LANY “Thru These Tears” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

LANY “Thru These Tears” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I think there’s something like scientific
or chemical attached to crying. I was just completely alone in my car very
late at night, pulled my car over crying and then I had that moment of clarity that was
like, dude you are gonna be okay. You know you’re gonna be okay. You just can’t see it right now and I just
feel like in that moment, I had such a vision for where I was taking the next song. I can’t explain it. Sometimes people think that like heartbreak
is so generic and there’s only one emotion but I mean there are so many nuances. You basically are faced with two outcomes. You’re either going to get through it or you’re
not going to get through it and I think we all do want to move past that hurt and that
pain so that’s a conversation almost like an inward conversation You share a moment with somebody a song with
somebody, you know, like an experience with somebody of course that’s gonna remind you
every time you pass that or hear that song or you know pass that park or past that beach
or like you know. Your friends always you know kind of ask hey
what’s up and what happened and so it’s just you know the beginning stages of that is always
a little uncomfortable and nerve racking and can give you a bit of anxiety. For a while I was waking up and every day it hurt a little bit more People had these like weird equations they’d
be like, however long you were with somebody divided by two. Like you take that in half and that’s how
long it’s gonna take or some people like well however many months you were with somebody
that’s how many months it’s gonna take. There was a day where I woke up and it, for
the first time, it didn’t hurt as much I hope that I go through life. I hope that I don’t carry a lot of baggage. I hope that I’m really good at … I do think
the way that you end one season is how you enter another one and I try to do that as
well as I can. I’m not a perfect person obviously. I think it’s my responsibility to make sure
that every new door that I walk through or new season that I walk into that I leave things
in the past and I don’t carry them. I can bring the good but leave the bad and
yeah I think that memories can disappear. Sometimes when you’re not sure why something
ended and you can’t explain it and everything looked right on paper and it just kind of
crumbled right in front of you and you don’t know why, I think your head can spin and you
can start assuming and guessing and then blaming yourself or blaming them or you know, your
mind can run crazy. It might but that obviously is an empty way
to live Kind of explaining that side of the story
was also just kind of like a beautiful color in the picture that I was painting. It can be confusing as well. It’s like, it’s over but then you’re upset
that it’s over and I’m upset that it’s over why is it over, but it is. I thought that was such a beautiful moment
in the song because I’m talking about how I’m dealing with it but then it’s almost like
a flashback to one of the last memories and kind of frames in my mind You have this whole song with this really
established chorus that the listener knows and then at the very end you use the same
melody but it’s a completely different. Like it just as this last final thought. My vision isn’t clear. What we had and who we were was, but right
now I can’t see anything. I can’t see nothing through these tears. I thought that was such a clever way to kind
of tie in the literal and what would you call that, like the metaphorical ideas of this.

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  1. im so mad this masterpiece just get 218k views while the backpack kid, lele, gabbie, get like millions. dang it internet.

  2. Oh love, I feel so sad knowing that you went through all that heartbreak. But grateful at the same time, we wouldn't have all this great song if not for those experiences.

  3. guys it's not a bad thing that one day lany will blow up and be a lot appreciated than today the only
    bad thing is that people will like them only because they're famous :"(

  4. Now I'm going through what he went through. I wake up every morning and the first thing I think about is him and why it ended but I'm sure it will hurt less little by little. There are so many songs that remind me of him and it's too painful to listen to them now but I know I'll be ok. I hope everyone going through this right now read this and know that they're not alone.

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