Lush Deep Dives: Don’t sweat it with aluminum-free deodorants

Lush Deep Dives: Don’t sweat it with aluminum-free deodorants

– Hey everybody, it’s Erica Vega. And I’m here today to talk about sweating. (laughs) It’s summer, it’s hot, I’m shvitzing. We need to talk about it. So we have a few things here at Lush that are really great to keep
you feeling dry and fresh. But I wanted to go a
little bit deeper than that and also talk about
antiperspirants and deodorants and stuff like that, too. So we have deodorants at Lush. We don’t have antiperspirants. So I wanted to explain a little bit about what that is so you know. Antiperspirants are products
that keep you from sweating. And so those usually
contain aluminum salts which get into the skin and
the pH will actually change and swell up those aluminium salts to kind of plug the sweat glands. So it’s your body is still producing sweat, and the toxins that leave with your sweat, but with antiperspirants
it’s blocking that from escaping the body. So we believe that the
skin should function in a natural and healthy way, and sweating is part of that. Sweating is important for your body. It is not only a way
to cool yourself down, but it’s also a way to eliminate toxins from your body, and we want to make sure that those toxins can get out. So sweating can really help to do that. But of course, with sweat
comes a little bit of odor as well, and so we want to
make sure that we address that while still letting your body function in that natural, healthy way. So at Lush we sell deodorant. We don’t sell antiperspirant. So let me just explain the
difference between the two. So again, antiperspirants
have those aluminum salts that plug the sweat glands, that prevent sweat from escaping. Whereas deodorants are going to help to tighten up the pores
as much as possible, have some antibacterial
ingredients in there to keep bacteria at bay, and then also to absorb excess moisture. So your skin is still allowed to sweat, but you’re still feeling
soft and clean and fresh. So we have a couple of
different formats of deodorant here at Lush, so let me
just walk you through them so you know what’s up. So the first one, this is called Aromaco. And this one probably feels like something that you’re pretty familiar
with, like a deodorant that comes in a stick,
except there is no stick, it’s a naked product. So you can feel the glide on there. And you would use that just like you would a regular deodorant. So you would just put it
right on after your shower and you’re good to go. You could also put this, if you wanted to you could also put this like
on the bottoms of your feet if you have any problems
with sweating on your feet, and that can be really helpful, too. This one has (sniffs) witch
hazel and a chamomile vinegar and that’s really gonna help to keep the pores nice and tight and then a little bit
of patchouli as well. So patchouli is actually a really great natural antibacterial
that will help to keep odor from forming, and it
(sniffs) also has a really, just like a really fresh woodsy scent. It’s nice and earthly and woodsy. (sniffs) So this one is just gonna
keep you going strong all day long, and it
just has that familiarity of a deodorant that
you’re probably used to. We also have another kind, which is this is T’eo, which is a deodorant. So T’eo is almost like, imagine like a pressed baking powder-based deodorant. So that’s basically what it is. So this has a nice you can see like a nice little powder that comes off like that. And so all you need to do with this one is just kind of pat it on like that. Or some people, and I used
to do this for a long time, get a little body butter
tin and just put it in there and you can use like a
little brush to put it on or you can even like kind of bash it up and then use it like a loose powder. So that’s totally doable, too. So this one has some
tea tree and some lemon, and those are both again
gonna keep bacteria at bay, so you are feeling fresh. So, sweat itself actually is odorless. But the bacteria that
forms in it and then dies is what causes odor, so,
that’s what we’re going to try to keep away with
that tea tree and lemon and then that baking soda base is gonna keep it nice and dry. Then we also have powders here. Powder is actually one of
my favorite things at Lush, and I kind of feel it’s responsible for me getting my job here, too. I had to describe my favorite product, and I went for Silky Underwear and here I am, 13 years later. So thanks Silky Underwear. Let me tell you a little
bit about this one. So these all have this has a corn starch base. So corn starch, you may know it from covering things like marshmallows. Imagine sticky marshmallows
and then them being rolled in cornstarch and then they’re just nice fluffy marshmallows. I think I just gave you
a perfect description of what this does. So it feels really nice
and slippy and silky. And then it has this beautiful
jasmine and vetiver scent. So jasmine being that beautiful kind of aphrodisiac floral and
vetiver just has kind of like a a bit of like an earthy, grounding scent. So this is a really sexy scent hence the name, something
like Silky Underwear. You could use this under your arms you can also use this
anywhere you (laughs) keep it simple! Anywhere you want to feel soft and dry. So (humming) just pretty much anywhere you need to feel like slippy and sexy. Top pro tip: this is also,
like, sprinkle a little bit in your sheets before bedtime
and you just go like whoop! Right into the bed and
it feels really good. So if you’re thinking about stopping using an antiperspirant
and transferring over to a deodorant, I have some words of wisdom for you to reassure you. It can be quite a transformational
process for your body, so I just wanted to talk
you through a little bit. When you stop using an antiperspirant, which you’ve probably been
using since you were 11, or 12, you might feel like you’re
a little extra sweaty or a little extra stinky for
the first couple of weeks and that’s very normal. So your body has been working really hard to try to push sweat out of your body, and it’s almost like they’re kind of like pushing up against a locked
door and now suddenly the door is open and they
kind of burst through. So it may be just a couple of weeks or up to a month of
your body understanding that it doesn’t have to
work so hard to sweat. Just it just can be free. And that those toxins
are just gonna be exiting naturally and simply every day. And then after that, your
body will get used to it, it will actually, people
have definitely said that they feel like they are less sweaty. After that kind of little bump. And that they go back to
feeling nice and fresh and clean every day. So there’s a little bit
of like a bridge of faith that you have to walk across. For some of us it’s you know, a week. For some of us it’s up to a month. But once you get on
the other side of that, you’re feeling a lot better
about what you’re doing for your body and still
feeling hot and fresh. One thing I wanted to tell you about how to take care of your deodorant is because they are naked products it’s actually really easy
to take care of them, but what I would recommend to do is to get one of these body butter tins. I don’t know why I call
them body butter tins, it’s just a square tin,
but usually we used to put body butters in em. And you can actually have if you want, you can have your Aromaco
cut just like nicely to fit. So the lid can fit on that. Or you just kind of wear it
down a bit until the lid closes. But that’s a nice, easy
way to take care of it if you’re gonna be traveling, or just keeping it in your bathroom. So if you have a T’eo,
you can also just keep it right in that body butter tin. And then I would just
recommend for this one to maybe keep it in your
bedroom, on your dressing table, in your closet, something like that. You probably know baking
soda is really absorbent and so if you’ve got it in your bathroom, especially if you leave it open, it’s gonna get a lot of the humidity from the mist in the shower and just like the general
humidity in the air that’s in the bathroom, so
I would probably keep it as dry as possible and
it’ll last you longer and will do a much better job for you. Wanna talk about some more stuff? Let’s do it. So comment down below cause I want to hear what you have to say
about what you’ve tried, and then I also want to hear more about what you want to talk about next time. You’ve seen that we’ve done
a few of these already. And we wanna keep going, so
tell us what you want to see and we will talk about it next time. And I’ll see you next time.

