Markiplier Makes: TIE DYE (blindfolded)

Markiplier Makes: TIE DYE (blindfolded)

[Amy] What?? [Mark] Just this hose, and the metal ones. [laughter] [Tyler] I got it!! [Tyler, distorted] I got it!! [Mark] That’s good. That’s good. That’s good. That’s good. [Ethan] It’s sad. It’s sad. It’s sad. [Ethan] … It’s sad.
[laughter] [Mark] It’s our table! [Ethan, laughing] Ah, I forgot. [Mark] It’s a classic! [Mark] Yeeeah. [Mark] Can’t just let it go! [Mark] It’s so nice! [Ethan] That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this table. [Ethan] “Nice.” [Ethan] Yeah…
[Tyler] Yes. [Ethan] That’s what I [stutter] sad about. [laughter] [BEEP] [Ethan] Tie-dye. [Tyler] Multicolored. [Mark] What?? [Mark] Alright, so, uh, welcome to… [Mark] Markiplier Makes: Tie-Dye. [Mark] I’ve never tie-dyed anything in my life. [Tyler] Wait, really? [Mark] Never, no.
[Tyler] Oh. [Mark] I grew up poor. [Mark] Like, we couldn’t even afford shirts, let alone color the– paint the shirts. [Ethan] Every. Video. [laughter] [Ethan] “Guys. I was poor as a child.” [Ethan] “Not an ounce of food was put in my body.” [Mark laughing]
[Tyler] “I had to eat grass.” [Ethan] “We didn’t even have grass. We didn’t have a lawn!” [Mark] If I had real nutrition I would have grown ten times your height! [sad music]
[Mark] My potential was never reached sadly. [Mark] So we’re gonna tie-dye just because I’m trying to relive all the childhood memories I never had. [Mark] And those are the only reason we have ideas. So here’s some instructions. [paper crumpling] [Mark] We don’t need those!
[Ethan] No, we never…
[Tyler] Nah. [Ethan] … need instructions.
[Mark] We have friendship! [Ethan] That’s right! [Tyler] That’s the power of tie-dye it’s made with [Tyler, distorted] FRIENDS. [Mark] Yeah, exactly.
[Ethan] You don’t need instructions for anything… [Ethan] … as long as you have friends. Your friends will lead the way! [Mark] Whoever makes tie-dye alone is sad and a loser, so… [Mark laughing] [Ethan] I’m changing my outfit! [Mark] What the fuck? [Ethan] And so, I. WILL. [laughter] [Tyler] I feel like… it got lower cut. [Ethan] It’s bigger pants this time. [laughter] [smack]
[Mark] But seriously. [ominous music]
[Mark] Tie-dye is a dangerous thing. If you mix the wrong chemicals at the wrong times it will explode. [Mark] Hence the gloves. [Mark] Yeah. Gloves.
[Ethan] Do you want some gloves? [Mark] I’d like some gloves. [Mark wheezing]
[Tyler and Ethan laughing] [Mark] … Yes. Yes I– [Mark moaning] [Ethan] Don’t stress yourself, alright? [Mark] Ah, wait, the other one. [Ethan] The other one, the other one… [Mark] I need to feel complete. [Ethan, muttering] Of course, of course… [Mark moaning] [Ethan] Put this on, we can’t have any leakage. [Mark] You’re right, thank you.
[Ethan] There you go. [Ethan] You wanna feel? [Mark] I want to feel. Let me feel something.
[Ethan] Do you wan– [Tyler] No. [Mark] Lemme feel something. [Ethan] Oh yes. [Mark] Oh God… [laughter] [Ethan] I can’t watch. [Tyler] I was hoping–
[Mark] Close your fingers. [Mark and Ethan grunting] [Ethan] I’ve never felt a feeling such as this… [Mark] Hang on, let me band you. [Ethan, laughing] I like where this is going. [laughter]
[Tyler] Why is it, every video… [Tyler] … you guys have to have some sort of GIF or clip that makes it super sexual. [Ethan] No!
