Melissa McCarthy Moved To Tears Meeting 12-Year-Old Superhero Who Stands Up For Abused Children

Melissa McCarthy Moved To Tears Meeting 12-Year-Old Superhero Who Stands Up For Abused Children

– My next guest is hands down the most grown up 12
year old I’ve ever met. What he’s doing will give you
all the feels in your heart. He’s made it his life’s
mission to bring awareness to the issues surrounding child abuse. He’s so inspiring, just
check out how impressive he was last time he was here with us. I’m so moved by you right
now I can’t even talk. You are so powerful. – Thank you. – How did you get involved for speaking up for abused children? – I actually had a classmate
of mine experience abuse. And I was pretty young still, and I didn’t know exactly
what to do in that moment. But I was able to tell them to get help, and they got help. But that stuck with me. That put a burden on my heart to say, well, I know it’s just not this one kid. I know that there are, who knows, thousands at least of other
kids going through this abuse. And that’s not okay with me. And so as I get older I learn more about the power of marching and the
power of using your voice. And I have a quote that says,
“When one falls, we all fall. But when one rises, we all rise”. So in my eyes, us helping our young people is a way that we will all rise. (audience cheering) – What is happening? – [Patti] You better talk that talk boy. – You’re incredible. Please welcome back Elijah, y’all. (audience clapping) So meet Melissa. – Hi.
– Hi. – You’ve been great on Little Big Shots. I’m just saying, he’s
one of those children just making waves.
– I’m just saying. – So how have things changed since the last time I saw you, Elijah? – Well, last time that
we were able to have an amazing conversation, this
show has really brought me a lot of publicity which
I really do appreciate because with publicity comes
awareness to your issue. And so, definitely, being
on The Kelly Clarkson Show has opened so many doors and has given me so many opportunities. For example, I was able
to speak on MLK Day with my version of “I Have A Dream” speech and it basically explained how us young people have a dream of finding the safety and security that we deserve as human beings. – [Kelly] Yeah. It explained that, even as young people, we still have a voice and we look to our leaders in the past and they tell us to use that voice to fight for what we believe in. Because, even as young
people, we have the power to make a change, to make
waves, and to make an impact. (audience cheering) – That is so true. – Incredible. Like, I mean… – Makes me feel so, like– Knowing that you’re out there in the world and you’re, not only
speaking and advocating for people that can’t, but everybody that watches
you speak will know, “maybe I can speak up,” “maybe the next time I can say something,” or “maybe the next time someone can’t, “I can speak for them.” The ripple effect of
who you are is massive. – [Kelly] Yes!
– Thank you. – I mean, I said this last time, but the innate power you have and just drive and how you inspire people
is, unfortunately, not normal. Do you know what I’m saying?
Like, not even in adults. What you do is powerful. – Thank you.
– And it’s really good that you’re using this spotlight and this voice that you’ve
been blessed with by God, whoever you believe, whatever you believe. You are making such a powerful movement for other kids to feel powerful. – Thank you.
– Not only kids, though, man. I’m 37 years old and I left
the show that day going, “I’ve gotta do better.” I was like, “Elijah’s so young.” If he can do it, I can. Anyway, but the last time
you were here, though, you were working on
creating a cozy environment at the hospital when kids from child abuse have to come in and talk to people. So is that happening right now? – Definitely. So we’re really, really
excited about that because after leaving the show, we did definitely get all
the things that you said, so we’re really appreciative of that. But also, not only raising the $3,000 and getting the $1,000 that you sent, but the hospital in our community actually matched those funds. And so now we are able to put every single penny that we
have into those two rooms. And now, it’s definitely going
to be ready by the summer. – Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. After Elijah joined us last
year to share his efforts of helping victims of child abuse, our social media exploded. So many people of all ages wrote in. Laura Sue wrote, “He is an old soul. “I love Elijah. “I wish I had a friend like
