MIradry sweat treatment live sept 2018

MIradry  sweat treatment live sept 2018

welcome Hi we’re here at BC laser
my name is Dr Shah I’m the physician here at BC laser
I’ve got Jas here who actually works for us and is the person going to be
having a Miradry treatment and Laurie here has done many of these treatments
and she’s actually going to smile for a change but no if she doesn’t like it but
doesn’t matter. That’s anyway so today we’re going to
talk about miraDry and we’re gonna talk about antiperspirants. Have a look
at all these antiperspirants I’ll bet you you have used all of these fine specimens here
and you know – certainly use them all but did you know that they only work 20%
of the time and did you know that you know you don’t need to use them. You
don’t need to use any of these you can actually get a permanent reduction of
your sweating very easily by using a Miradry
treatment that we’re showing you here so make sure you follow us and make sure
like us so you can see the future videos. This is our second video for miraDry and
we’ve got people here who have the Miradry treatment done so they’ll be coming
in to tell us what’s going on. The problem here is that people who come to
us usually have a decided that they don’t want to sweat. Some people sweat a
lot some people have an odorous problem. some people find that when they go
dating they have a tough time with business so therefore it’s can be
very embarrassing so we want to help you with that
by showing you how Miradry treatment
can reduce sweating with one treatment. Make sure you ask us questions through email or through Facebook Dr Shah,
Christina is asking is it painful and does it take longer than one
treatment. Yes that’s a great question for 75% of people only need one
treatment and another 20% people need a second treatment but majority of the
people only need one treatment. and look at Jas you get numbed beforehand with
injections and then the treatment itself is quite comfortable. How long is the
treatment the numbing process takes about 10 minutes and the treatment
itself takes about 30-40 minutes Is financing available in your
clinic ? Yes financing available yes through medicard and couple others so yes. You
can come and discuss other question. Dr. Shah, is it unhealthy to block or
your sweat glands? clients asking, is it natural to be able to sweat, is it
going to affect their health? No it isn’t, only four percent of
your sweat glands are actually in the armpits and you don’t actually need
those sweat glands, bit like hair in the armpits a lot of people get it lasered
because there’s a lifestyle choice and so therefore a lot of people choose not
to sweat in the armpits as a lifestyle choice. Some of you may find that you
know you’re doing a… we just had a lady last week doing
presentations at work and she finds that very stressful and sweats and her
shirts, light shirts go quite dark very quickly and so therefore she
was only wearing dark shirts. After treatment she had her first presentation
this week and she was doing very well and very happy.
Dr. Shah is the candidate a specific kind of person can anybody get
the treatment? Mostly anybody can get the treatment
done. Most people are suitable for treatment,
just if you have any questions about if you have any particular medical
conditions send us an email or send us a comments for Facebook but we’ll let you
know. Diana’s asking exactly how does the
treatment work ? Well that’s a great question.
What happens is we numb the area and literally the Miradry using microwave
technology destroys the sweat glands, it doesn’t destroy the skin. The skin is
perfectly normal afterwards and the skin is fine you will get some swelling for a
few days but that swelling will completely subside. Why would I get miradry or how do I know mirdary or Botox injection is best? Botox injection is
something that people do do for sweating in the armpit. Botox injections
work but they’re only temporary Miradry is a permanent solution. And of
your treatments in office what’s your success rate? Our success rate so far
with the hundreds treatments we’ve done has been 86% for the first treatment and
about 14% for a second treatment but the in the
national centers whether big travel was done the rough success rate is 75% to
the first treatment , so first treatment usually is all that’s needed.
Usually like for a small percent a second time treatment. yes
most people only require one treatment? Can I get the treatment right
away? Yes after a consultation we always do a consultation first and then we can
do the treatment. How long between the first and second treatment do i have to wait.
What we do is a treatment and then we wait at least three months because some
sweating reduces immediately and some sweating still takes a few weeks to
completely switch off so we like to wait at least three months between treatments.
And how soon do you see those results after your first treatment? after your
first treatment you’ll see the results in the first night.Ashley has a question ,
she was just wondering will this also eliminate odor as well? Absolutely we
get lots of people coming in just for odour they’ve had bad odour experiences
and that’s traumatized them and say you don’t want to have any do with odour and
so that’s ( Miradry) allowed let’s them to function happily
My wife has had the Miradry treatment done for odour and it works very well. Let’s focus in on Jas. Jas, how you
feeling ? Very comfortable. Is it painful what are the aftercare?
Basically afterwards for the first three days you will get some swelling ,most
people will get some swelling and then you will get some swelling that is mild
but usually I recommend you rest for 24 hours . How long does the treatment last for? For at least an hour
with all the preparation. Be sure to follow us , tap us
because we will be doing more videos about this and if you’re just joining us
I would like to introduce Jas who’s having a Miradry treatment and Laurie
who’s doing the treatment normally she is extremely loud and boisterous but
she’s actually very quiet which is shocking and Diane who’s actually had
treatment she’s gonna come and join me here and she’s gonna sit. Can you tell us
about your experience Diane? Absolutely so I have the treatment at our last
Facebook live video I was super nervous and if you chipped in last time you’d
notice I really felt nothing. Like Dr. Shah said my first night there was a
little bit of discomfort I but before you know, it in a few days, I was back in
my routine. It didn’t stop me from my day-to-day tasks. Just a few days off the
gym from working out right, heavy lifting but treatment Friday back
at the gym on Monday. Now for myself it wasn’t that I had excessive sweating,
what I do is I’m at the gym five days a week
Anybody who knows me and deoderants are great but all the aluminum I didn’t feel
good about putting that on my body. All it does is really clog and plug those
pores so and also when you’re putting deodorant on it’s gonna mask the sweat
but it’s not gonna eliminate the sweat so I can go hard now working out and I’m
sweating everywhere but my underarms and as a lady that’s
what i want and you know doesn’t put me in like compromising positions where if I
have to go somewhere afterwards I’m worried about pit stains, I’m worried
about did that deodorant like work that 100%. So really life-changing and I would
encourage you know anybody to get the treatment . It’s just you know as a woman
we worry about our hair and our nails I don’t worry about my sweat. By the way
50% of people come in from their Miradry treatments are actually feel very
confident . Just life-changing right. Awesome thanks guys I’m going to leave
it to Dr. Shah and just enjoy your treatment bye.
So any more questions that are coming up? it’s commented that she’s heard
so many great things about your clinic and I just want a shout out to
her thank you thank you So I just want to show everyone these
are all the antiperspirants and deodorants that people take and do we
really need those guys? Not after Miradry!!! Make sure you follow us and
tap on Facebook and we will be coming out with more shows

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