[Mark] Nooo! [laughter] [Mark] … Nooo…! [laughing] [Mark] Now that we’ve promised ourselves nerve damage in the near future… [Mark] … what we have here is the assembly of…??? [laughter] [Ethan] I feel like a Power Ranger. [laughter] [Mark] Come on. Come on, do it. Come on. You won’t. [Ethan] Want me to punch you?
[Mark] Yeah. [whiff] [Mark] Go, I was ready. [Ethan] You wa- You want a one-inch punch? [grunts] [Ethan] How’s it feel?! [Mark] Like nothing. [Mark] So as you could probably tell we can’t do anything ‘normally’, ever, here? [Ethan wheezes, pitched high] [Mark] … Do we have shirts? To tie–? Oh good.
[Ethan] Yes we do! [laughter] [Tyler] No! Your face. [SLAM] [SLAM] [SLAM] [Ethan] Oh… [Tyler] Why?! [Ethan] I didn’t…
[Tyler] Every video, y–!! [Ethan] Don’t worry, I’ll fix it!
[Mark] Amy spent so much time… [Mark] … assembling this perfectly. So… [Mark] … color coordinated.
[Tyler] No! No, no. [Mark] Oh my God.
[Ethan] Oh no. [Mark] So the reason we’ve got these all assembled nice like this is because… [Mark] … we’re not just gonna do this normally, oh, no. [Mark] We’ve got three shirts. We got three men. [Mark] …….. [Mark] We got…? [Mark] And we got tie-dye. [Mark] So with this we’re gonna make these shirts, but we’re not gonna do it with our eyes. [Mark] We’re gonna do it with our souls. [Mark] Like making love. You don’t do it with your eyes! [Mark] You don’t do it with your body. You do it with your heart. [Mark, whispering] And your soul. [Tyler] You got a large soul. [Mark, whispering] Thank you. I know. [Mark] ‘Bout time someone noticed. [Ethan] You have a medium … [Ethan] … penis. [laughter] [laughter] [Mark] Chop. [Ethan] Don’t you dare put your fingers there. [Mark] It’s working. [Ethan] It’s working!
[Mark and Ethan] It’s working!! [Ethan] One… last… [laughter] [Mark] I love that you don’t ask why! [Ethan] Ohhh, you’re making a balaclava? [Mark] Yeah. [Ethan] Yes! [Mark] So.
[Ethan, laughing] Oh! [Mark] As you can see… [Mark] … I cannot see. [Mark] You want me to hold it again?
[Ethan] Yeah. No you’ve got– [Mark, laughing] Okay, alright. [Mark] Is it in front of me?? [Ethan] Hold on.
[Evan laughing] [Ethan] Okay, go ahead.
[Mark] Okay, here we go. [Ethan] You’re gettin’ there!
[Mark] I hope no fingies are in the way! [Ethan] Oh you’re close. You’re so close Mark.
[Mark] Uh huh. [Ethan] Cut with your soul!
[Mark] Oh, my soul… [Ethan] Your soul!
[Mark] My large soul… [Ethan] O-Oh there you go! [Ethan] Ahh…
[Mark] Ahh… [Mark] How’d I do?
[Amy laughing] [Tyler] Is there a tag sticking out…?
[Mark laughing] [Mark laughing] [Mark] Alright pussyfooting around. [BOOM] [Mark] We… are gonna tie-dye. [Mark] And that means that we’re gonna be tie dyeing these shirts… [Mark] … dry. [Mark] We’ve all got our blindfolds on, right? [Ethan] Uh-huh.
[Tyler] Yeah. [Mark] Okay, we can’t see a thing, right? [Ethan, laughing] Right.
[Tyler] Where…? [Mark] Cool. Everyone pick up their shirts… [Tyler] I got it! [Mark] Cool, okay. No peeking. No nothing. [Mark] Yeah, there’s a bucket of water. [Tyler] Where’s the bucket of water? [Mark] On the– As far away from you as possible. [Mark] Just keep goin’, man. [Ethan] Probably close to it. [Mark] Yeah, keep going. [Mark] W-What are you doing, I can’t see. Whaddya got? [Tyler] I found a wall? [Mark] Alright, that’s not helpful. [Tyler] I found a… [Tyler] … person!