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  1. What toxins? Sweat is composed of water, minerals (like sodium, potassium, etc.), urea and lactic acid mostly.

  2. I would love to try silky underwear! I think that you should do a deep dive on your hair care other than shampoo bars because I’d love to know more about that!

  3. I use Aromaco. I hate not sweating. Also I got a swollen lymph node in my armpit years ago from using antiperspirant. 12 years later I have no problems and my clothes don't get ruined anymore either.

  4. Teo was the very first product I bought from Lush years ago. Still absolutely love it to this day! Aromaco too!🤗🧚🏼‍♂️💙🙏🏼😌

  5. I’m a man who uses Aromaco and it’s awesome. It looks like tasty cheese but smells like a stroll through the forest. Will never go back!

  6. so I can use “silky underwear” as an deodorant? I don’t sweat a lot. and I don’t put deodorants every day.

  7. Anyone know how well these block smell? I sweat a lot and have pretty bad BO and I don't want to be at work while sweating and not having good protection.

  8. I had tried Aromaco years ago and remember that I felt like I had to get the bar wet in order for it to feel like any product was gliding onto my skin. It also burned a little bit after shaving. Other than that, it did it’s job and worked well

  9. Would love to hear about the shampoo bars/solid shampoos. Specifically what each one does and which hair types they're suited for. Absolutely loving these videos 🙂

  10. I really want to try those natural deodorants, I was thinking of making my own baking soda based deodorant but those will definitely do the job!

