Make Up Tutorial for South Indian Skin | Make-UP | Episode 1 | For The Women | #FTW

Make Up Tutorial for South Indian Skin | Make-UP | Episode 1 | For The Women | #FTW

Hi, my name is Vishnu Priya I’ll be your make-up artist for today In today’s episode we’ll be looking at how to choose correct foundation And how to apply it So Shanoo will be my model for the day I’ll be apply foundation on this side of Shanoo’s face On the other side she’ll be applying it by herself First, the very important thing is to prepare the skin before applying the foundation I’ll be telling you how to do it So, what is your skin type Shanoo? Will it get too dry or too oily by the end of the day? Oily Majorly, there are two different types of moisturizer One is meant for dry skin And the other is meant for oily skin So since your skin is oily I’ll be using a water base moisturizer Water or gel based moisturizer It should be very light if not will harm your skin This is the amount of moisturizer I’ll be using I’ll do it this side, you do on the other side Moisturizer is used to prepare the skin Before applying the moisturizer, the skin must be cleansed So that excess oil or excess dirt is not there in the skin By cleansing you mean washing our face? Yes So, while applying the moisturizer make sure to massage it We shouldn’t apply like how we do it with regular face creams Another important thing is we have to apply moisturizer under eye Look up Most of them will skip it When your applying foundation or concealer under eye without moisturizer it’ll form lines I’ve applied on this side of the face Once applied wait for 5-10 mins So that the moisturizer will get absorbed into the skin One important thing is to find the correct shade of foundation that matches your skin Most of the time we’ll just walk into the store And buy the wrong foundation I’ll tell you how to choose the correct shade Two important thing is that In what light you are testing the shade It should be tested under natural sunlight If not under white LED light You shouldn’t be applying make up in any other light Why because, only under these lights you can see your original skin tone One more thing is that foundation should be tested only across the face Okay? I’ll show you how to do it I’ll be testing 2-3 shades on the other side of the skin Turn this side I’ve taken a good amount of foundation I’m going to apply it from your cheek to your jaw Is this how they’ll test at the store This is how you should do it Okay, so which do you think fits your skin better? I think this one maybe? I don’t know Third one? Yea, correct So the shade which is close to your skin tone The shade shouldn’t look as it is applied to the skin If you still have doubt Try the same shade In other parts of your face And check if it blends So we’ve applied moisturizer on this side of the skin I’ll apply on this side, you do it on the other There is no need to apply so much of foundation A small amount should be fine So since you have spots I’m pressing it If you want it light, you can apply like this To apply the foundation Either brush can be used Or sponge can be used The advantage of using a brush is Product wont be wasted , whereas sponge will absorb a lot of product So this is a thin layer of foundation If you want more coverage you can apply more Now you apply moisturizer on the other side Massage it and wait for 5 mins Then apply foundation Okay? I think I took a lot You’ll be needing it It’ll get absorbed only if massage it properly We’ll wait for five mins then will apply foundation If there’s extra can we apply it like this on the hands We shouldn’t be wasting it right So now that the moisturizer has absorbed You can apply the foundation Don’t put a lot of pressure on the skin Check if both sides has been blended equally Can I see? You should only see I feel this side has more coverage compared to the other That’s because you did this side and I did the other If you put more pressure , the foundation on the skin will come off What will I do if you say like this? Is it fine? yea Now you’ve applied foundation You shouldn’t leave it as it is If you start sweating, the skin will become oily and the foundation will come off You can use powder to set it and it will last for the entire day So we saw how to choose correct shade of foundation How to apply it How to choose the product properly for your skin tone If you like this video, please Like Comment Share And Subscribe to For the women Chennai’s stella maris’s theatre club That is stella players Are staging a fabulous play called “I of the beholder” It’s going to happen at the Museum theatre Egmore It’s going to happen on the 21, 22, 23 of February Tickets are priced form 200- 500 rupees And 150 exclusively for students You can book your tickets through book my show Or buy it in the venue also All the details about the play is mentioned in the description box below Please do check it out Don’t forget to come see the play We will all see you there

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