Life in Med School: Day Before the half marathon! | vlogmas

Life in Med School: Day Before the half marathon! | vlogmas

Good morning everyone welcome to another episode
of vlogmas today I’m gonna be making my favorite breakfast- I’m gonna make matcha latte and
some avocado toast. So today I am filming my Favorite Shoes in
Medical School video and I am featuring all these great shoes here and I’m also featuring
these three winter boots that I talked about in my Instastory few weeks ago maybe a week
ago and I’ve gotten a lot of questions so make sure to check out the video if you guys
have any questions about what shoes I wore to interviews and for med school, hospital,
scrubs, and all that it’s gonna be going live within couple days of this video. And as always Candy has kept me company through
this whole filming process. very sweet So time has run out Let’s go Hey guys so I’m headed downtown to pick up my race packet for this Sunday. This Sunday is my half marathon so just heading
down to Paragon Sports. I think that’s where they’re going to have
the pre-race packets. The packet pick up is downstairs thank you! What do you think salted watermelon tastes
like? Today, it’s snowing for the first time this
year! snowing so much! I am headed out to run some errands right
now. Just gonna do a quick kind of boring outfit
check in but wearing the Strive sweatshirt, these Madewell jeans, these flat boots that
I’m always wearing, and this parka from J.Crew. Like I said, I’m gonna head out to run some
errands and probably find a cafe to do some work so I will see you guys there! So it’s night time. it’s still snowing. it’s actually not night time, it’s like 5pm
but it’s like so dark out but it’s still snowing and road condition isn’t so great and I’m
a little worried because tomorrow is supposed to be my half marathon and I don’t know if
it’s gonna happen in this weather but anyway we’re headed to like a sporting goods store
to buy warm leggings for bae because I think he only has shorts usually if it’s like a
mild winter day running in shorts is still doable like I just run in my regular leggings
but if it’s like freezing which I think it’s gonna be tomorrow running in shorts is definitely
not recommended so we’re headed out to get some warm running gear Are you finding everything you need, sir? why are we running in the cold?
because we signed up for it We’re here at Uniqlo
Video: “Inhale, reach for the sky~” So I just got some dinner delivered I guess
I could have cooked myself anyway I am carbing up before my run tomorrow if it happens. if not, I’m just having a really carby dinner
Got this pasta with clam sauce and you got fettuccine alfredo and after I eat I’m gonna
work on my playlist for tomorrow and probably call it a night. *music* I am picking music for my playlist tomorrow *more music* nah all right~ I’m doing a face mask if you guys can see
and I just thought this headband thing that I got from Korea few years ago was so cute
it looks like a snapchat filter so anyway I just wanted to close the vlog and thank
you guys for watching so hope you guys are enjoying vlogmas so far I can’t believe it’s
almost halfway over I’m gonna head to bed soon so I will see you guys tomorrow! bye!

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  1. hey jaime…random, but can you make a video of how you organize and manage any printed documents (personal, medical school related etc.) what tools do you use, specific filing system. your desk always looks clean and I cannot manage keeping mine free of assignments and paper clutter. thank you. That playlist tho…reminiscing

  2. I run like everyday. Got 1hr and 35(15 min. Jog./ 35 min walk/ 15 Min jog/ 15 Min walk/ 15 Min jog) minutes in tonight. I run at night at home on days that I don't go to the gym. My running routine (@ the gym is different. I do 1100 calories total in two tries and It took me 1hr and 30 minutes @ the gym to get it done, it ain't easy but it's really fun) is a Good workout and I'm always successful at it because I read books to stay patient with running. I set a goal which I set out to do it and I've done it many times. Some days I come short. I said I was going to do 1100 calories for this one night and only done 1000 calories because I've ran out of time. It takes losses before you can succeed in the future.

  3. May you do a sale for your sweatshirts for one of the vlogmas day?
    I'd love to buy one or two lol for more school motivation ??

  4. Loved this video! You’re so inspiring!! What’s your Spotify name ? Your taste in music seems to be very great ??

  5. Hey guys! A lot of you guys requested the half marathon playlist I made so here it is: Hope you guys enjoy!

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