Louise’s Painful Skin Condition | Save My Skin

Louise’s Painful Skin Condition | Save My Skin

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m coming up to
six months withdrawal, and things are not as good as I
thought they were going to be. Hey. Hello. I’m here to see Doctor Emma. OK, would you
like to take a seat? Thank you. It makes me feel
really sad for her that she’s put so much of her
life on hold for something that I know is not going to give
her the results that she wants. So I kind of got to the point
now where I’d quite like some help. Hi, Louise. Hello, Emma. – Hi.
– Thank you for seeing me. My pleasure. I really wanted to see you. Come with me. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is a really, really
difficult situation. When people have
such fixed beliefs, they are very difficult to
try and change their minds. And I really want to be able
to help her skin quickly with steroids, but
I’m never going to be able to use these, because
it’s something that she really, really won’t accept. You’re good. Thank you. When I saw you the last
time, the skin was quite red and was quite flared,
particularly on the face. Yeah. But this looks– this looks worse than last time. What’s happened since then? You were going to carry on with
your kind of treatment regimes because, you know, you
were still invested in it. Emotionally, it’s
been quite difficult. And I thought I’d be a
lot further on coming up to six months, and I’m
not, and I kind of want to get on with my life now. Yeah. Your problem now is not
a steroid withdrawal. Your problem now is your
eczema is kind of infected, and it’s flaring. I mean, ideally, I would love to
just give you a two-week course of steroids, a week course
of antibiotic, loads of emollient and wet wraps, and
your skin would be completely different in two weeks’ time. I wouldn’t use
topical steroids ever again, I don’t think. It just kind of makes,
like, the last six months, like, redundant. I do believe in this,
like, because I’ve done, like, endless research. I’ve seen people
recover from it. You know, the steroids that
you were using on your skin well, well, well, well, well,
well, well, well, well, gone. [CRYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] It just makes
me feel really sad and really frustrated looking
at her skin that is very severe. And, you know, we have
all of these things that we can use to help her. And I just hope
that she might start to open her mind to some of
the more conventional ways of treating her eczema. I just want to get you better
as quickly as possible. I know. I know.

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  1. Poor Beautiful Lady and I am extremely disgusted with two down thumbs up people showing on this video. She deserves care love support and sympathy as human beings not any kind of negitivity.

  2. I am proud she expose herself to everybody using television. She MUST try fasting for at least 2 weeks and see the result. Her body needs detox. This is not a skin problem, but a gut, and kidney problem, and the skin is the result.

  3. Don't feel sorry for her she's doing to herself don't know why she even went to the docter if she ain't going to take the medicine. She needs to open her eyes and look at the big benefits instead of the negetive impacts. People like this always complain but when given a sullution they then complain even more. I feel sorry for the docter she is probly fed up of the girl.

  4. Hope she try’s the French Alps Water Treatment program. That involves bathing the skin in perfect concentrations of magnesium and calcium which has shown to have life-changing results. Best of luck to her.

  5. My skin turned to a mild version of this when i became pregnant. Nothing helps. Its so painful and i cant wear makeup anymore. Its like extrem eczema that i cant get rid of.

  6. When I was in esthetics school I had a classmate with a pretty nasty case of eczema. When our instructor asked what she was doing to treat it she said “my demonologist has me go to the tanning salon for treatment.”

    Yes you read that right. She spends all of her time and money in a tanning bed…to “cure” her eczema. I looked her dead in the eye and asked her if her dermatologist got their license from a box of Cracker Jacks, because that is bullshit.

  7. I have to take pills to be 'normal' I hate them, but realise I have to take them to be as healthy as I can be. This is the case for her, she NEEDS to take steroids but chooses not to because she doesn't like them. I agree she's doing this to herself.

  8. I feel terrible sorry for her steroids have a lot side affects I hope she will find a way to get better God bless her & give her the strength that she needs 🙏💔

  9. Why can't she take the medication and just stop going and wasting the doctors time. I mean her skin is horrible. Especially her favourite

  10. Props to her she deny the steriods. She can recover without all that medication. She needs to wait it out n detox her body and focus on her adernal gland bc this is an adernal gland problem! Im currently 18 month topical steroid free and im way better than i was 2 months ago. Who ever going thru TSW your not alone!