  11. Erica is extremely cute, it’s so fascinating to listen to her narrating to us stuff about lush products. I got stretch marks on my inner thighs and when I was exploring the city of Barcelona I realised that my thighs sweat and rub against each other a lot and those stretch marks get very irritated and bloody red. So I bought the silky underwear at lush (the employees were so caring and adorable oh my glob) and the product helped me a lot. I was wondering if I could use it as a deodorant, thanks for helping

  12. I really love Aromaco, T'eo and Silky Underwear! my livesavers for years now. I tried all kinds of regular deodorants and antitranspirants before and it was awful. My skin is very sensitive so those gave me rashes and burned after shaving; they just wouldn't work for me. 😀

  13. If y'all find that a solid deodorant doesn't work well, you can buy paste deodorant in a jar or make it yourself. And if plastic isn't a concern for you, schmidt's makes deodorant without aluminum or propolyene glycol.

  14. I've only tried Aromaco, but it works GREAT! I don't care for dark patchouli, however. I've tried numerous other natural deodorants & Aromaco is the only one that works without creating horrible raised, painful skin under my arms. I highly recommend it! I wish you'd offer it in another scent though 🤣

  15. I LOVE Aromaco! Even the sample I got lasted me MONTHS before I even got into the chunk I bought. It's easy to store and transport (I just use a little tupperware), easy to use, with a good but not too strong scent. Easily my best purchase from LUSH, though it's up there with the shampoo bars.

  16. The Guv’ner is my deodorant which I love but I find it turned my armpits grayish black for a bit(the color of the product).

  17. These are my favorite videos! I’d love to hear more about your soaps, body gels, the jellies all of the soap stuff!!!

  18. The aromaco works great but the sent of patchouli every one around me says it stinks can they make a karma aromaco ?? Just to get abit less hippy herbaly and a swetter even floral sent ?? The teo stings my arm pits like crazy i used it every day for a month and always hurt like a rash and they said in store to stick it out and i did for 3 months and it kept stinging like raw skinded knees didnt work well for me . i didnt use doderant till i was 27 and igot pregnant with my first son 3rd child . ive never needed an antiperspirant. I ordered the sunflower solid deoderant from the lush uk and i adore the sent the way it feels its wonderful …then sumer hit and its just not strong enough for the 30plus Celsius weather here in the okanigan of bc CANADA and the powders leave a dusty residue on cloths . i do use the all natural crystal i herd lush used to make them too but stoped (before my time ) but ive really wanted to fined a lush one icould love any idea if theyre trying any solid deonderants in a more clean or fruity sent ?? Or if theyrr bring crystals back as ive bin a lushy just a decaid and 2 weeks ive never got to try it ??!! Ps you where in the first lush you tube video i ever watched whereing something very simaler to your gorgeous dress and bright blue eyeshadow and i said shes me to a T !!love your videos happy 13 years lucky 13 good for you !! Pss i do use silky under wear down below and leg crevases it dose leave dusty resadue that transfers to close but only me and my husband see down their so its not a big deal i do love its sliper feel less like dry powder but i do love me the solid naked line of products . i hope the lush lads and ladys are brain storming deoderant ideas and prototypes!!??!!

  19. The whole """toxins""" stuff is really not scientific at all. We sweat to regulate temperature, and sweat is composed of water, ions such as sodium, and some metabolic waste products such as lactic acid. Sweating will not 'remove toxins', drinking tea will not 'remove toxins', eating certain foods will not 'remove toxins', drinking only carrot juice for 12 years will not 'remove toxins'. Your liver and kidneys are what process waste and 'toxins', your body doesn't need weird health fads in order to perform basic functions.

  20. Erica should talk about everything lush makes. She did this video years ago about scalp massage bars and no lie I still go back to the video to relax. By the way bring back the scalp bars.i swear she could be reading the fine print on a credit card statement and I would watch! 💚Erica💚

  21. Really good section of products to cover! I'd still like to see a video on toothy tabs, tooth powder, and mouthwash tabs.