him when I was a child. “He would have been my voice.” And Jennifer wrote, “Elijah, you are doing
great deeds in this world. “Keep doing what you’re doing “and making a difference
in this big world. “Always remember that you are “a unique, special, young
man who has a purpose. “You will continue to grow “if you follow your
dreams and just be you.” I mean, these are strangers
that have never met you and were just impacted by your voice, how does that make you feel? – At some level, that gives
me a sense of accomplishment. – Yeah. – So yes, it’s a little
weird for me and my family to walk into our local grocery
store and be recognized, that’s a little weird? – Yeah. – But this means that kids’
minds are changing, too. And that’s one of the
biggest things I’m huge on is just to make sure that
our young people know that you have a voice
and that voice matters. And not only that, but
you can make a huge change with that voice and no one
can tell you you can’t. – You are remarkable. – [Elijah] Thank you. – I mean, remarkable. Well, Elijah has influenced
people of all ages and really changed lives,
including someone in our audience. Say hello to Casey and
her mom, Tammy, everybody. Casey, how did you come to know Elijah? – When I was five, I
was removed from my home and entered to the foster care system. And then, when I was 10, I had already gone through three different foster care homes and I met my mom when I was 10. And the earliest memory
I have of us hanging out was probably high school football games. He was a kindergartener and I was 10 and we’re just running around. And when he shared his passion of being an advocate for child abuse, I decided to open up to him, which was a big deal because I haven’t opened up to
anybody outside my family. – That’s why we need to really listen, someone this young can move mountains. They can break down those barriers for us and you can let them in, it’s amazing. So, what impact did
confiding in him have on you? – He definitely helped
my confidence a lot, from just self and school, he just helps you feel better and he’s like a little brother that I have and I just go to him if I
have anything on my chest. – Isn’t that amazing, you
have that kind of heart? To where people feel welcome? That’s amazing. Casey, you have something you
want to tell Elijah, right? – Yes. Elijah, you are an incredible individual. You put your mind to anything you have and everyone knows you would do it. No matter who or what is in your way, you’re gonna move it. You impacted my life tremendously. I’mma lose it. – Oh, I’m joining you, I can’t. – You helped me and, in general, your family helped me a
lot to trust in people and I know that you have my back and you’re gonna fight for me. And you have given me my voice to help lift others like me and to speak at your next march. – [Elijah] Thank you.
(audience clapping) – So, here’s one thing
I wanna say as well, is I know that you’ve been inspired by him, but you have just as much capability within your body and your soul and your mind and your heart, and I think that’s what you
are really good at, Elijah, is people get emboldened with that passion and that desire to know
that you’re capable of the same thing and
that’s what, I think, really, truly is beautiful about this. Do you love that? You just get to connect
to people like that? – Definitely, and the fact that I’m able to give them confidence is… I mean, I absolutely
am speechless about it. – It’s an amazing purpose.
– For the people that know me, they know that I love to talk
and that I’m never speechless. – I don’t know what that’s like, Elijah. – I’m so shy, myself, I don’t know. – But, yes, definitely, thank you so much for being willing to share your story. And I want you to know that
not only does that affect me, I want you to know that not
only do I see you as family and we have this family bond,
but also you being willing to use your voice– – [Kelly] And courage. – Helps so many other kids just like you. – What you just said, just to him, think of how many people
will watch you say that– – [Kelly] That’s what I’m saying! And go, “I can do that, too.” It’s already growing in front of us, that you just spoke up and said that. All these people are gonna watch you and go, “I will say something. “I will do it in my own
way but I will speak up,” and it’s really amazing. The movement’s growing in front of our eyes.
– Igniting that fire. It’s incredible what you’re doing. It’s incredible that you have the courage to talk about things, not only to him, but on live national television. That’s a hard thing, too, so.