  11. Why Life can't just be fair… Nobody chooses to be going through situations and the healthy ones kinda see it disgusting… So sad 😢

  12. Liquid topical zinc helped a friend of mine who has psoriasis eczema and some autoimmune issues. There’s gotta be some unknown factor that once considered leads you to a wholistic solution. There’s a place for both East and West

  13. Whenever I see this people I wish I could take some of their pain away, even a little bit. I sprained my finger and felt sorry for myself when I shouldn't. My boyfriend has SMA type 2 and I wish I could take all of his pain away. Life is so strange and unfair.

  14. Traditional chinese medicine was the best treatment that healed my eczema fast. I was just like her. And when I see over the course of the 5 days I received treatment which included chi gong, accupuncture, Tunia massage, dry brushing, infrared sauna, chinese herbal tea and plant based diet only for 5 days, that reversed my eczema faster than any western method did. It didnt go away in those 5 days completely but if I could have afforded to do treatment there until it was gone completely, I would have.

  15. I had eczema as a teen and used topical steroids for it. I dealt with eczema for almost a whole year but the steroids fixed it for me within weeks with no side effects. I hope she can get the hell she needs!

  16. I feel for her. I’ve been going through topical steroid withdrawal for almost 4 years now. It’s a slow and agonizing process but it’s worth it at the end. No more relying on steroids which are extremely dangerous when using long term. I was given two weeks worth of oral steroids (prednisone) for a short term solution and the rebound was so much worse! Worse thing I could have done. That’s why she is so afraid to use any steroids. Anyone that’s going through this understands. We get to a point where steroids are no longer “helping” but causing more health issues. I will never touch them again. Thankfully I was able to find a doctor that respects and understands my decision.

  17. I’ve had eczema all my life and I quit milk and it all went away . I told my mother about it because when I was very young she would treat my skin and unbeknownst to her it was the milk that was causing that to my skin . My sisters daughter also has this condition on her face and she’s been doing diluted chlorine on her face once a week and that really helped . Don’t know if her daughter had an allergy to milk though.

  18. That is so sad I can feel the pain that she going through because I also have eczema. I cry like every day because of it.

  19. I have eczema myself from infancy & it can flare up with stress, the foods you eat, sugar drink as a kids mines looked like hers as I got older it has gone down tremendously, but I still see my dermatologist on a regular, so it doesn’t flare up again. I hate that I had passed it onto my daughter.

  20. I've had eczema for 10+ years and I understand what it's like for her. Sometimes when it gets so bad you cant do anything about it no matter how many medications, creams, pills, etc. you take. Thankfully I figured out my triggers and avoid them where I only get eczema 2x a year or so, but I cant imagine what she is going through. I hope she's able to find a way to manage her eczema.

  21. But she did her research 🙄

    Why is she even bothering with a doctor??? She is complaining about how miserable she is but when she’s offered a solution she doesn’t want it.

  22. I was in the same situation, ezema etc in face and body, stopped with gluten och laktos and I got like 70% better directly

  23. As someone with moderate to severe eczema, I can tell you 1. Steroids aren't the long term answer 2. Dupixent was what changed it all for the better

    Most of those creams like aloe vera or oatmeal creams don't help the roots of the issue. Dupixent has been the only thing that has made a difference for me.

  24. Wtf is wrong with her?! Her skin is fucking horrific and the Dr is telling her that she can improve her condition massively in two weeks with certain meds. This girl (with I'm assuming no medical qualifications) goes against the drs advice thinking she knows better. Which is just ridiculous.
    Maybe in another six months,when half her face is falling off, she will finally listen to reason and accept the Dr knows far better than she does and take the prescribed meds.

    It's true, You just can't argue with stupid!

  25. She needs 2 use cold pressed black seed oil in en out. Use a mask with egg and curcuma. Clean her face with dior life oil to milk. Use dr haushka mask hydradent mask as a day cream. Eat only natural food and no diary and sugar…..