[Evan laughing] [Mark] Uh-huh, uh-huh. Talk us through. [Tyler] Oh! I found a bucket! [Mark] Alright, cool.
[Tyler] … It’s not a bucket. [helicopter sounds] [Tyler] I got it!! [Mark] Alright, good job, man! [Amy giggling] [tap, tap, tap] [Mark] Ohh…
[Tyler, startled] Ah, hi! [Tyler] Here we go, we got it Mark. [Mark] Alright, thanks man.
[Ethan wheezing] [Mark] Alright, let’s all raise our blindfolds like just for a little bit… [Mark] … so we got some preface here.
[Ethan coughing] [Mark] Okay, cool. Alright. Good. [Mark] Once we put ’em down then that’s it. [Mark] W-We’ll call it, like, from there. BUT… [Mark] … Overall I don’t know a lot of tie-dye techniques. [Mark] We’ve got rubber bands here, it has something to do with the colors. [Mark] But the most important thing is, when you grab a color… [Mark] … try to put it back in the same place you got it, ’cause–
[Tyler] ‘kay. [Mark] Everyone look at the colors, memorize this, because this is the only chance we get to look at this. [Ethan] Okay. [Ethan] Should we– should we put the water up on the table first? [Mark] Why?? [Ethan] Well, wait, we don’t need the water. [Mark] We’re doing the DRY method. [Ethan] That’s right. [Mark] Yeah, it’s like a technique right, it’ll help it run or something? [Amy] Yeah, so it won’t– Yeah. [Ethan] So if we want to use the water will have to navigate to it. [Amy] Yeah.
[Mark] Yeah, yeah. [Amy] Five? Seven?
[Mark] Seven? You want seven? [Amy] Let’s do seven.
[Mark] Le-Let’s do seven, yeah. [Amy] Seven? Alright.
[Mark] Seven sounds good. [together] Three… two… one… Go. [Mark] Huh? What? [Tyler] Shhh. [Mark] What?! Don’t ‘shhh’ me!
[Ethan and Tyler] Shhh! [Mark] Don’t shush me! [Ethan] I’m feeling those memories from camp flooding back to me. [Mark] I’m feeling the memories of me living in a dumpster from age three to age four and a half. [Mark] But time was hard to keep track of, people only threw out calendars every once in a while. [Mark] I mean I had a block, I had blocks! [Mark] I wasn’t that poor, you know. They– [Ethan] I thought you were The Most Poor.
[Mark] They threw out bricks from construction yards every once in a while, y’know. [Ethan] Oh. [Amy, laughing] There’s nothing coming out, okay. [Mark] Wha?? [Mark] Are you already on the dyeing phase?! [Ethan] Yeah. [Ethan] Oh.
[Mark] Oh, God!
[Tyler] Oh no. [Amy] Just so you know.
[Mark] Oh, God! [Mark gasping] [Ethan] I ‘squoozed’ pretty hard.
[Mark] Okay, if you’re trying to crush a baby’s skull? [Ethan] Not that hard.
[Mark] Y’know, that– Not that hard? [Ethan] Think of- think of trying to squeeze out a little bit of toothpaste. [Amy] Yeah, Tyler’s is comin’ out.
[SQUELCH] [Mark] AH! I felt splatter on me. Did it come out? [Amy] It did! [Tyler] Oh, I found the lid. [Mark] Oh no, okay, all right, that’s a good– [Mark] That’s a good benchmark. That’s a good benchmark. [Tyler] There’s a big gap here, where’d this one go?? [Tyler] That’s black… Unless you took black. [Tyler] What’re you looking for? That’s– [Tyler] Oh hi.
[Mark] Oh. Oh hi.
[‘Careless Whisper’ plays] [Ethan] I’m taking a chance.
[Mark] Uh-huh. [Ethan] And I’m going to the … water. [Mark] The problem with tie-dye is it stains… [Mark] … REAL good. [Mark] Staining is really the main fear… [Sound byte] “Where am I??” [Amy] Ethan’s got three bottles that he didn’t put back.
[Mark gasping]
