Matt Is Sweating His First Kiss with Sydney – Bachelor in Paradise

Matt Is Sweating His First Kiss with Sydney – Bachelor in Paradise

so I hope so. – I think you should go for it. – Yeah, I just
want to be a gentleman. Like, I’m not–
– I know, yeah. – I don’t want to just, like,
rush into it too much. I’m more of
an old-fashioned kind of guy, so, like, I don’t typically
like to kiss on the first date. – Like, don’t say,
“Hey, kiss me.” Just kind of, like, lean in. – I didn’t say that. – I said, “Is your
sinus infection contagious?” And he said–
he said, “Wanna see?” – [laughs]
– Yeah, I like that. – I’ve been talking to a lot
of the guys about what to do, and I’m not a smooth talker, so, like, I can’t try
and play it off like I am. – Don’t force it. Just relax, enjoy your time. – I’m saving the first kiss for something that I want it
to feel really right. Like, I want it–I want it
to be really special. – You got something planned?
– No. – It doesn’t have to be,
like, a full-on French. – Right.
– You know? – Just, like, a kiss.
– Could just be like… [quirky music] – [laughs] I love you, Demi. I’m definitely
a little nervous. Like, I understand
this is Paradise, but, like, I’m just really shy
when it comes to relationships and getting intimate. ♪ ♪ Better?
– Yeah. – Okay. – You’re in Paradise. It’s not gonna get
any better than this. What worries you?
– Rejection. – I would much rather
be kicked in the teeth than to not take a shot. – No, you make a great point,
and we’re in Paradise. Like, this only happens
once in a lifetime. I understand
that I have to go in and be a little more
aggressive than I usually am if I want to make
strong connections because our time’s
limited here. – Feel it out.
Don’t be, like, thinking about it the whole
time, ’cause you can’t– She’s already into it. – You obviously
don’t know who I am, ’cause I overthink everything. – Okay, well–
– Everything. – Tell me about it.
– Everything. Like, I’m literally thinking
about this bead of sweat that’s just driving my side
of my face right now. – Can’t even see it. Oh, my God, dude,
he is sweating right now. Are you ready, Matt, dude? Are you all right, dude? – You’re stressing.
You’re stressing me out. – Hey, drink water. – I think
he’s a little stressed. He’s not handling it
as well as one could. – Dude, can you do me
a huge favor, bro? Can you get my bag? My bag is sweating profusely. I’m dying right now, dude. If–I would be so much more
productive in this interview if I was not
sweating my ass off. – Oh, dude, I got you, bro. Oh, dude, whoa. You got some great rhomboids,
dude, and great traps. – Thank you.
– Of course, dude. Dude, you know
you got a great body. – Hold on, what’s going on
with Matt Donald? – Oh, he’s gonna
collect his sweat. – Whoa, that’s what a real–
– [laughs] Get out. – That’s what a real pec
feels like. – What are you guys doing?
What are you guys doing? – Matt Donald, by far,
has the best body here… – Okay.
– Without a shadow of a doubt. I can say that ’cause
I’m secure with my manhood, so, anyway, uh… – Sorry, gosh, I’m dying. Is it just the lights here?
Is that what it is? I’m really sweating. But I feel like
the time is right. – [gasps] Wait, wait, wait,
what’s happening? Oh, my God, Sydney, Sydney,
he’s pulling Sydney aside. Right now, watch, watch. – Hey, guys.
– Hi. – Hey, do you mind if I steal
Syd for a little bit? – Yeah, go right ahead. – Oh, no, Syd
and Matt “McDonald.” They’re cute! He is so her type. – I think the whole beach
is rooting for him to kiss me, and he’s allowed to kiss me. Whenever you’re ready,
it’s gonna be here. Just lay one on me. I mean, I like you,
and I think that we’re obviously
getting to know each other. It’s been, like, great
every time we’ve been talking, and I want to, like,
keep getting to know you. But I think that you can, like,
feel comfortable around me. Don’t, like,
worry about, like… – Yeah.
– All the things. – It’s not you that I’m not– I don’t feel
comfortable around, like– – Are you gonna make me
make the first move? – [laughs]
No, I–no. – Do you ever kiss
on the first date? – [sighs]
I mean, like, I have. – Know that you have
permission to whenever you would like. – [laughs] [quirky music] Can I kiss you right now? – Yeah, if you want to. [romantic music] ♪ ♪ – Oh, that’s nice. – No way!
– Whoo! – [screaming]
– [screaming] [women chanting]
Kiss, kiss, kiss! [men chanting]
Beso, beso, beso! [bird calls] [crab croaking] [turtle groaning]
– Do it! Do it! [men chanting]
Beso, beso! [horse whinnies] [epic orchestral music] [dolphin chatters] [percussive music] [crowd cheering] ♪ ♪ [engine roaring] ♪ ♪ – I did it.
I did it.
[lion roars]

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  1. I don't get why it's so bad for someone to take their time with physical stuff like that.. what's wrong with getting to know someone before you kiss?

    Also, can we retire the word "aggressive" on this show? Especially this season… It's the word "assertive" that you are looking for. Thank you, next.

  2. WOW, Never seen a guy THIS NERVOUS for a kiss. But that shows he's a really good guy. Hope everything works out well for him.

  3. Chris is right. If you never try anything you’ll never get ahead… except there is the permission first thing. Dude you have permission.

  4. lol for the music with kiss. Ask mommy for lessons before coming on show. Also, are you being honest with yourself as to who you really are. are you straight? or not

  5. Wait a second, he said that he doesn’t kiss on the first date. HOWEVER later in the episode he goes on a first date with Bri and kisses her …. sooooooooi

  6. i'm always so confused when super attractive guys are so unsure of themselves. if anything he's way out of her league. idk why he's so nervous??

  7. Really irrelevant to video, but can some tell me if Jane (Colton’s season) is still in paradise? I literally haven’t seen her at all lol

  8. Yet he has no problem passionately Kissing Bree on their date! I personally do not think he is attracted to Sydney in a romantic way. Maybe as a friend but that's it.

  9. So was this all an act? He sure didn’t seem sweaty before he kissed Bree! Lol Poor Sydney, she got his engine running and broke ground.

  10. He sure wasn't sweating his 2nd kiss in Paradise with the new blonde, took him no time to kiss her, what will his mama think? LOLOL

  11. From a fellow gay guy. He is 100% gay. Make the cute blonde guy wipe his sweat off his back, then has a sweet giggle laugh. When he clearly could have done it himself. Then blushes when john paul compliments his body. I remember my first time.

  12. Honestly, after a bit I felt this moved from funny to embarrassing. He's a grown man on a dating show – kissing a woman should not have been that big of an ordeal.

  13. he said he was being gentleman, old fashioned with Sydney. But when he was with Bri, he kissed her on the first date. That means, you liked Bri more than Sydney.

  14. Hey Bachelor producers….It's time to raise the minimum age for these guys. Between Colton and now this guy, 12 isn't cutting it! Let's jump about a decade past the teeny bopper phase, and target adults with a job and the ability to support a family.

  15. I don't watch the show. My daughter sent this to me. I'd have to say, this is the funniest 5 min I've watched in a long time! ?

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