
do Kim’s test to prove that I’m healthier.
>>JONATHAN: Oh, (bleep). This is fun.
>>KIM: I’ve never been in here.>>JONATHAN: This is so weird.
>>KOURTNEY: You’re collecting sweat already?
>>JONATHAN: I’m sweating already, which is great.>>KIM: I feel like my legs are
sweating.>>JONATHAN: I feel like a
freaking pig.>>KOURTNEY: Yeah.
>>KIM: Your face is bright red.>>JONATHAN: I’m (bleep)ing
going down. I think this is good enough.
Ugh, it looks like cloudy sweat.>>KIM: Ew!
>>KOURTNEY: That’s… I can’t even look.
>>KIM: That is disgusting.>>KOURTNEY: I’m ready to get
out of here.>>JONATHAN: You ready?
>>KOURTNEY: Yeah.>>JONATHAN: I’m done, too.
Come on. Let’s go.>>KOURTNEY: This is insane.
I’ve got about three drops.>>JONATHAN: I think this test
is a goof.>>KOURTNEY: Enjoy.
>>JONATHAN: Here, Kim. Take our sweat.
>>KOURTNEY: At least we’re not drinking it, guys.
>>JONATHAN: I think your-your (bleep) poisoned with makeup.
>>KOURTNEY: So, if we’re gonna do this, let’s just all get the
real test.>>KIM: What is the real test?
>>JONATHAN: Wasn’t this the real test?
>>KOURTNEY: I’ll ask my doctor. But I don’t want to take false
results from, like, sweat mixed with, like, makeup and spray
tan.>>KIM: Oh, I get it.
That was, like, exhausting.>>KOURTNEY: I think I
definitely need to start drinking more water.

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  1. U do a sweat test in order for example to check the chloride concentration..it is a way to check a patient for cystic fibrosis..why they did that?

  2. Whenever I feel like I've made a wrong choice I simply remind myself of Jonathan's face and life doesn't seem so bad anymore.

  3. I have a crush on Kourtney, but I'm torn between her & Kris. Kris Jenner is one cute mother!! I don't know who I love the best.

  4. Okay. So im from Finland and its really really funny to look them drinking so much water and complaining about sweating. Like i dont even drink or sweat in sauna😂and Ur supposed to take a shower before sauna, just saying.

  5. Jonathan looks so snatched and plucked it's not even funny at this point and this was were Bruce was before he transitioned is Jonathan next will we be seeing julie coming for Caitlyn's crown

  6. I knew I guy with a really feminine voice and mannerism but he wasn't gay. It happens. It could be he was raised with women or something…

  7. I love how they always go on about how busy they are. Yeah, people who are that busy really have time to do this crap.

  8. When I got in the sauna, my necklace got very hot, I had to take it off-so no metal in sauna for me for sure. How come Kourtney had hers still on?

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