Making JUMPER DRESS By Yourself?? | Bahasa Indonesia

Making JUMPER DRESS By Yourself?? | Bahasa Indonesia

Haii guys welcome back with me Atika In this video we will going to make it Jumper Dress In this video there are two techniques that we have ever used French seam technique and making buttonhole So for details I put link in the description And now there are 3 techniques that we will learn The 1st is sewing pocket The 2nd is the sewing Coil Zipper The 3rd is sewing Vent for the skirt Because this part of video is so long And I don’t wanna make you getting bored to watch it So let’s start the tutorial First thing to do is…. We unute every part Then we put together tops and the skirt To help out the angle We can use the seam ripper tool but be cereful Because the tool is sharp and we do not want to ruin the project because the seam ripper So be careful Or if you have other tools to pull out a corner you can use the tools you have Some strands of yarn are useful to make it easier to flip a stitch that uses layers Don’t forget to stitch and seger stitches of this pocket There are several ways to sew a coil zipper We use a simple way to facilitate the work of this project Sew with a sparse distance stitch Trun off the stitches on the part that has been marked earlier Then in proceed with the normal stitch size Open the stitches rarely until the limit that had been marked This part is cut in half

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