[Wilhelm scream] [thunk]
[Mark] Wha-?! [Mark] I feel like there were a lot more bottles here before. [organ/choir music] [Ethan] Oh no. Oh no!
[Tyler] Red.
[Mark] I already GOT red. [Ethan] Have my fingers leaked through?!
[Amy laughing] [Ethan] Are my fingers through?! [Mark] Huh??
[Ethan] Do I need new gloves?! [Mark] No one’s gonna tell you! How much time do we got? [Amy] A minute twenty-five. [Ethan gasping in fear] [Mark] Okay, all right, that’s all just a little. Just a, like a sweet dab. [Mark] Sorry, I just touched you with my shirt. [Ethan] Oh… [Tyler] I need–
[Amy] You’ve got 30 seconds.
[Mark] Okay. [Ethan] 30 seconds. I think mine’s done. I don’t know. [Ethan] I did the water. I did the- I did some sploosh on it… [Mark] I-I think I did everything I wanted to do. [Ethan] What are you envisioning? Before we all bring up our blindfolds? [Ethan] What are we envisioning that we have? [Tyler] I think mine is a spider with multicolored legs. [Ethan] Well, let’s talk about colors first. [Amy] Time’s up!
[Ethan] Because I feel like… [Ethan] … other than the shape we could try and figure out the colors based on where we reached. [Mark] Alright no one look yet.
[Ethan] I think I had some yellow??
[Tyler] Okay. [Ethan] And a little bit of blue and a little bit of red.
[Tyler] I think I got… [Tyler] … red and blue and a purple. And I think I grabbed black at the end? But I hope not. [Mark] I was trying to go for every color of the rainbow. I think. [Mark] I thi– [laughing] [Mark] Shush! [Mark] I was close! I don’t think I– [Mark] Oh I got a splash of green in there!
[Ethan laughs] [Tyler] You got a nice yellow. [Mark] I got a little green in there but not… not as much as I wanted. [Ethan] I got kind of a cool tie-dye shirt! [Ethan] Did you get the classic spiral?
[Mark] I don’t know. I tried? Lemme see. [Ooo’s and aaah’s] [Ethan] That’s kinda cool!
[Mark] That’s not bad! [Mark] It’s not as colored as I would have liked it, but you know… Kind of like, it’s got a minimalist feel to it. [Tyler] Mine’s a very white shirt with a lot of different… [Mark] I like it ’cause you’ve got, like, stuff on the sleeves. [Ethan] Yeah, I think me doing a lot of water maybe the spread happen. [Mark] Yeah, but the spread’s cool! You got a fully colored shirt. [Mark] We’ll come– We’ll be right back, when they’re dry. [Mark] In the meantime, here’s a- a- a word from our sponsor. [Ethan] I SAID GET READY TO COME (CUM?). [Mark] Scene change! [Mark] We’re in a different place, but we got our shirts and our shirts are dry. Check them out. [Mark] This is a shirt. [Mark] That’s a shirt. This is a shirt. So– [Amy] Why aren’t you spinning? [Mark] Am I supposed to spin? [Ethan] Yeah, you have to… rotisserize.
[Tyler] Show off your shirt. [Mark] Why do I have to spin?? [Ethan] Well, to show the whole shirt!
[Tyler] Show the whole shirt, man. [Ethan] Yeah!
[Tyler] Yeah. [Tyler] That’s good.
[Mark] Thank you. [Ethan] Oh, yeah, it’s- it’s good. [laughter] [Mark] Alright, so let’s judge them. Um… [Mark] That one… it’s not bad but it lost integrity of the shape it was in? [Mark] Like, uh, I can’t tell, like, if it was a spiral, if it was a circle out… [Mark] That’s the only thing I’ll say about it. Plus the rubbings. Let me see the back. [Mark] Yeah, that– You got like a lot of rubbings back here. [Ethan] It doesn’t entirely look intentional. [Tyler] I personally think Mark’s is the best. [Mark] You think that?
