Lazy Day Outfit Ideas! ⭐️ How to Put Together Outfits!

Lazy Day Outfit Ideas! ⭐️ How to Put Together Outfits!

Some days I don’t want to put a lot of effort into the way I look, I just want to put on some clothes and get out of the house! There’s definitely a formula to look effortless and stylish at the same time without putting in too much effort So in today’s video I thought be fun to share with you my lazy day outfit ideas. So I hope you guys enjoy my powder put together outfit series. If you do be sure to check out episode one I’ll have it linked over here and down below. So without further ado. Let’s get started Winter time is one of my favorite seasons because I don’t have to shave my legs And I to live in sweater dresses to dress up the sweater dress, which is looking a little bit on the plain side I’m going to add on a hat Let’s ignore my pasty pale legs going to put on some black pantyhose I think that’s a really easy way to Jazz up this outfit and now I’m going to add on some ankle booties These ones have a velvet texture to it, which is perfect for the fall winter season I’m Smart now I’m going to layer on top this black shearling coat on the inside is lined with the shearling On the outside. It’s a black felt material and it really like the way that does coat ties in with my hat and my shoes When in doubt put on a black turtleneck lately I’ve been really into a more modest silhouette and this is just perfect This one is from ever Lane and it’s a super soft cashmere material. This turtleneck. Sweater is super boxy So I’m going to tuck it into my jeans So now that we have it tucked in. I’m going to add this animal print belt I am not really sure if this is cheetah or leopard print comment down below and help your girl out because I’m not really sure but I decided to pair it with these nude pumps that you’re going for a super casual Look, why not go for a pair of black boots, but I think this definitely elevates that lazy look Whenever having a bad hair day, like super flat hair, I like to hide it with a hat So this one is my new favorite bigger boy. Hat. It matches my lipstick Plus. No one will know. I have greasy hair underneath Here is my all-time Favorite super casual outfit it’s a graphic teen paired with some nice denim and sneakers Loose oversized sweaters are so incredibly comfortable But sometimes you can look like a sack of potatoes and we’re trying to avoid that So we want to look like a sexy french fry and in my first episode I talked about my love for sweaters and I love how oversized this one is It’s perfect for lazy girls in case you want to go bra free and you don’t want to wear anything underneath for this outfit I made sure to wear some skinny jeans and some over-the-knee boots just to keep everything more streamlined and slim I Talked about this houses Talk about this half zip. Please pull over from other Lane and my stories the other day And I thought why not be chat in this video? It’s made out of a hundred percent recycled materials So it’s super sustainable for the earth. So there’s this little elastic core that you could pull to cinch in the Waistline and then there’s also pockets Spice it up with a scarf. So I’m going to fold this in half Yeah, I like this a lot it’s super cute adds a nice pop of color to my plain beige outfit So if you enjoyed today’s video be sure to share it with a friend It definitely helps me out and hopefully can help out your friend as well So be sure to follow me on instagram at fashion by Ali it would seriously make my day if you did Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time. Bye

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  1. Early!!! Omg the number of times you’ve saved me with ur outfits !!!!! ❤️?❤️?

    Ilysm ! Ty for liking my comment

  2. Happy 2019!! Let’s kick off the new year with a few lazy girl outfit ideas! And if dressing well is on your resolution list, check out my How to Find Your Personal Style Video!

    Comment ??? after you read this!

  3. I always love your videos ??? However in our weather here in the Philippines the seasons are only either sunny or rainy. ??? Will probably wait for your summer videos to finally incorporate new hacks on my outfits.

  4. The only problem is that we're I live the winter is freaking ass cold and I could never wear a sweater dress with tights. I would freeze to death ?

  5. Hey ally! I really like your videos! Was wondering if you could make a video on how to style pattern bottoms that aren't necessarily skinny or non Jean material pants? Ex: pinstripe jeans, burnt orange corduroy pants. Idk, maybe I'm being too crazy with fashion in my mind rn lol

  6. Ally!! Sometimes I'm thinking why am I soo lazy and not like you…
    But the bottom line is that I love all your vlogs

  7. Yes to the video on sustainable fashion! I always get so nervous about going braless, but this made me feel so much better about it!

  8. All of the ideas in voting "what video should i so next" please do all of theese video ideas. Love you and your channel ,??

  9. Love this! So helpful!! I have been wondering how to tuck in your oversized sweaters and long shirts just in the front, but keep the sides from looking weird?

  10. 2:07 Cheetah print is just a black dot. Leopard print is an open black ring, and a Jaguar print looks similar to a leopard print, only it has a black spot in the center of the ring. 🙂

  11. When I dress like that and call it a lazy casual look , people always look at me and tell me “ you call that casual ??” and casual doesn’t always mean wearing sweatpants and sneakers ?

  12. Jejeje i think im more lazy than you; I would never wear hills in my lazy days, maybe just #3 and big sweaters, thank you ?

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