    I also eczema and now thank god its all gone.😘😍😘

  26. Omg I can feel for her! My eczema gets that bad on my hands, forearma and eye lids sometimes. I call it my rhino skin. I have a whole skin care regime now so it doesnt get to this point, so I only get little rashes all over my body in fall and spring. We can see she doesnt move her face too much. If she moves her skin it cracks the dry dead skin and bleeds, hurts quite a lot! I tried so many creams and found a cortisol cream that works miracle. I never tried steroid and I understand she's careful (ive had "good" dermatologists prescribe stuff that were very bad for me for too long too) but she needs to give it a try 😥 take care of this!!! It hurts to see her like that 💔

  27. I know she's a doctor but she's tearing this girl down! Steroid withdrawal is real and it does have drastic effects like this! I believe you Louise!!

  28. Many skin conditions are linked to gut health. Where the gut lining is damaged it will enable toxins to be absorbed. It's important to change your diet to avoid foods that damage the gut. Activated charcoal really helps as it binds to toxins.

  29. Topical steroid withdrawal is no joke. Its painful and disgusting. I lived it. It can all be prevented. I was on topical steroids for 38 years. I couldn't stop because I would go through withdrawal. Finally found dupixent and I dont know how long its been since I've used topical steroids. It used to be I couldn't go 2 days with them. Good luck to you louise ❤

  30. Lots of probiotics, gut parasite cleans and look into urine therapy. All worth a try. Skin issues are usually coming from the gut.

  31. you know you've got a beautiful face when people don't focus on skin just her perfect even features and gorgeous figure x i chose non steroidal with my lichen sclerosis. i get her

  32. Try to bathe with warmed juice of guava leaves ( boiled first for 10 mins.).. at least 10-15 minutes a day. It will goes well.

  33. Donate to this woman, not the mom who manipulates her dwarf son's situation for profit. The dwarf boy is cute and he's been on TV before. I'm sure he faces daily challenges of insecurity or forms of what he feels is bullying but this woman is not asking for money or pity, only to get well.

  34. I've had eczema my hole life and it's never looked like that..and have know people with psoriasis…this isn't it…this is a major skin infection

  35. This is TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal). Topical steroids put her in this hell. She CAN'T use them again. Visit : https://www.itsan.org
    I stopped steroids 2 years ago, the beginning is really hard but you get better. Most of the doctors won't acknowledge topical steroid addiction (TSA) because they are trained to provide a quick and "efficient" relief: topical or oral steroid will clear your skin in less than a week but then the problem will come back worse and on a larger area. Eczema doesn't get worse with time, but with steroids. We have to spread awareness.
    I thank this girl to have the guts to go in front of a camera to show people our horrendous condition. I'm afraid the purpose of the show might just to promote steroids ($$$… any pharmaceutical industry sponsorship?). For the moment, the message just seems to be "we all hope she will listen to this so understanding doctor and get back on steroids" (even for a quick period of time, to clear things up before trying another treatment, it's useless because it would just worsen the situation). I'm not blaming doctors, they do as they were taught. Researches are funded by drugs companies (one out of a trillion examples : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC156458/) How can we get out of this vicious circle ? Thank you so much Louise. I know how you suffer. Please hang in there. It's worth it. I would even say you have no other solution. Whoever is really responsible in this story made a mistake and thousands of people will pay for it as long as we keep our mouths shut.

  36. My skin is a lot similar exept it only affects my hands severely to a point of not being able to touch even water and i am in constant pain. Also It only affects me badly during summer. I understand your pain girl 😔

  37. You should try with melem, which you can find on instragram profile melem_lek, that is 100% nature, super effective, and cheep, homemade product from Serbia.🙄

  38. If I have that skin condition I will accept anything to make it better, there is a solution and she doesn’t want to do it?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  39. So she knows more than doctors? Well, I guess she will get used to getting no better, and probably getting worse. Craziness.

  40. I suffer from eczema, and I thank god everyday that I don’t have it on my face. Cause my goodness, that looks horrible. I want to feel bad for her but I don’t, she should have just done the treatment. I don’t understand why she didn’t.

  41. When my daughter was young she had very bad skin.( she is now 41)
    At that time the children's hospital in Derby England gave her steroid cream.. I asked them to test her for allergies, but at that time it wasn't heard of. She never got better only worse. It was as if the cream was actually feeding the problem. Luckily for me I spoke to an elderly gentleman and he said have you heard of herbalist Jan De vries! try him out you have nothing to lose.
    So we did , it was the best thing I ever did. Contact his practice I think he has one or more in Scotland..
    My thoughts are with you ..

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