[Tyler] Yeah.
[Mark] You really think it? [Mark] Yours sucks. [Ethan, laughing] Yeah it just kinda looks like a kid threw up. [Ethan, laughing] Yeah it just kinda looks like a kid threw up.
[Mark] No actually– [Mark] I-I could see that like that being a mass-produced… like, just, design. [Ethan] Th-There’s too much green. It’s bad. [Evan speaks unintelligibly]
[Tyler] It’s very green.
[Ethan] Yeah. [Ethan] That’s what happened when I dunked it in. It just all soaked up the color. [Mark] Yeah, just too much water.
[Ethan] Mm-hmm [Mark] Yeah, but not bad! Like, for my first tie-dye. [Mark] I bet I wouldn’t have been able to do something that looked good if I tried, and could see. [Mark] ‘Cause I literally just… it just happens to turn out this way, but it worked! [Ethan] Yeah!
[Mark] ‘Cause I literally just… it just happens to turn out this way, but it worked! [Mark] ‘Cause I literally just… it just happens to turn out this way, but it worked! [Mark] I think the chaos is what made it really special. [Mark] … Okay.
[laughter] [Ethan] I like the sleeve! I like that color a lot. [Mark] Yeah no, that’s good. [Tyler] I like the…
[Mark] Yeah, your sleeves are on point. [Mark] If you could, like, cut those sleeves off, put it on to just a plain white t-shirt, that actually might look really cool. [Mark] It wouldn’t be worth it. By any stretch of the imagination. But it’d look cool. [Mark] Why’d you rub it, man? [Tyler] ‘Cause I… It was the way I thought to get more ink. [Mark] … Why’d you rub it. [Ethan] Don’t rub it.
[Mark] Don’t rub it. [Ethan] If you’re at home… don’t rub it.
[Mark] Don’t rub it. [Mark] Hey. Stop rubbing. [Amy laughs] [Mark] Cut it out. [Mark] Get some help. Anyway, thank you so much for watching! [Mark] Uh, this has been Wingus and Dingus. [Mark] Dingus over here: CrankGamePlays. [Mark] Wingus over here: Apocalypto_12 on Twitch. [Mark] I have been Markiplier. Thank you so much for watching. Check out other cool stuff … [Mark] … we’ve made in the description below and let us know of other ideas you have. [Mark] Thanks again, and as always, we’ll see you… in the next one. [Mark] Buh-bye!
[Tyler] Bye!!
[Ethan] Tie-dye! Haha! [Amy] I’m tryin’ to spin– I’m tryin’ to spin into your spiral–!
[Mark, laughing] Oh!

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  1. in all of these:

    mark:"we grew up poor"
    ethan:*slams everthing or knocks stuff down*
    tyler:actually tries

  2. Can we point out uhhhh Ethan’s back- and then the idea of him purposely CUTTING A HOLE IN PERFECTLY GOOD SWEATPANTS.

  3. I think this is my first time watching your videos.
    Is dude wearing a pair of sweatpants with a hole in the crotch as a shirt?

  4. 9:06 he’s carrying that shirt like it’s the sacrificial knife for the cutting of the baby to summon satan with his satanist friends in the woods behind a church and it’s 2:34 pm on a school night and he doesn’t want the church kids to hear him but his two other friends are being loud with their chanting.

  5. I'm really really sick atm, so sick i can barely sit up out of bed. im rewatching marks old videos and its making me feel so much better. even if laughing makes my chest hurt its worth it

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