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  1. Hey Kelly,
    You might not see this but one day you will. I just want to let you know how much you mean to me as an artist and just in general. Your story really inspires me, you are such a strong woman I swear! I can relate to so much of your music. When I was 2 1/2 years old, my parents abused me. I had a broken collarbone, broken jaw, cracked skull, and broken ribs. They burned me with iron and cigarettes on my feet, my niece, my chest, my knuckles, and my wrist. People used to bully me after I told them my story, and make fun of me saying that I would cut myself. My biggest insecurity is my eyes because I can’t control them, and when I meet people that’s what they judge me by first. I was in the hospital for three months and I was told that I wasn’t supposed to live. But I did, but it left me blind for the rest of my life. Your music really really really helps me so much! Your music has brought me from my lowest. I really hope to meet you one day. I am also a singer as well!

  2. "us young people have a dream of finding the safety and security we deserve." Sadly kids are so mistreated these days 🙁 I hope it changes God willing!

  3. This young man is very remarkable speaking out 4 the abuse of other children. He is amazing and I hope he keeps his dreams come true and thank you for bringing him on the show to let people really here that there is young ones out there to help

  4. I have to say Elijah is gonna be so amazing. He so articulate. Also look at god he knew to have that friend talk to him about his abuse and then he knew his true calling from kindergarten. Second time he made me cry

  5. Watching this young man is inspiring……and to be honest, I'm ashamed that I have allowed my past or present issues prevent me from being my best! I dumbed myself down in order to fit in and be "popular" or well liked which caused me to forfeit a lot of opportunities. I'm sure his parents are so proud of him! They did excellent work.

  6. That boy is an old soul he may just be Martin Luther King Jr's reincarnationhe is so eloquent and he is so grown for his age and he is so powerful with his voice

  7. He's more grown up then any of those abusive parents. I'm a domestic violence survivor. Abuse effects you long after you are out of it.

  8. 65 years old, and wondering where this young man was when I was a child. Sexually abused by a man and his two spinster daughters 4 to 5 times a day from the age of 4 until 15 when I ran away and lived on the streets. Nobody would listen back then and to be perfectly honest, no one really wants to listen even now. Good on ya bud, I am very proud of you and what you are doing. This is something that is all to present here in Colombia and for that matter South America. Keep up the fight and hopefully one day this will never happen to another child. The damage that is done is a life long issue and affects more than just the one who was abused as a child. Un abrazo fuerte amiguito!

  9. This is such an amazing and powerful video. Children can make such an impact if we listen and are willing to learn from their kindness and passion to dream for bigger and brighter futures.

  10. Elijah is a wonderful kid. And Kelly did such a smooth run of this segment with some amazing questions. Her interaction with Casey was also so so beautiful.

  11. He is so inspiring and so brilliant he has such morals over all on all things , God bless him 🙏 smart to the fullest God has touched this boy keep doing what you do.

  12. This is probably the best segment I’ve seen from your talk show ever. Don’t want to degrade any of your talented other guests but this child is going to change this country and world for that matter, one person at a time. Love your show Kelly and love watching and hearing you. ✌🏻 & ❤️

  13. Courage, Bravery, fearlessness is not only about how much muscle strength or type of gun you own in a stereotypical view but the most powerful thing is the ability to speak up with words to unite people to do good deeds instead of violence to reach your goals of change in society…These kids have more strength in their minds than many adults that thinks that gun is power. Keep up the good work

  14. Now he is a hero and a "minister" ordained by God Himself. His compassion is what we all should be.I am sure that "George to the Rescue" should be notified to let him open his heart to change the rooms to meet in. Ellen also could have him on her show to let his message be spread.

  15. Alo. Grc te llege. Envió. Viva. My tribu viva. My vasca. Mundi. Esta viña. Is life live forever. You. Aplauso. Neón foco. Menú ayuda

  16. This little boy is blessed with a voice to speak out for others who have gone through abuse. It truly breaks my heart to hear story about kids who has gone through abuse and too have someone like Elijah to fight for them is just incredible 😇😇💪💪💖💖

  17. Ahhhh the water works 😭 what an incredible and inspiring young man. So young and he has found such a purpose and a passion.

  18. Can we change the title of this video to include Elijah’s name? As much as I love and adore Melissa, this clip isn’t about her.

  19. I'm crying my eyes out right now. What an inspiring young man. Elijah for President. That's one future man that I could definitely believe in.

  20. Kelly I really love you. I do. But you need to let people have their moment. We know you cry a lot. And you cut people off too. Just thought I’d mention it.

  21. Remember this young man's name. He's an inspiration to us all. Great job 👍 Mom and Dad. Please remember folks we are all teachers, our kids learn from us. Be kind. Elijah you rock!!!

  22. Love you Elijah, you are quite a inspirational young voice for a better future . Blessings to you & all the work you will accomplish… 👏💞💗💫💜💙👤⭐🌠

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