Meu Médico me Alertou! Os Sinais que Seu FÍGADO Está Doente Estão Na Sua Frente

Meu Médico me Alertou! Os Sinais que Seu FÍGADO Está Doente Estão Na Sua Frente

my doctor alerted me to the signs that
The sight of my liver is dying. are in front of you
if this is happening to you run to the doctor
hello my friends how are you both welcome to our channel for one more
video if you also care and like to take care of your health shows us
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many people do not know but many times the signs that you have some
liver problems are good in your front is very important to know the
know how to prevent there are many disorders that
compromise liver health without a doubt, but the functions of this body
are not only changed by the development of certain diseases
but mainly by lifestyle tell us in your comments how old and
depending on the signs of some problems can be stronger
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Welcome in our community. The liver is an organ that acts as a
exocrine gland releasing secretions and Endocrine gland and releasing
substances in the blood lymphatic system it is the largest gland in our body the
liver performs many functions important within our body
storage and release of glucose lipid metabolism
metabolism of proteins conversion of ammonia and urea synthesis of most
plasma proteins destruction of worn blood cells and
Fat Emulsification Bacteria during the process of digestion through
secretion of bile etc in addition to all these functions
the liver also acts in the storage of vitamins and minerals
it stores some vitamins such as b12 deek
minerals such as iron and copper liver also participates in the regulation of
blood volume has important action against toxic substances
to the body such as alcohol and caffeine fats etc.
the main diseases that affect the liver diseases are hepatitis
alcoholism such as cirrhosis hepatic failure liver failure
fibroses and others so it is important to be aware of
any symptom that represents a problem in this organ so vital to the
our health reason in today’s video we present a
series of signals that indicate some problem in your liver
watch the video until the end to know what are these signs and how can you
preventing them from appearing to us is very important that you remember
activate the bell so you always stay knowing as soon as we can new
videos an abdominal pain symptom one feeling of pain and swelling starting from
nothing with a strong pain in the upper area of the abdomen may indicate that your child
You are ill with 2 pain joints
if you suffer from arthritis combined with nausea vomiting fatigue and loss of
appetite it is possible that your child is the responsible
these symptoms appear with hepatitis autoimmune this condition causes that
our immune system attacks the cells and tissues of the liver symptom three
spots on the skin as we have already mentioned before
liver cleanses and detoxifies our blood but if this one can not fulfill its task
this can be manifested with coagulation of the skin surface
especially in the chest and back symptom 4 lose evident of mass
when the health status of the our liver is already irreversible
you may experience symptoms associated with to a fluid imbalance
abdomen and knees swollen together with arms and legs children are signs
Very Obvious Five Itchy Symptoms considered another
liver problems the energies begin to often appears to be confused with
a common energy when in fact it is something that the liver can not fight
Excessive fatigue 6 the chronic fatigue syndrome can
appear when something is not right on your body is vital for your body to
body has energy and if there is anything wrong it drastically decreases
symptom 7 agrees this urine when child is very impaired in urine
will also change color causing she becomes very dark symptom eight
yellow eyes when the degradation of hemoglobin is created a substance of
yellow color called bilirubin and this indicates more operating capacity
of the bile flow efficiency liver of the gallbladder as well as possible
hepatic lesions can therefore be a sign of hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver
syndrome says gilberto benign condition genetics that causes an increase in
levels of bilirubin liver cancer anemia
Sickle stones or tumors billiards among other diseases
symptom 9 to cni the appearance of pimples can indicate a problem
hormonal or liver system failure especially if they have a large size and
leave scars who have this problem because of the
retention of toxins have difficulty in control them
in this case a hepatic detoxification treatment
10 bad breath symptoms when bad breath turns into a
persistent symptom despite having good habits of oral hygiene is very likely
that the liver has difficulty process toxins that filter the
say that a person feels the the brand is likely to have
any health problem one of the advice is to drink water in
plenty to help with your cleaning always when it is not another serious reason
symptom 11 sweating and stench body sweat with strong scent
liver functions are also related to with body temperature and odor due to
to the retention of toxins thus Excessive sweating and odor
unpleasant the body seeks to regulate the temperature already
that the body is overburdened in its combating toxic and
bacteria tell us in the comments if you
know someone who has these symptoms or if you have any of these signs
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