  22. Thanks for talking about my request! I have an interview for Lush on Wednesday and I hope I have an experience like yours. (Ultrabland is my favourite product… I'm so basic.)

  23. I just started using aromaco and I find it works best if I use it after I've towelled off after a shower. It glides nicely.

  24. Ive tried all the LUSH deodorants and aromaco is def my fav!! I get a $7 piece and cut it in half, carry that around in a cleaned out Ultrabland pot, and it lasts a good 3 months before I have to switch to the other half. Amazing!!

  25. I’d honestly be willing to buy something like this if Lush were honest about it simply being an alternative to traditional antiperspirants. It’s not better than them, and I’d wager the results would not compare in terms of sweat output and smell. Not to mention, you do NOT need to constantly sweat from your armpits to ‘eliminate toxins’. Your liver does this already. There’s no concrete scientific evidence that aluminum salts in antiperspirants cause any health problems from average use.

    Lush has been edging closer and closer to full-blown woo-peddling and greenwashing and it honestly makes me sad.

  26. I would love a smarter, more functional design for the body powder containers! Nothing like getting down to the end of my Silky Underwear & the top not quuuite closing and exploding all over my bag! (This has happened more than a few times..) I believe you can redesign it to be better!

  27. Thanks for the video.
    Can you talk about what's coming this Christmas? 😁. Or at least confirm you will be selling Twilight shower gel. I'm on rations. It's beautiful.

  28. I’d love more hair care videos, oil treatments, henna and so on. Though actually all of these videos are brilliant so just make more, I’m learning loads and have been inspired to try new products

  29. Just purchased the Aromaco yesterday based on this very informative video. And it was a good purchase. I feel fresh and clean. Still getting used to the patchouli fragrance.
    Could you do reviews on the other deodorant products available from lush.

  30. I’d love to see a “Deep Dive” on the dental care products, particularly in regards to fluoride and why Lush doesn’t use it. (Similar to how you addressed aluminum here.) Love this series!

  31. I love the scent of T'eo and it worked really well, but it burned the crap out of my skin. My mom had the same experience. I think it had to do with shaving causing sensitivity in the skin, but either way it sucked LOL

  32. I love the texture and naked packaging of aromaco but I hate the smell. I hate patchouli and I would love if you guys came out with other scents

  33. Thanks for the note on switching from anti perspirants to deodorants- boyyyy did my body go into overdrive on my first day transitioning! I thought I was ill 🤧😷🤒‼️ 😂

  34. I’m discovering this products now, I’m from Mexico and it’s some confused to know about the products because we don’t have a page in Spanish or videos. Maybe you need to focus more in your Latinoamérica clients. About the products I am using Aromaco and I have the same feeling about the first weeks.

  35. Hi Lush, first off love your products and your company’s mission. However, please stop putting sulfates in every shampoo and conditioner… Make some options without sulfates. The Lush in Italy made a conditioner “Hair necessities” without sulfates and it was the best!! I’m waiting for them to restock online since it’s sold out. Lots of love to you lushers 😃

  36. I've tried all of the deodorants, and while I love how they smell (looking at you guvner) they make me break out in horrible skin scales and rashes after prolonged use. None of the ingredients are anything I'm allergic to, either. Maybe I just sweat too much? Only thing that works for me is prescription strength deodorant, so I feel that maybe that's why.

    I wish it worked for me. 🙁

  37. word of wisdom to those who have hairy armpits, aromaco can be tricky to apply over long hair so make sure your armpits are fairly damp when applying, goes on much smoother and makes sure that it gets down to the skin where it needs to be 🙂

  38. Just make an online order (nearest store is 2 plus hours away) of silky underwear can I use it as a deodorant due to the product being in the sweat video or is it just something to keep you dry when you feel sticky?

  39. I love this video SO MUCH! Love how vivid her explanation is and also her voice ❤️❤️❤️ I just bought silky underwear and i'm LOVIN" it!!! both the scent and the texture <3

  40. I've been using Aromaco for 2 years now after being diagnosed with cancer and it works wonders! My axilla has also become much clear without those dark patches that rubbish deodorants leave it on us. And, even when I forget to put it on I don't smell that much any more. Such an amazing product!!!

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