Loved the Sweat App for Home Fitness | BuzzChomp

Loved the Sweat App for Home Fitness | BuzzChomp

You’re back. This is BuzzChomp home of
fitness and entertainment. We’ve got our review of the sweat
I’m Mandi. I’m Dan. Subscribe to BuzzChomp. Woo. We’re on our Fit mom journey. We’re on our
fit mom journey guys. Thanks for joining us here and I’m just sharing with you a
really amazing app. Sweat. She is a trainer.
She has like 10 million followers on Instagram yep yep yep and her and her
husband created this app called sweat. It’s been around for a couple years I
actually got to try it for free and post some pictures about it on my Instagram
and all that and honestly I think this is so really really great app. I’ve
downloaded other apps before like other fitness apps. This is a
subscription-based app what’s a lot of fitness apps are doing now like swork it.
I’ve talked about before I’ve tried out before instant ABS which is like instant
fitness and you can subscription this one I really like really really like.
It’s female focused. You get a month basically you can get them on for free
like you have a friend that’s using it you have me reach out next I might do a
workout a plug in your email send it to you for free for 30 days which is pretty
cool. 3 months for $1 pretty fabulous here’s the skinny on it guys. Here’s the
skinny you choose your program. Basically your program is in like 12 week
increments which is pretty cool. So you can do once it’s just home workouts
that’s the ones I’ve done so far I’ve done ones that are just home workouts
basically you work out three days a week you do one of their programs for this
week then they have suggestions for like low intensity cardio high intensity
cardio rest days resistance all these different things that you can add on. But
your goal is to work out a minimum of three days a week that’s it that talks
to you which is pretty awesome you go through a circuit it’s all circuit
training. If you go to a gym you can do the gym program so it can be like your
companion at the gym which i think is really really fabulous really fabulous
for women that like or people in general that like don’t know what they want to
do or they want to be like committed to a program. This part that’s I think it’s like fabulous. They have a post
pregnancy one which i think is awesome getting women back in it’s like all
about you’re not intimidated by work now I really really like that about the app.
Everything I highly recommend starting it and just choosing the one at home
like you can do at home if you don’t have a gym membership you can go outside
and do it you can do it in your living room you can do it in your bedroom you
can do it anywhere you can do when you’re on vacation. I love that. The
circuits even the beginner ones are high-intensity basically the workouts
are anywhere from twenty six to forty minutes so you have time within your day
either have time in the morning if you work from home at some point or if you
don’t or when you get home before you go to bed you have time to do this. I worked
out a lot every start of the program last week and damn my arms and my legs
were super super sore. It’s just it’s that high intensity it’s pushing
yourself it’s all that you can do it you can do it that’s what I really like
about this is that none of it is like stuff that you need. I think the most I
needed was a jump rope and a chair for dips. Okay so if you have an Apple watch
it pairs with your Apple watch is awesome .I don’t have an Apple watch so I
can’t review that section of the app the only thing that I would say is like when
you’re doing the workout I especially like with the yoga ones I had been doing
a lot of yoga classes on there. It counts like you finish your round and it
basically counts down to the next one but it doesn’t go. So maybe if you’re
doing the app you just switch and make maybe that’s what it’s for like the app
but the same thing like when you’re doing the circuits to go to the next one
the next one you have to click Next which is a little annoying. They’re not
throwing curveballs at you. You basically do like like round one is the same as
round 3 round 2 is the same as round 4 which is pretty pretty cool this is
pretty cool. There’s a lot of suggested workouts. I did the foam roller
workout like for one of the days and it was amazing I love foam rolling but
honestly I like get lazy about doing it I felt so open and so awesome awesome
after it despite that’s just another example of
how accessible Fitness is and how there’s no excuses. We have
no no excuses anymore you have tons of free or very low costing workouts. You
figure some gyms if you live in LA like I do those gyms are you’re not gonna
find a gym that’s $12.99 a month you’re not you’re not gonna find a trainer
that’s $12.99 a month. This is some really really awesome app it’s really
awesome I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve had no glitches like I said the
only thing is I wish it when it counted down like your 30-second rest that it
actually just moved on to the next one. Maybe it does on the Apple watch I
don’t know but otherwise I really really love it and I highly highly recommend it.
I’ll put a link in the bio so you can go ahead and find the sweat app let me know
if you’ve tried it let me know how you like it.
I’m Mandi. Subscribe to Buzzchomp for more of our fitmom journey and share with me
what is your favorite fitness app. Should I go and try it out. Yeah it yeah. We’re
on our Fit mom journey. Thanks for watching BuzzChomp. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and Share. WOO!

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