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  1. At the end of the song I physically feel like I can't breath but in the best way possible. Like I'm being reborn or something!

  2. Made my eyes watery. Not my first listen but to see the Pharrell Williams vid to now. She is very inspiring for me. I make music and plan to release my first song soon. This is the music I let my ears identify as good music as a reference before touching my music. Maggies tracks are all very clean, unique, and beautiful. She is my favorite artist right now and this is my favourite song in the present. Her journey is one I want to learn from. The samples she has collected, her energy and attitude, her voice, her music video dance choreography and images are all so talented and beautiful and for me really wrap together so successfully. Specially this music video is profound for me. Sometimes a video can almost ruin a song but this one got it right. When that bpm drops, the water falls, and then leads to the percussion coming in. Then to see the dance change is, uhhhhhh, so good. Bpm changes in songs are ambitious to pull off. Again Maggie pulls it off beautifully.

  3. If I have to choose between World's most expansive Lamborghini and Maggie, I will choose Maggie blindy I swear to God. She is Love ❤️

  4. Obama included one of her tracks among his favorite songs and I checked it out and liked it. So I checked her other songs and I like this.

  5. If it wasn't for a porn game,i would have never found her out coz Youtube always swarms the mainstream big bang ghetto booties on the search results.Its a shame that the good ones are always back after 1000 in queue. Its like finding a love amidst a 1000 THOTS.

  6. Wow I'm speechless, too much emotions at the same time 😶 Thank you Maggie Rogers I really enjoyed, it's so pleasant for the ears, for the eyes and for my heart❤😭

  7. I think I may have developed an obsession….She's such an old soul with a youthful heart. Her music helps me process something so deep, so intimate. Goodness Maggie I'm glad you were born and didn't give up on music!

  8. I just discovered your songs ❤️Love your style and voice!👏🏼
    I'm excited because I'm an alto and I can actually reach your notes ☺️

  9. Sorry, but what the hell are you finding good about it? just talking about the music itself. she has a nice voice – yes. the rest is just like 99% of all the pop shit that's out there. from the drums over to the melody..nothing about it is original. fucking product

  10. this sounds like your typical forever 21 bullshit , it gets into the tribal trance stuff at the 3 min mark but her voice and and piano echo sort of wash over that
    just some starbucks bs

  11. i wanna go seemaggie rogers, so bad tonight!! at THE MANN CENTER, i am going to feed the homeless and drop of my clean laundry, then ill head over to fairmount park, in hopes a fan has an extra tickket because a 'friend' didnt keep their commitment and flaked out. the wood allen quote, "80% of success is just showing up!" so ill be at the mercy of the 20% unknown, and lacking $. MUSIC, does provide, so im hopeful:) public service announcement

  12. Happier ppl in Nashville TODAY,yeses Maggie Rogers is going to sing her heart out for a sad world,in turn Making the world,You guessed it LESS SAD.this truth is self evident,Tennessee you deserve it xoxo

  13. Dogface Maggie please don't dance lol you suck! You sound like shit coming out of a bitches ass. This is some funny shit. Lol a very werid strange bitch wack job.

  14. I heard this song by chance and the "falling water" part was stuck in my head so I googled it hoping to find the song and now here I am. 😀

  15. Super Soul Sis-Star Maggie Putting Us in a Trance with Her Magical Desert Dance!!!!!  Go Maggie!!!!  Love ya Sista!!!!  Favorite video I've seen in a long time!!!

  16. I LOVEEE metal and my girl,Yet it's Maggie Rogers music,THAT,will really give me that bright eyed bushy tail cloak to start my day,today.🤟☺️ Thank you Ms Rogers,well wishes to you<3 TODAY

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