Microwave Thermolysis for Excessive Sweating

Microwave Thermolysis for Excessive Sweating

[MUSIC] So today we are going to
do a procedure called Microwave Thermolysis. This is a new procedure that
takes care of under arm sweating without using surgery or
any invasive procedure. Patients essentially get
treated with microwaves and these microwaves
permanently obliterate and destroy all the sweat
glands under the arms. And this results in
a permanent cure, takes roughly half an hour
to 45 minutes for each arm. And then we do the procedure
three months apart. So two procedures are necessary.>>So
the first thing we’re gonna do, is we’re going to just
measure your underarms. And we’re gonna measure where your sweat glands
are on your underarms. And we’re just gonna
put two little dots. We are going to put a template, it’s almost like a real
water tattoo that kids have. And we’re gonna put that
over the armpit area where you have the greatest
amount of sweating. And this is essentially
the part of the arm that has hair
follicles on it. Because hair follicles
are really very intimately associated with sweat glands. Once we have that all drawn
out then we numb you up. It’s akin to what you
get at the dentist and most patients after having
one or two injections in certain areas of the arm, they
don’t really feel it after that. Then we actually apply
the microwave therapy, and it’s painless. After the procedure is done, we put on some ice because
the heat actually for the first several days, sometimes up to
a week, can cause some swelling. All of the side effects of
this procedure are temporary. They all go away. [MUSIC]

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  1. Could this also be applied to the General hyperhidrosis? Thus reducing the ammount of sweat glands on the front and back of the thorax?

  2. Hey, it was Reginald who recommended I search for Cynthia Yulesin's website. After all he said that it helped him sop seating within a couple of days. There’s no expensive medicines involved, everything is straight forward to follow and most importantly it won't hurt your body.

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  5. It's not healthy to stop all that sweat coming out of the arm pit. It is a natural process whereby the water inside the body is dehydrated and in the case of armpits via pores. I would rather prefer underarm antiperspirant pad secured with an elastic strap around the top should corner than utterly obliterating the perspiration under armpits. P.S my armpits don't sweat, i would say, in severe hot weather, 3% out of 100%.

  6. What about sweating all over, especially on my face? The mix of sunscreen and sweat in my eyes hurts and can’t be good.

  7. And because this offers a permanent solution we will be charging 4k for the procedure. We'll spin some bullshit about how there is a cost associated with consumables, but really that's a lie; the machine costs nothing to run, and anesthetic is cheap. Any nurse could perform the procedure, and in fact it is so simple we had to dress it up a bit with some meaningless garbage stenciled to your skin to make it look precise. 4k please.

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